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Waltz from Swan Lake Noctourne 3.

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Dance of the Hours Theme from Violin Concerto La Donna E Mobile 4. Anvil Chorus Pomp and Circumstance Humouresque 5. The Trout Radezsky March Song of India 6. Light Cavalry Serenade Air on a G String 7. Theme from Symphony 5 You and You Star of Eve 8. Lullaby La Paloma La Marsellaise 9. Swan Lake Sonata in C On Wings of Song March from William Tell Danube Waves The Skaters Waltz Trumpet Voluntary Can-Can Canon in D Theme from Capriccio Italien Prelude 7 VOL.

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La Campanella Funeral March Theme No. Academic Festival Gypsy Airs Polonaise 3. Hall of the Mountain King Minuet Washington Post March 4. Little Buttercup Tango in D 5. Kamenoi-Ostrow Ride of the Valkyries Unfinished Symmphony 6.

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My Old Kentucky Home Clarinet Concerto Aria Waltz of the Flowers 8. Largo Polovitsian Dance 9. The Happy Wine, Women and Song Romeo and Juliet Poem Ave Maria Speak to Me of Love Hearts and Flowers Melody in F 2. Sonata Pathetique Symphony 5 Theme 1 3. Stars and Stripes Forever Jupiter Symphony 5 Theme 2 4.

Reverie Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy Tales from the Vienna Woods 5.

March Militare Rustle of Spring Simple Aveu 6. Gypsy Love Song Prelude 20 Claire de Lune 7. O My Beloved Father Waltz from Faust Hungarian Dance 5 8. Water Music Nocturne 9. The Gondoliers Funeral March of a Marionette Adagio Emperor Waltz Piano Concerto Quartet from Riggoletto Narcissis Habanera Slavonic Dance Long, Long Ago Pilgrims Chorus from Tannhauser Polonaise 2. Entry of the Gladiators Theme from William Tell 3. To a Wild Rose Mattinata 4.

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Carnival of Venice New World Symphony Theme No. Let's tackle part 2 of this amazing piece. In part 1 , you might have found the string skipping sections a bit tricky, especially for the right hand. There are similar sections in part 2.

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The violin has a much smaller neck than a guitar, so the string skips are easier on violin. Keep with it though, it will get easier if you keep practicing. When working on the arrangement, I really didn't want to stray away from the original piece so I chose to keep the harmonies and rhythm like the original.

However, I rearranged the notes in the string skipping sections to make them a little more accessible for the guitar. Notice the string skipping in bar 1 and bar 4. You could always add in an extra note on the B string to fill in the space, but just remember, eight 32nd notes make up one beat and it would be a good idea to keep the contour. Like I said, I wanted to keep this version as close to the original as possible, so I didn't add extra notes.

You will see some repeated patterns in this section. Check out the diminished chord arpeggio moving in minor thirds in bar 1, beat 2. Be sure to keep the same fingerings when you move this pattern around. Beginning in bar 7, you will notice the next two bars of chordal shapes. I use hybrid picking to play this section; my right hand middle and ring fingers pluck the B and E string and I pick the A string.

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Also, don't forget to visit www. More videos from Premier Guitar. Triad Arpeggios. Paganini Caprice No.