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Occupational Safety. Environmental Protection. Interference Hunting and Localization.

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Direction Finding. Radio Surveillance. Software Updates and Firmware.

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Monitoring radio frequencies and frequency bands and tracing signals in security applications Localization of mimi-transmitters TSCM Signal monitoring for frontier control Localization of distress transmitters SAR. Operating modes:. The Basic Unit Set includes Spectrum operating mode. Spectrum Spectrum mode provides extremely fast scanning over the entire frequency range and is ideal for detecting, monitoring and analyzing any kind of signal.

The large 7-inch color display shows the results as: a spectrum a spectrogram a spectrum with spectrogram or as a table of the highest peak values Current signals can be compared with a stored spectrum by loading a reference spectrum. Software and Firmware. Available Driver Software.

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All Sales Partners. ACTA Ltd. SoniVision S. Narda Safety Test Solutions S. Please keep in mind that there is very little I can do with such an old version. That said, check here if changing from this:. Tested with both 6. Fixed with Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 36 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. New issue. Diffing stuck at "Finding unmatched functions" in Ida 6.

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You can also export the data to a CSV file. It was released during SyScan Drop : An experimental IDA Pro plugin capable of detecting several types of opaque predicates in obfuscated binaries. It leverages the power of the symbolic execution engine angr and its components to reason about the opaqueness of predicates based on their symbolic context. This can then be imported in to gdb and other tools, allowing you to debug using info you have recovered in IDA even when you cannot connect the IDA debugger.

This is done using the IDA Debugger API, by placing breakpoints in key locations and saving the current system context once those breakpoints are hit. From the instruction trace, register values and code coverage of the run-time information are visualized in IDA Pro through instruction comments and line colorations.

FCatalog : FCatalog The functions catalog is a mechanism for finding similarities between different binary blobs in an efficient manner. It is mostly useful for identifying a new binary blob is somewhat similar to a binary blob that have been encountered before. The client side of FCatalog is an IDA plugin that allows a group of reverse engineers to manage a pool of reversed functions. Whenever a new binary function is encountered, FCatalog can compare it to all the known and previously reversed binary functions.

Findcrypt : IDA pro plugin to find crypto constants and more. Based on a universal scatter loader script by roxfan. Free the debuggers : Free the ida pro debuggers for all files. Frida : This is plugin for ida pro thar uses the Frida api. Mainly trace functions. Funcap : This script records function calls and returns across an executable using IDA debugger API, along with all the arguments passed. It dumps the info to a text file, and also inserts it into IDA's inline comments.

This way, static analysis that usually follows the behavioral runtime analysis when analyzing malware, can be directly fed with runtime info such as decrypted strings returned in function's arguments. Plugin parses function names and groups them by namespaces. This allows easy analyze of a DSP ucode, handling cross-references, control flow, and so on. Graph Slick : Automated detection of inlined functions. It highlights similar groups of nodes and allows you to group them, simplifying complex functions.

The authors provide an accompanying presentation which explains the algorithms behind the plugin and shows sample use cases. The plugin is fully automatic and requires no user intervention; upon installation, the decompilation listings presented to the user will be free of obfuscation. Best to use with Class Informer plugin, because it helps to automatically get original classes names. HRDEV plugin retrieves standard decompiler output, parses it with Python Clang bindings, does some magic, and puts back. Hyara : A plugin to create pattern-matching rules.

It includes a simple detection of relocatable bytes in x86 opcodes for improved matching. It also provides a checker feature for testing the rules on the loaded binary. This allows for further analysis of the collected data: statstical analysis, building graphs, finding similarities between programs, etc. This is useful for locating specific low-level pieces of code setting up the MMU, caches, fault handlers, etc.

Designed to be everything Clippy the Office Assistant was, and more! IDA Eye : Plugin that enables you to perform different operations at the mnemonic level, independent of any particular processor type. After a predetermined amount of idle time, the plugin first warns and later then saves the current disassemlby database and closes IDA. The Python ecosystem has amazing libraries and communities for scientific computing.

IPython itself is great for exploratory data analysis. Using tools such as the IPython notebook make it easy to share code and explanations with rich media. IDAngr : Use angr in the ida debugger generating a state from the current debug session. The current version of the plugin is able to:. MagNumDB is a database that contains about , items. These items are constants, names, values all extracted from more than 6, header files.

This plugin groups the different aspects of the IDAPython API into a simpler format which allows a reverse engineer to script different aspects of their work with very little investment. It allows to synchronize in real-time the changes made to a database by multiple users, by connecting together different instances of IDA Pro. It can recognize tons of compression, multimedia and encryption algorithms and many other things like known strings and anti-debugging code which can be also manually added since it's all based on a text signature file read at run-time and easy to modify.

Some of the plugin's features include a powerful ROP gadgets search engine, semantic gadget analysis and filtering, interactive ROP chain builder, stack pivot analysis, writable function pointer search, cyclic memory pattern generation and offset analysis, detection of bad characters and memory holes, and many others. The plugin is composed of two files, the plugin itself and a dll which is injected into the debuggee as soon as the debugger attaches to the process. The injected dll actually implements most of the stealth techniques either by hooking system calls or by patching some flags in the remote process.

It does not support other configurations of the Xtensa architecture, but that is probably hopefully easy to implement. IFL : Interactive Functions List is an user-friendly way to navigate between functions and their references. Kam1n0 : Kam1n0 is a scalable system that supports assembly code clone search. It allows a user to first index a large collection of binaries, and then search for the code clones of a given target function or binary file.