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They are striving to become a gathering place for an art community, and they have already organized several music events. The 21st day of June is the longest in the year in the northern hemisphere, adding great symbolism to the day. Doors open at for a quick tour of the studio and some warm-up stretching before the main event. Two guest instructors will give three separate trial sessions of sound and music meditation.

Often an instrument associated with meditation, the gong activates the left and right side of the brain while soothing the body into a meditative state. Reporter - Fletcher Farrar. National - Jim Hightower.

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Capital City Wedding. In Alliance society, Companions are part of the social elite, often accompanying the wealthy and powerful. They have considerable ritual and ceremony surrounding their services, which appear to extend beyond sex to nurturing psychological and emotional well being. As of the end of the original Firefly series, [1] most of what is known about Companions is derived from Inara herself and incidental discussions with and about other Companions and Companion-trained individuals.

Her Own Serenity

These sources suggest that Companion training includes social and physical grace, at least some performing arts, and psychology. Companions choose their own clients and can have ungracious clients banned from any Companionship. Inara was a rising member of Companion House Madrassa , possibly in contention for house priestess, when she suddenly and inexplicably left to travel the outer Rim.

She has suggested that she "wanted to see the universe". In reality, the decision to leave was not entirely her own.

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During the Unification War , Inara had a client who was a secret informant for the Independents. During one of their sessions, the client let slip information about a planned major offensive against the Alliance. Inara, hoping to prevent bloodshed, alerted the authorities to the plot, and disclosed the location of the Browncoat 's base on Fiddler's Green. The base, which housed both soldiers and refugees, was soon destroyed by Alliance forces. The priestess of House Madrassa discovered that Inara had broken the sacred rule of confidentiality by alerting the authorities.

Inara was asked to leave House Madrassa; she would keep her Companion status but could never return home. Less than a year before the events of " Serenity " the pilot episode of Firefly , she contracted with Malcolm Reynolds , captain of spaceship Serenity , to lease one of its shuttles for transportation, living space, and workspace. This provides Inara with some mobility independent of Serenity , and Malcolm with some respectability that helps him open doors in the marketplace that he might not otherwise achieve as an ordinary smuggler.

Though earning his disfavor initially by stating that she supported unification of the Alliance and the Independents in flashback in the episode " Out of Gas " , she and Mal have developed an unacknowledged attraction to each other which they resist, ostensibly for business reasons, and practically by jesting and sometimes hurtful bickering. Complications due to this growing attraction cause her to briefly leave Serenity and take up teaching at a training house on one of the Rim planets. Mal and Inara have been shown to share certain traits with each other, as pointed out by Nandi during " Heart of Gold ", the most prominent being they both hate complications.

The first edition of the comic " Leaves on the Wind " shows Mal and Inara in a loving embrace, hinting they might have finally gotten together. Later on, in the novel itself, they are found bickering as usual which finally leads to the consummation of their relationship in Mal's bunk.

Their casual way of going about it suggests Mal and Inara have been physically intimate for quite a while now since the nine month gap between " Serenity " and "Leaves on the Wind".