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What does 'snowflake' mean, who are 'generation snowflake' and what's the origin of the term?

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Multi-region, multi-cloud Replicate data across regions and clouds, keep data and apps where they are, operate confidently with failover and business continuity. The name comes from the phrase "special snowflake", meaning somebody who is self-obsessed and fragile, easily offended, or unable to deal with opposing opinions. It became popular in when some older generations scoffed at young people's "hysterical" reaction to the EU referendum result. One of the prominent lines, "You are not special.

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  8. You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake," clearly struck a chord and the phrase took off. America's Miriam-Webster dictionary reckons snowflake has been used as an insult for nearly years, but with a different meaning. It says: "In the s snowflake was a disparaging term for a white man or for a black man who was seen as acting white. It was also used as a slang term for cocaine. In Missouri in the early s, a snowflake was a person who was opposed to the abolition of slavery — the implication of the name being that such people valued white people over black people.

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    Generation Snowflake is a put-down used to describe the current generation of sensitive millennials. Someone who is easily hurt or offended by the statements or actions of others.

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    This has nothing to do with politics. Snowflakes can be liberal or conservative. Whether it is a compliment or an insult is a matter of opinion and depends on the context. Don't criticize Jane for what she did.

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    She's a snowflake and you'll only upset her. A clueless and conceited college student that cannot handle critical thinking from others. In other words, a deluded jerk. Snowflakes are deluded into thinking that they are without question, entitled to preferential treatment.

    These individuals think they are just as "unique" as snowflakes , when really their feelings are just as fragile.

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    Its a boy! A flake that is mostly made of snow.