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Detectives said the teens were caught up in a string of retaliatory gang shootings in Monrovia, Duarte and unincorporated Los Angeles County in late and early that left four people dead and several others wounded. Prosecutors told jurors the Blackwells were distraught the night of the shooting, after attending the funeral of their uncle.

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Sanders Rollins, 64, was gunned down 12 days earlier by members of Monrovia Nuevo Varrio, a Latino gang. The Blackwells are members of the primarily black Duroc Crips, Porras told jurors during the trial. Jurors also convicted the Blackwells of attempted murder for a Jan. She was born of pioneer stock in North Bay, Ont. At just five foot three, she was known for her outsized, Bunyanesque strength—in the mining camps where she worked as a cook—and was often the only woman.

Friends say she staved off unwanted advances with an axe. En route, in Nicaragua, she talked a squad of soldiers into posing for a photo alongside her—while she held one of their machine guns.

Known for ecotourism, Costa Rica may actually be a paradise for poachers—and murderers of expats

When the Rainbow Warrior, the Greenpeace ship, docked in the Osa, Blackwell met Christopher Hoare, a handsome Australian a decade her junior working on board. Together they built a house—little more than an unwalled canopy that permitted birds, lizards and other fauna to wander through.

Photos show the animal nibbling her ear as she slept. In , after finding wild cacao trees on the property, Blackwell launched an organic chocolate venture. Using the mottled green, nearly football-sized beans sprouting from the trees, she made chocolates based on the dense, chili-spiced recipes of the ancient Mayans. Sold mainly to area resorts under the name Samaritan Xocolata, they became a local success. Indeed, Blackwell wanted most of all for her business to help cure the locals of their passion for hunting on her land.

It was an unlikely prospect.

Along with its volcanoes, rainforests, rivers and beaches, its reputation for environmental stewardship has been crucial to its success. Some believe awards like these are misplaced. While shooting a recent documentary on shark finning in Costa Rica, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay was held at gunpoint and doused with gasoline by a gang of shark poachers.

Chris Blackwell: the original trustafarian - Telegraph

The story is no better on land, where hunting is largely illegal but endemic. Poaching in the Osa is so bad that scientists from the Universidad Nacional warn it will soon lead to the regional extinction of jaguars and white-lipped peccaries, a species of small, boar-like creatures. In local bars and hotels, peccary and tepezcuintle, a large rodent prized for its flavour, often appear on menus, a lucrative market for poachers.

Rumours speak of city men spraying the jungle with gunfire just to see what they can kill. Such behaviour sickened Blackwell.

A Gangland Tour of New York City's Most Infamous Crime Scenes

Yet she was increasingly alone. Last year, after more than a decade together, she and Hoare split, with Hoare returning to Australia. Her canopy home could not have left her more vulnerable in a country where residences are typically protected by razor wire, iron bars or broken bottles cemented atop walls. At night, alone, she could hear approaching poachers with their hounds. Paul Thornton, store manager, said: "We had a large number of calls about the event yesterday. There were a number of concerns raised which we wanted to investigate and we have put the event on hold.

The book - Leila Khaled: Icon of Palestinian Liberation — tells how the female fighter hit the headlines in for hijacking a passenger plane. Comments posted on the Blackwell's Manchester website said: "Why does this nowhere say that Leila Khaled was a terrorist who attempted blow up a civillian airline on UK soil? She said: "It is not trying to glamourise or glorify her actions.

It is a biography of her life.

Michael Hayes vs Crusher Blackwell

I would be very surprised if any of the people who are complaining have read the book. It has only been out a few weeks. I think her methods are something that a lot of people would question.

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Manchester-based Ms Irving, an established journalist who has written about the Middle East for the Guardian and the Big Issue, said an alternative venue had been found.