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The history of human health in the subcontinent has received a fair amount of attention in the last few decades, but nearly all existing texts have completely ignored the question of animal health. This book will not only fill this gap, but also provide fresh perspectives and insights that will challenge existing arguments regarding the nature of colonial medicine and public health in India.

At the same time, the book aims to provide a social history of cattle in India.

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Keeping the question of livestock at the centre, it explores a range of themes such as famines, agrarian relations, urbanisation, middle class attitudes, and caste formations. Such a wide-ranging approach allows it to highlight a number of issues that have remained unaddressed till now. The most striking aspect of the volume is the manner in which it connects veterinary health with the lives of the peasant household, and extends it to delineate fascinating aspects of Indian social history.

Beastly encounters of the Raj will be of interest to experts and students in the history of medicine, science and technology, imperial history, and South Asian history. For historians of medicine, who are often a separate community from mainstream historians, this book serves as a reminder of how this divide is often an artificial one, and how intricately medical history is woven into the fabric of our broader histories.

Beastly Encounters

Convert currency. Add to Basket. Compare all 15 new copies. Book Description Manchester University Press, Condition: New. Seller Inventory M More information about this seller Contact this seller. Language: English. Brand new Book. This book will not only fill this gap, but also provide fresh perspectives and insights that might challenge existing arguments.

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At the same time, this volume is a social history of cattle in India. Keeping the question of livestock at the centre, it explores a range of themes such as famines, agrarian relations, urbanisation, middle-class attitudes, caste formations etc. The overall aim is to integrate medical history with social history in a way that has not often been attempted.

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Seller Inventory AAR Imprint Routledge. Pages pages. Subjects Behavioral Sciences. Back to book. By Andreas Rost. Johnson mainly because it allowed him to impress upon the British the need for them to retain their traditional 'great power' role and also to allow him to bring the multilateral force MLF to a conclusion. Harold Wilson accepted the American view that Britain should preserve its current position in defence, telling the Cabinet on 11 December that 'the most encouraging fact about the conference was America's emphasis on Britain's world wide role'.

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Johnson not only wanted Wilson to maintain Britain's defence commitments, but to extend them into South Vietnam. After Wilson's visit to Washington, most observers, including the President, anticipated that he would face a serious challenge in explaining what he had agreed to in Washington to the House of Commons in the foreign affairs debate scheduled for December.

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Discord erupted over the Vietnam War when Wilson telephoned Washington in the early hours of 11 February to suggest to Johnson an urgent visit to the White House. Wilson agreed to the US initiative, even though the visit might have caused a political storm in Britain had it become public knowledge - it would appear that the United States was dictating British economic measures. Wilson noted that unlike the December summit and the telephone conversation in February, Johnson did not make 'any suggestion of our committing troops to Vietnam nor even any reference to police, medical teams, or teams to handle the flow of refugees'.

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