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Better that any porn that she had even seen. Anne pushed her. But how would you feel about Paul and me watching you and Brian having sex, and being filmed. And, could you have sex with Paul with me and Brian watching? Sara showed her first signs of nerves. Her eyes lowered, and she nibbled at her lower lip. Then she looked at Anne.

Dear Diary - Part 1

But it is not like I have only just met him. You even longer. So yes. I think I could enjoy being watched, and yes, I would enjoy having sex with Paul as you and Brian watched. With the ice apparently broken and the likelihood of Sara joining us to make a four increased we all relaxed a little and she asked to see another video. And as we watched it Anne and I smiled as they began to make-out on the sofa during the scene. When it was done she was silent. The ending had caught her out as it had me. We waited for her to say something.

She wiped her finger across her eye, there was a tear there. Anne explained why he had called her Dianne, but Sara already got it and hugged him. She took his face in her hands and kissed him. I get it. Never feel embarrassed about that. If it happens, let it come. After a few more drinks we began to tire. I suggested that instead of getting a taxi home that they stay over and take one of the spare bedrooms. I was surprised the Sara agreed.

Whilst Anne and I cleared up downstairs, they said goodnight and went upstairs first. Anne and I stayed down for a little longer to let them get settled before we crept upstairs. We paused at the top and listened. They had taken the room adjoining ours and we could hear the creaking of the bed. She whispered. Inside the bedroom I quickly got her out of her dress, and as I slipped out of my clothes she took off the final pieces of her underwear. I climbed onto the bed and knelt between her legs. I parted them a little then started to softly kiss her feet, then her calves, her thighs, and so close to her pussy that I could smell her.

She gasped as my tongue made contact with her clit and flicked across it, teasing her. She slid her fingers through my hair and grabbed it between them and tugged my mouth against her pussy. My lips sucked her clit into them and nibbled on it, and then I gently bit on it and rolled it between them. She cried out and threw her head back as she thrust her pussy hard against my mouth. She ground her pussy hard against my mouth as she fucked my mouth. Her fingers gripped my hair tight and held me tight against her pussy as she bucked and writhed under my mouth.

I held her thighs as I lapped up her juices as she cried out and whimpered as I took her closer and closer to her orgasm. When it hit her she gripped my head so tightly that I struggled to breathe and she ground her pussy hard against my mouth as she pulled at my hair and screamed out.

I felt her thighs tremble and her body stiffen for a few seconds, and she stopped breathing, holding her breath until she exhaled in a gasp and began panting and moaning. She held me between her legs until her orgasm began so subside. Then, she slowly released the pressure on my legs and I could breathe again and took in gulps of air as I looked up at her. She was panting, her face was flushed, her eyes closed and a smile on her lips.

I slid up her body and softly kissed her breasts, gently caressing them with my tongue before locking my lips onto hers and kissing her. We both moaned as her hands stroked my back and held me close to her. I smiled and knelt between her legs. I held my cock and looked down at the pre-cum dribbling from the tip. I gazed at her swollen, pink, pussy lips which were slightly parted and ready for me. I slide the tip of my cock along her slit, she moaned and wriggled her hips, trying to get me in.

I leaned over her, supporting myself on one hand and pressed the tip at her opening. I pushed forward and she groaned as I stretched her and slipped inside of her wet, lubricated pussy. I slid in easily and soon was laid on top of her with my cock buried deep inside of her. She wrapped her arms around me, and hooked her feet behind my thighs as I began to thrust in and out of her. We soon picked up speed and got into our rhythm. She met my thrusts with her own as we started to fuck each other.

Each thrust penetrating deep into her, and accompanied by a moan or cry of pleasure from her. I felt her fingers dig into my back as I began to pound her harder. I was so turned on and all I wanted to do was fill her with my hot cum.

Chapter And then we were Four | Dear Diary My Wife,My Friend And Me by Mr. Writer at Inkitt

Soon the room was filled with the sounds of wet flesh as we slapped against each other, and her moans and cries matched with my own as I fucked her harder and harder. She felt my orgasm approach, as my cock began to swell inside of her, my thrusts became more erratic and deep as I grunted and groaned as she gripped me tight. She cried out as I gave one last thrust and buried my cock deep in her as the first jet of cum shot out and into her wet pussy. She moaned as she felt the hot, sticky cum flow into her, quickly followed by a second spurt, and a third, as my cock twitched and jerked inside of her.

And then we were Four

I lay on her as I emptied myself into her. She buried her face into my neck and moaned as she felt me fill her. I rolled from her and lay beside her. I took her in my arms and we lay together, both of us slowly recovering. Anne looked up. The door slowly opened and we saw a naked Brian enter, followed by a naked Sara.

I Found My Mother’s Diary

I stared at her, she looked stunning. The first thing that I noticed was that her pussy was bald. I smiled at them both. Brian spoke. As he spoke he slipped his arm around Sara. They did look good together. Anne invited them into the room and Brian led Sara to our bed and they both sat on the bottom and Anne and I both sat up.

None of us appeared to be embarrassed about being naked, which I knew was a good thing.