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AN: TI: Fourier transformation as a method of reducing the sampling interval of a digital time series. YR: DE: data-processing; general-; mathematical-geology; Fourier-analysis; sampling-; time-series-analysis; statistical-analysis CC: Miscellaneous-and-mathematical-geology. AN: TI: Geostatistical models with stratigraphic control. YR: DE: data-processing; stratigraphy-; geostatistics-; statistical-analysis; stratigraphic-controls; boreholes-; variograms-; variance-analysis; three-dimensional-models; models- CC: Stratigraphy-Historical-geology-and-paleoecology.

AN: TI: Procedures for creating a benchmarking data set.

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AN: TI: Computer analysis of atomic absorption spectrophotometer generated data; Basic and Fortran 77 programs. AN: TI: Fortran 77 programs for conductive cooling of dikes with temperature-dependent thermal properties and heat of crystallization. YR: DE: data-processing; petrology-; intrusions-; dikes-; cooling-; computer-programs; Fortran-; temperature-; thermal-properties; heat-flow; crystallization-; numerical-analysis; statistical-analysis; finite-difference-analysis; conductivity-; contact-metamorphism; metamorphism-; equations-; emplacement- CC: Petrology-Igneous-and-metamorphic v [zip] [tar].

AN: TI: A computer model for barchan-dune movement. YR: DE: data-processing; geomorphology-; eolian-features; barchans-; dunes-; computer-programs; movement-; sand-; clastic-sediments; simulation-; Pascal-; processes-; equations-; models- CC: Surficial-geology-Geomorphology. Swansea, Dep. AN: TI: Determination of mineral phase percentages in granular rocks by image analysis on a microcomputer. AN: TI: Prediction of dimensionless pressure during production from a circular reservoir with generalized boundary conditions. Port Harcourt, Dep.

YR: DE: data-processing; engineering-geology; petroleum-engineering; reservoir-rocks; pressure-; boundary-conditions; equations-; petroleum-; computer-programs CC: Engineering-and-environmental-geology.

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AN: TI: Ge0-Calc; software package for calculation and display of pressure-temperature-composition phase diagrams using an IBM or compatible personal computer. YR: DE: phase-equilibria; interpretation-; data-processing; petrology-; Ge0-Calc; personal-computers; P-T-conditions; chemical-composition; free-energy; mineral-assemblages; thermodynamic-properties; equations-of-state; computer-programs CC: Petrology-Igneous-and-metamorphic.

YR: DE: data-processing; maps-; automatic-cartography; cartography-; IBM-; personal-computers; computer-aided-drafting; graphic-display; general- CC: Miscellaneous-and-mathematical-geology. AN: TI: A computer program for determining current directions from rock magnetic data. Sheffield, Dep.

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YR: DE: paleomagnetism-; magnetic-susceptibility; data-processing; sedimentary-petrology; sedimentation-; processes-; paleocurrents-; hydrodynamics-; BASIC-; clastic-rocks; remanent-magnetization; computer-programs; equations-; magnetic-field; fabric-; demagnetization-; preferred-orientation; sedimentary-rocks CC: Petrology-Sedimentary. YR: DE: mineral-exploration; geobotanical-methods; data-processing; economic-geology; computer-programs; Inverted-Gaussian-Model; reflectance-; vegetation-; Fortran-; multidector-elector-optical-imaging-scanner; mineral-resources; equations- CC: Economic-geology-General-and-mining-geology v [zip].

AN: TI: The numerical solution of steady water wave problems. Auckland, Dep. YR: DE: data-processing; engineering-geology; marine-installations; waves-; velocity-; pressure-; equations-; Newton's-method; Fortran-; computer-programs; shorelines-; currents-; transport-; sediments- CC: Engineering-and-environmental-geology. Firenze, Dip.

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AN: TI: Inversion of self-potential anomalies in mineral exploration. YR: DE: data-processing; economic-geology; mineral-exploration; geophysical-methods; electrical-methods; anomalies-; inverse-problem; computer-programs; least-squares-analysis; statistical-analysis; algorithms-; equations-; self-potential-methods CC: Economic-geology-General-and-mining-geology; Geophysics-Applied.

AN: TI: Maximum-likelihood estimation of the hyperbolic parameters from grouped observations. Aarhus, Inst.

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YR: DE: mathematical-geology; data-processing; hyperbolic-distribution; general-; computer-programs; least-squares-analysis; statistical-analysis; equations-; evaluation-; Newton-Raphson-iteration; granulometry-; maximum-likelihood-methods CC: Miscellaneous-and-mathematical-geology.

AN: TI: Computer programs for spherical cap harmonic analysis of potential and general fields. YR: DE: data-processing; methods-; mathematical-models; Fourier-analysis; computer-programs; temporal-variations; equations-; models-; potential-field CC: Miscellaneous-and-mathematical-geology. YR: DE: data-processing; methods-; statistical-analysis; computer-programs; Pascal-; factor-analysis; equations- CC: Miscellaneous-and-mathematical-geology.

AN: TI: A new data adaptive filtering program to remove noise from geophysical time- or space-series data.

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YR: DE: data-processing; geophysical-methods; seismic-methods; signals-; filters-; computer-programs; signal-to-noise-ratio; magnetic-field; equations-; amplitude-; frequency- CC: Geophysics-Applied. Early uses in the s included statistical analysis and the handling of routine, time-consuming chores of the geologist such as the graphic display offl- and z-diagrams, stereonets, etc. Whitten Later in the s multivariate statistical techniques were applied to the mapping and analysis of spatial variability of structural elements Whitten Such techniques as trend analysis, Fourier analysis, and segmentation and partition- ing were applied to structural data.

These successful applications were followed in the s by more sophisticated modeling, tectonic analysis, and three dimensional graphic displays. All of these applications went through a series of computer types and sizes from mainframes and minis to work stations, micros, and laptops. Declan De Paor has brought together in this book a series of papers by experts in fields relating to the involvement of PCs in structural geology as of the s. The 34 papers are by 45 authors and cover well the widespread use of PCs by structural geologists.

This volume presents It is timely and of considerable interest with the rapid developments taking place in the computer world today. The papers presented here will help in this area, and prove a helpful background for others.

Structural Geology and Personal Computers, [D.G. De Paor]

May all readers discover something new and of interest to them! References Whitten, E. Trends in computer applications in structural geology. In: Merriam, D. Computer Applications in the Earth Sciences. Plenum Press, New York, pp. Whitten, E.

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Trends in computer applications in structural geology: Computer Applications in the Earth Sciences: an Update of the 70s. Daniel F. Merriam This Page Intentionally Left Blank P r e f a c e Some thir ty years ago, s t ructural geology underwent a revolution tha t fundamen- tally changed how we think about the deformation of rocks. Today struc- tural geologists are witnessing a second revolution and al though it is of a very different, less fundamental , type it will clearly have a profound and last ing effect on our field. This new revolution has been fuelled by the widespread use of the personal computer which has become the principal tool of scientists worldwide for data storage or retrieval, teaching, communication with colleagues, number crunching, modeling, and preparat ion of publications.