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Dale Harris papers, Dale Harris was a preeminent dance critic who lectured on a wide variety of topics including ballet, cultural history, and opera. The collection consists of correspondence, lectures, articles, photographs, programs, contracts, legal records, The collection consists of correspondence, lectures, articles, photographs, programs, contracts, legal records, notes, and clippings. Benjamin Harkarvy papers, The Benjamin Harkarvy Papers from the s to cover the academic and professional career of the distinguished dancer and teacher.

It contains notes and notebooks, teaching materials, photographs, clippings and publicity material. Bella Malinka papers, David Sears papers, [bulk ]. Research files used by David Sears for writing reviews and articles on dance and theater. Daniel Nagrin papers, The Daniel Nagrin papers contain correspondence, business records, writings, teaching materials, programs and clippings, and personal items relating to the career of noted choreographer and dancer, Daniel Nagrin.

Buster Davis scores, The Buster Davis Scores document his career as a composer, lyricist, vocal arranger, musical director, teacher, and writer. The collection dates from through , and consists primarily of scores and lecture notes. Eleanor King papers, [bulk ]. Eleanor King was a pioneer in the field of modern dance. She was an an original dancer of the Humphrey-Weidman group, a choreographer, and a teacher. Miss King became one of the first dance instructors in the United States, she was a professor in Miss King became one of the first dance instructors in the United States, she was a professor in the Theatre Department at the University of Arkansas.

The collection contains correspondence, teaching notes, dance and choreography notes, drafts of three books, programs, clippings, and sketches. Kayla Zalk was a renowned teacher of movement, choreography, movement analysis, labanotation and dance. The collection consists of correspondence, teaching and office files and clippings. The John Watts Papers span the years and contain scores, correspondence, teaching materials, writings and photographs pertaining to the career of this noted composer. Liz Williamson papers, The Liz Williamson Papers contain materials related to Liz Williamson's many years as a professional dancer and jazz teacher.

Much of this collection pertains to her professional engagements as teacher or lecturer on jazz dance. These materials These materials help show the spread of interest in jazz dance and jazz teaching and the importance of Liz Williamson's role in promoting jazz dance.

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Ingrid Brainard papers, The Dr. Ingrid Brainard Papers contain documents from the s to , and cover the academic and professional career of the distinguished dance historian and author. It contains letters, writings, research and conference materials, and teaching It contains letters, writings, research and conference materials, and teaching materials, as well as personal papers relating to Brainard, her career, and education. Judith Scott papers, Scott also formed Herman Buchman papers, Herman Buchman was a makeup artist for stage and screen, as well as an educator.

His papers document his career in these two fields as well as his two books on makeup. Irving Kolodin Papers, The Irving Kolodin Papers document the career of Irving Kolodin, music critic, author of several books and teacher at the Juilliard School. The collection dates from to Henderson, and his close friend, Alfred Knopf. John Dougherty collection, John Dougherty was a dancer, dance historian and dance critic who spent most of his life affiliated with Ruth St. Denis and the Denishawn School.

He was a student at Denishawn in the s and later, served as secretary and literary adviser to He was a student at Denishawn in the s and later, served as secretary and literary adviser to Ruth St. He also taught dance and wrote for Dance News magazine. Denis dating from the final period of her professional career, The Leo Smit collection contains scores, correspondence, and research materials from the prolific composer and performer, Leo Smit. Zipprodt, Patricia, Patricia Zipprodt papers and designs, Patricia Zipprodt won three Tony Awards throughout her long career as a costume designer and was nominated for eleven.

She is best remembered for her most famous productions: Fiddler on the Roof , more. She is best remembered for her most famous productions: Fiddler on the Roof , Cabaret , Zorba , Chicago , Sweet Charity and the film The Graduate The collection includes many original designs and sketches, as well as costume bibles, costume research, photographs, and productions materials.

Ross Lee Finney papers, [bulk ]. The American composer Ross Lee Finney enjoyed a long, prolific and illustrious career. His papers document his life and career and consist of correspondence, professional writings and lectures, press clippings, concert programs, photographs, and Click on the menu items to the left for details:. Harlap, Aharon, Alternate name : Charloff, Aharon. Yafe, Shlomo, Alternate name : Yoffe, Shlomo.

Title : Ciclos Translated title : Ciclos: string quartet. Title : Suite sefaradite Translated title : Suite sefaradite, for piano solo.

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Title : Sextet no. Martin de Tours, for 6 part mixed choir. Title : Petite suite pour violoncello et piano Translated title : Little suite for violoncello [sic] and piano Title : Preludium e fuga per organo Translated title : Prelude and fugue for organ. Title : Trio, for piano, violin, and violoncello, in memory of Dmitri Shostakovich. Title : Foregrounds to the raven, for baritone, instruments, and magnetic tape ad lib.

Title : Three poems for voice mezzo-soprano or baritone and symphony orchestra.

Vivaldi - Concerto for 4 violins in B minor

C horn F and trombone. Title : Ist der Himmel Leer? Title : Good night, sweet ladies for 2 sopranos, mezzo-soprano, actress and symphony orchestra. Title : Two by one, for two F horns - one player the first part to be recorded before. Title : Streichquartett Nr. Title : Jesaias Title : Concerto da camera no. Title : [Heb unreadable] Translated title : 4 miniatures for four horns.

Title : Crossroads no. La Follia variations - Concerto for violoncello and orchestra - Akeda - Wenn das pendel der liebe schwingt. Eine deutche symphonie, symphonie n. Transliterated title : Ha-khalah matirah tsemote-ha, ha-chatan mitalef : shire ahavah be-ladino. Translated title : The bride unfastens her braids, the groom faints : ladino love songs.

Translated title : At sundown, poems by mati katz, five song cycles for voice and piano. Translated title : Stabat mater - Recorder concerto - Contemplation for orchestra. Skip to: Search Global navigation Site navigation Content. Jacobs School of Music. Tischler Collection of Israeli and Jewish Composers. Scores, by composer. Click on the menu items to the left for details: Scores, by composer details the entire Tischler Collection of scores, grouping holdings according to composer. Composers lists the 91 artists represented by the collection of scores; click a name to see a list of their works includes publication information where available.

Click on a composer's name to see a list of their works in the collection. Adler, Ayal, 2. Akiva, Daniel, 3. Alexander, Haim, 4. Alotin, Yardena, 5. Amir, Nahum, 6. Amiran Pougatchov, Emanuel, 7. Amzallag, Avraham, 8. Avidom, Menahem, 9. Avitsur, Etan, Avni, Tzvi, Avrahami, Gad, Bar-Am, Benjamin, Barsam, Yizhak, Ben-Haim, Paul, Ben-Yohanan, Asher, Ben-Yossef, Zwi Menachem Eliar, Boehm, Yohanan, Boskovich, Alexander Uriyah, Braun, Yehezkiel, Carmel, Dov, Crzellitzer, Franz, Da-Oz, Ram, Daus, Avraham, Dorfman, Joseph, Edel, Yizhak, Ehrlich, Abel, Engel, Yehuda, Fleischer, Tsippi, Gassner, Moshe, Gelbrun, Artur, Gerstel, Oswald, Gilboa, Jacob, Ginzburg, Dov, Gottfried, Yaron, Graziani, Isaac, Harlap, Aharon, Alternate name : Charloff, Aharon Hod, Anatoli, Holdheim, Theodore, Iranyi, Gabriel, Jacoby, Hanoch, Kan, Shimon, Kilon, Moshe, Kling, Yaacov, Kogan, Lev, Lasry, Jacques, Lavry, Marc, Lewy, Ron, Maayani, Ami, Melamed, Nissan Cohen, Meyouhas, Yoram, Mindel, Me'ir, Miron-Michrovsky, Issachar, Nagan, Tsevi Herbert, Natra, Sergiu, Orgad, Ben-Zion, Ori, David, Paporisz, Yoram, Partos, Oedoen, Petrushka, Shabtai, Rasiuk, Moshe, Reinhardt, Bruno, Reveyron, Joseph, Rooth, Laszlo, Rosolio, Dora, Rufeisen, Arie, Salomon, Karel, Samburski, Daniel, Schuster, Giora, Seroussi, Ruben, Seter, Mordecai, Shapira, Sergiu, Sheriff, Noam, Shlonsky, Verdina, Smorgonskaia, Dina, Steinberg, Ze'ev Wolfgang, Stern, Max, Sternberg, E.

Erich Walter , Stutschewsky, Joachim, Sussman, Ettel, Tal, Josef, Torchinsky, V. Vladimir , Touma, Habib, Wohl, Yehuda, Yafe, Shlomo, Alternate name : Yoffe, Shlomo Yusupov, Benjamin, Zehavi, Oded, Adler, Ayal, Works. Title : Crystallization, for symphony orchestra 2. Title : Reminiscence, for violin and piano 4. Akiva, Daniel, Works. Title : Ciclos Translated title : Ciclos: string quartet 4.

Title : Jewish-spanish song cycle, for voice and guitar 5. Title : Suite sefaradite Translated title : Suite sefaradite, for piano solo Title : Suite, for cello solo Title : Three pieces, for flute solo. Alexander, Haim, Works. Alotin, Yardena, Works. Amiran Pougatchov, Emanuel, Works. Amzallag, Avraham, Works. Avidom, Menahem, Works. Bialik 2. Avitsur, Etan, Works. Avni, Tzvi, Works. Avrahami, Gad, Works. Title : Resurrection: for mixed choir, bass clarinet and 3 percussion players 2.

Title : Serenade, for guitar and strings 3. Title : Trio no. Bar-Am, Benjamin, Works. Barsam, Yizhak, Works. Title : Toccata and capriccio for strings and brass. Title : Rhapsody, for string quartet Jewish song of jemen [sic]. Ben-Haim, Paul, Works. Title : Prelude 5. Title : Symphonic metamorphosis on a bach chorale, for orchestra. Ben-Yohanan, Asher, Works. Boehm, Yohanan, Works. Title : 1st string-quartet op.

Title : Divertimento for seven windinstruments [sic], op. Title : Little suite for woodwinds op. Title : Little trio, for clarinet in A, horn in F and bassoon, op. Title : Serenade for four windinstruments [sic], op. Title : Trio for oboe, clarinet, bassoon, op. Boskovich, Alexander Uriyah, Works. Braun, Yehezkiel, Works. Title : Twelve preludes, for unaccompanied horn Carmel, Dov, Works. Title : Brasschoir 3. Title : Caleidoscope [sic], a fantasy for orchestra 4. Martin de Tours, for 6 part mixed choir Title : Praises, for treble voices and harp Crzellitzer, Franz, Works.

Title : 1. Title : 2. Title : 9 Preludes 5. Title : Capriccio for piano and chamber orchestra 6. Title : Concertino for bassoon and string orchestra 7. Title : Concertino for clarinet and string orchestra 8. Title : Concertino for clarinet and string orchestra: piano score 9. Title : Concertino for violin and string orchestra Title : Concerto for flute and string orchestra Title : Concerto for trumpet Title : Concerto for viola Title : Concert-piece for clarinet, horn and string orchestra Title : Concertpiece for orchestra Title : Concert-piece for organ and orchestra Title : Concert-piece for trombone Title : Etude no.

Title : Festival music for harp and 2 flutes Title : Humoresque op. Title : Little Israel suite Title : Passacaglia the desert Title : Passacaglia the desert : piano score Title : Passacaglia for organ Title : Phantasy for solo-violin and orchestra Title : Piano concerto Title : Piano concerto, piano score Title : Piano quartet Title : Preludium e fuga per organo Translated title : Prelude and fugue for organ Title : Quartet for oboe, violin, viola, violincello Title : Quintet for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn Title : Sarastro Translated title : Sarastro Title : Sonata for flute and piano Title : Sonata for violin and piano no.

Title : String-quartet no. Title : Suite for string-orchestra no. Title : Symphonic Fantasy no. Title : Symphony Title : Toccata Title : Trio for violin, violincello, piano Title : Trio for violin, horn, piano Title : Variations on a theme by Franz Schubert Viola, op. Title : Viola sonata. Da-Oz, Ram, Works. Daus, Avraham, Works. Dorfman, Joseph, Works. Edel, Yizhak, Works. Ehrlich, Abel, Works. Engel, Yehuda, Works.

Brass Quintets

Fleischer, Tsippi, Works. Title : In chromatic mood 3. Gassner, Moshe, Works. Title : Aspects , for brass trio 3. Title : Babylon , for solo piano and ensemble 4. Title : Caracters, versia 5. Title : For trio aperto 9. Title : Fractals for violin, viola, cello, and piano Title : Labyrint for pierrot lunaire ensemble Title : Metamorphoses , for string quartet Title : Phonsella , for chamber orchestra Title : Prelud and toccata for piano Title : Vertigo, string quartet in two parts. Gelbrun, Artur, Works.

Gerstel, Oswald, Works. Gilboa, Jacob, Works. Ginzburg, Dov, Works. Title : Ballet-suite for orchestra 2. Title : Capriccio for 8 percussion players 3. Title : Imagination, for large orchestra 6. Title : Little Trio: for violino, horn in F and piano.

Hans and Alice Tischler Collection

Title : Sabra march 8. Title : Sonatina for guitar, flute, and viola Title : The four orchestras: ballet-suite Title : Three miniatures for 3 trombones and tuba Title : Variations on diminished and augmented intervals for 4 horns. Gottfried, Yaron, Works. Graziani, Isaac, Works. Title : Two choral settings for female or children's voices.

Hod, Anatoli, Works.

Schott Klezmer Tunes For Clarinet

Holdheim, Theodore, Works. Title : Fuga J. Bach 7. Iranyi, Gabriel, Works. Title : Bird of wonder, for piano solo 2. Title : Laude, for two pianos. Title : Solstice, for clarinet, electronic clarinet, violin, and violoncello. Jacoby, Hanoch, Works. Kan, Shimon, Works. Kilon, Moshe, Works. Title : Dialogues for flute, clarinet, violin, and cello 3. Title : Dialogues for two pianists 4. Title : Lyrics: for clarinet, Vcello and piano 5. C horn F and trombone 7. Title : Three pieces for 3 clarinets 9.

Associated Data

Title : Triptych for brass quintet Title : Two pieces for woodwind quintet Title : Who's afraid of F sharp? Kling, Yaacov, Works. Kogan, Lev, Works. Lasry, Jacques, Works. Lavry, Marc, Works. Lewy, Ron, Works. Title : Xylochordai, three movements for string orchestra and xylophone. Maayani, Ami, Works. Title : Songs of thanksgiving and praise, for high voice and piano. Melamed, Nissan Cohen, Works. Meyouhas, Yoram, Works.

Title : Bagatelles, for piccolo solo 3. Title : Cats and more cats, for mezzo-soprano and piano 4. Title : Can heaven be void? Title : Divertimento 8. Title : Good night, sweet ladies for 2 sopranos, mezzo-soprano, actress and symphony orchestra 9. Title : Variations on an Israeli song, for string orchestra Mindel, Me'ir, Works. Title : Agony, for flute solo 2. Miron-Michrovsky, Issachar, Works. Nagan, Tsevi Herbert, Works. Natra, Sergiu, Works.

Orgad, Ben-Zion, Works. Ori, David, Works. Title : 7 x 7 bars for orchestra instruments and players. Title : Expressivo, humoresque, variations for brass quartet 5. Title : Invention on E, for flute, violin, cello, piano 6. Paporisz, Yoram, Works. Partos, Oedoen, Works. Petrushka, Shabtai, Works. Rasiuk, Moshe, Works.

Reinhardt, Bruno, Works. Reveyron, Joseph, Works. Rooth, Laszlo, Works. Rosolio, Dora, Works. Rufeisen, Arie, Works. Title : A story 3. Title : Nouvelle op. Title : Trio Title : Two by one, for two F horns - one player the first part to be recorded before Salomon, Karel, Works. Title : Six pieces for organ, based on traditional tunes. Samburski, Daniel, Works. Schuster, Giora, Works.

Title : Now and again, eight pieces for piano 5. Title : Six pieces for piano solo 6. Title : Two poems, for voice, flute or oboe , guitar or piano. Seroussi, Ruben, Works. Seter, Mordecai, Works. Shapira, Sergiu, Works. Title : Diptych, for string orchestra version 4. Title : Fancies, for bassoon and piano 6. Title : Rondo burlesco, for piano Title : Woodwind quartet, for flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon.