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The Road of Love Drama Romance. Ability Inception Stars: Danial Hajibarat, Erfan Refahatnia. Edit Cast Credited cast: Natalie Dormer Sofia Ed Skrein Marc Emily Ratajkowski Veronique Joely Richardson Alex James Cosmo Niall Neil Maskell Mills Amber Anderson Jane Jan Bijvoet Young Sofia Daniel Eghan Orthodox Priest Renars Latkovskis Russian Kidnapper 2 Alejandro De Mesa Sofia's Dad Kim Adis Edit Storyline A blind musician hears a murder committed in the apartment upstairs from hers that sends her down a dark path into London's gritty criminal underworld.

Language: English Serbo-Croatian Russian. Runtime: min. Color: Color. Edit Did You Know? Goofs Sofia has one earphone in her right ear when she is in the lift after Veronique reveals her secret scent. When she enters her room a few seconds later, the earphone is in her left ear. Add the first question. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Edit page. Clear your history. IMDb Everywhere. Follow IMDb on. DPReview Digital Photography.

Audible Download Audio Books. I think Sofia was psychologically blind from the trauma of her family, a coping mechanism perhaps….. Now she can feel unrelated once again…… as it should be to give her the innocent projection as we discovered her at the beginning. The compilation of flashbacks at the end of the movie is not to connect Marc to a sudden recognition by Sofia but to show the audience how she subtly acknowledged him through sight each time she was near him, something that could not be revealed until the viewer knew that Sofia was actually sighted.

Just so they can surprise us at the end. This was the first website I seen after I watched the movie.

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Great article and your reply about the editing was funny lolllll. I came here looking for an explanation for this movie and I thank you. But her sister was. That is why after her whole family died that was probably her coping method to keep going as a blind person and then somehow going after Radic, which she had been doing for years. She just wanted to avenge her family. She started acting blind because of Veronique to get close to Radic to kill him. I was just going to post my thoughts but Stephanie summed it up.

She was pretending to be blind to get close to Radic. That is how she got invited to his private room at the benefit dinner. He was interested in her because he thought she was blind. She was supposed to poison him once she got close to him. Once I saw her take the poison from behind the mirror, I knew it was revenge from a crime against her family. What did catch me by surprise is that she could see all along. After reading all the comments here, I re-watched the ending with the flashbacks and it makes way more sense the second time. But I do agree she should have been able to grab the vial haha.

When she slipped on the scarf however, I do stuff like that all the time and I can see, so I still buy her being able to see. When she slipped on the scarf however, I do stuff like that all the time and I can see lol, so I still buy her being able to see there. But is there any explanation to her back tattoos? Did anyone catch the part about the Detective who was supposedly divorced but wore a wedding ring and then mentioned that his wife was on a business trip or something when he was looking after his daughter?

I liked the movie but the ending was a bit lame. She was already so close to him so why not kill him before or reveal his secrets etc.. First of all, I am a big fan of these underrated movies and this was no exception, i totally loved it. Regarding the surprise at the end and the flashbacks, Stray Cub is on point on the flashbacks. The flashbacks however were for us the viewers to see all the places where we could have noticed she could actually see, i also think it was partly Marc also piecing together a few things like that glance she gave him in one of the flashbacks while she was walking past him.

I would love to have an explanation about its ending.. Yup — that was a great one. The ending was really odd and not as good as the beginning. But I just wonder why Sofia sold Marc and his sister out to Radic she gave him the usb in the car if she was out to get revenge on him in the first place? When she sees the wanted poster she realizes that if she goes to the police Marc will probably be arrested since the police are obviously on to him as part of what is going on.

That is why she turns around and leaves and then refuses to talk to the detective when he comes to her. I think Sofia pretended to be blind the entire time. She had mentioned that her parents had always had the non-blind sister learn things blindly to sympathize with her sister. I think she did it to ultimately get close to Radic again, she played a loooooong con. They kept stressing in the movie that Radic had a fascination with blind women.

I think she thought that would eventually let her get close to him again, and also helped her to seem vulnerable. I do not think the sisters were twins. Radic even mentioned when he revealed that he raped the mother that the blind woman already had a daughter and that the rape conceived another.

I think they were just close in age and looked alike. I also think that the surprise she showed at the end was the fact that she had revealed her secret to Marc and the flashbacks were actually for him. But, I agree that was bad editing and definitely confusing.

Thanks so much for this explanation. Im a bit dense or maybe too distracted while watching the movie today. However, I was lost when it ended. I think the scene of Sofia and Marc hooking up was very ill placed. Minimal interaction and time spent together that would call for it. And I feel like they did a good job on placing the scene where the cop figured out she could see but a poor job on placing the scene where MARC realizes it.

I mean dang even extending the scene having Marc figure it out then the cop and then extending the scene and adding Radic figuring it out before they fight would have made it better. But all around it was a good movie…just too many blanks. Sophia has given a lot of thought to her revenge. She mentioned that she lived in the apartment just for 6mos.

So, she can befriend Veronique. Whom she knew all along was the daughter of Radic. And knew that if she is blind, Radic will privately talk to her. She can then kill him there Unfortunately her plans changed when Veronique died. She still wants to kill Radic using the poison but the poison fell off her skirt. If she gets the poison and someone noticed her she will blow her cover. She is also the older sister, and the not the daughter of Radic. Good job explaining some doubts I had. That realization of Marc at the end bothers me more than it should. Thanks for deciphering it, your first name should be Sherlock.

I like the movie in total do it has some weed points and it lacks some action. If she was looking at Marc, the father of her unborn child, that would be a very strange response before committing suicide. I agree…what did Marc and Ag have to do with her…other than she lives in the building…and may have seen Marc at the elevator..

I thought the movie was decent but the plot was better executed in the movie House of a Thousand Daggers. And you cant beat the cinematography! Was that an under cover movie recommendation? In the final flashbacks, her mother appeared to be sighted, too. So why was her mother pretending to be blind? Just to feel connected to her daughter? If Sofia was only pretending to be blind as opposed to traumatically blind she only had to pretend for the six months that she lived in that apartment, not for her entire life after the loss of her family.

I love you for creating this. Just watched the movie and could not wrap my brain around what actually happened. I was only coming to the conclusion I need to re watch the whole film which I personally enjoyed but that I missed something, lol. This is what led me to solely depend on someone who might have explained the story in depth a. All other commen s were great also and now I am at peace, lol. What has me very confused by the theory that she could see throughout the entirety, is the scene where she attempts to poison Radic and struggles to pick up the vile when it is dropped.

If she had picked it up then she would have killed him then and there with the motive and obviously the intention as well. They cant be twins! Radic has mentioned about her family and that they had a daughter. Then he raped her mother and then she conceived another baby. So they are not twins isnt it? I picked it when she had the light on in the apartment bathroom, she is blind no need for the light!

Natalie Dormer and Anthony Byrne on Crafting a Compelling Thriller with ‘In Darkness’

In the car Radic said that when he strangled her mother, when she finally died he knew that she could see who he was. So the same phenomenon happened to Sofia at the end and she could see. So her surprise at the end was that she could all of the sudden see things. What do yall think? I just figured the one coming out of the wardrobe was the blind sister. What tells the audience any different?

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Just seen this film. I thought she was pretending to be blind because Radic had a thing for blind women. Her surprise at the end I thought was because she realised she had shown Marc she could see. I think the way he trust her to get out of the hospital quick on her own shows he knows she can see. Thank you for this! I liked the film but was confused. If Sophia was really blind, she would rely heavily on her hearing.

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Yet she spent a lot of time listening to music with earbuds in her ears, like on the subway. Would a blind person really do that? Was I the only one that noticed she had her lamps on while in her apartment, alone? What possible need does a blind single person have for lit lamps? She was clearly faking the blindness. I enjoyed the movie, but coupd have done without the twist at the end.

Happens too often in blind people movies. Movie was great without it. The ending just made it convoluted with some really unexplainable parts. Like when she was escaping the hospital why did she act blind? I would have been fine with a psychological problem where her sight miraculously comes back after Radic dies. The ending just doesnt fit. Marc was not with veronique when she died, it was his sister. Marc had a soft heart and got too close to his target before he could get the jump drive.

His sister had to clean up his mess. AG also states to Sophia that her brother is good in bed while meeting in the art museum. Marc is attractive and his sister uses him to seduce women. Marc never shows one bit of darkness. He was also wearing his hood when Sophia saw him in the elevator, just like when he saved her. Hood on ewusls rescuing someone. He let his sister die because she killed his baby. It would be strange for her to call a man a whore.

Also, AG and her brother are just hired guns. They are working for the Russians or some other country or group who want to destroy Ragic or whatever his name is. Radic appears to be modeled after Zelyko Raznatovic, leader of a paramilitary group that participated in the Bijeljina massacre of in which an ethnic cleansing of Muslim families took place.

I think she started recovering her ability to integrate her sight with her conscious mind about halfway through the movie, as a result of coming to terms with what was happening. No one has mentioned the obvious device of the metronome, which appears to trigger some sort of self-hypnosis that allows Sophia to access memories of who she actually is.

I think she only played the blind sister the six months she lived there planning the murder of Radic. She only looked blind talking to her caregiver on the park bench because they were being inconspicuous. Then the flashbacks. She already slept with him. I think she was good at playing blind because her mom blindfolded her, remember?

She said her mim would do that to make things fair. Her blindness was actually a mental issue, not a physical one. Sofia was not in shock. Go back and watch. She realized Marc knew she could see when she saw he was bleeding and brought him a towel. You see him figure it out right then and then meet her eyes so she knows he knows.

She backs away realizing the truth is out and then Marc thinks on all the times she actually did see him. They show her looking at him slightly each time out of the corner of her eye in the flash backs. This wasnt mental…. I have just seen this movie a bit late, I know. I still have questions about Alex and Marc. It is my understanding that Alex was working with Veronique to take down Radic, but she was also working for Radic as some kind of fixer.

Marc did not actually work for Radic. Alex and Veronique had code names.

Now, what happened between them and why did Alex send her brother to kill Veronique? I understand that he never had an intention of killing her but rather wanted to help her get away.

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Veronique was initially scared when she saw him but then asked him to run away with her. It seems she was mentally unstable not surprising when you find out your Dad is a mass murderer and when Marc refuses,, his rejection, and the fact she was carrying his child, made her jump from the balcony. Obviously Alex knew about the baby but still sent Marc to kill Veronique. When Marc finds out that is pretty much the end of his relationship with his sister until Sofia says she wants him to introduce them. Sofia hands back the drive in return for alone time with Radic, a second chance for her to kill him.

Why does Alex want the drive so badly? This part of the film is the most confusing part for me and really could have been left out altogether as it is not important to main plot of Sofia trying to get close to Radic to avenge her family. OK, on the blindness issue, my feelings are that Sofia can see all the time. When she drops the poison vial. So, she has to feel for it with her hand and then her foot.

As a child she spent a lot of time blind folded by her mother so she and her sister would be on an equal footing. Her feelings for him are genuine I think, as are his for her.