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CIA MKULTRA / Mind Control Collection

This past Sunday, we had John Captain III on the show — for over three years now, he has been campaigning for justice and exposure of the murder of his girlfriend, Tiffany Jenks. Three years on, however, the media is still brushing the facts under the carpet, and justice remains to be served. We want to make it clear in advance: this story will Of course, this also meant delving into the min Of course, the questions started building.

What were these strange tiles?

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A studen Rich knows a thing or two about the paranormal. Besides names bei The film was truly mind-blowing, and definitely presents Jay Dyer is a real gem in the world of all things conspiracy Hollywood — his approach to analysis is interesting and fun, whist thorough and mind-expanding. This past week, we had the pleasure of interviewing Dr.

Graham St. John, cultural anthropologist and entheogen researcher. Father Sebastiaan is truly one of a kind. A multifaceted man - who else can claim fangsmith, Vampyre clan leader, events organiser and author, all in one sentence? Robert Murch commenced his quest of research and discovery in the early 90s, having been inspired by the movie Witchboard several years prior; what began as a lonely antique Ouija board, soon developed into a full-blown museum collection, landing him where he is today — that is, with over different talking board types, and several more hund Whitley Strieber is the go-to guy when it comes to all things strange and alien, a household name in the world of the paranormal.

Strieber gives us a brief Mario is a prime example of someone who has a plan, and just goes straight for it — upon discovering that there were a number of paranormal stories centering around the East LA area, he decided to compile those stories and publish them as a book.

Haunted East Los Angeles was released June , and is available both as a hard copy and as an ebo We had the pleasure of speaking with, Todd Newman, director of the groundbreaking documentary, Mourning Son. The film saw its debut in December last year, and has caused many a tear and heart to break since. The documentary follows rock-legend, Dave Navarro, alongside his best friend, Todd Newman, on their journey towards finding closure regard Barry Conrad: film-maker and ghost-hunter extraordinaire.

Few men have ventured where he has ventured, and even fewer have come back with any supporting evidence. This past Sunday, we had the pleasure of welcoming M. Davis on the show. Davis has spent countless hours inspecting and researching the iconic Patterson-Gimlin footage of a "Bigfoot" recorded at Bluff Creek, as well as the Zapruder and Nix films of the Kennedy assassination. Robert Steven Rhine, aka. Christopher Bader is an all-round paranormal expert; and by all-round, I really mean just that. Tonight we interview Anthony Patch, a researcher of CERN and the Large Hadron Collider, as well as an author of two fictional novels with which he aims to teach about his research by tactfully incorporating those ideas into his books.

SearchAndRescueWoods aka. What ensued was a whole series of stories still ongoing , written from the viewpoint of a US Forest Service Search and Rescue officer, detai We had the honor of speaking to Elisa E. First coming forward with her two books on mind control back in , Elisa tells the story of how she endured over 40 years of severe torture and mind-control, eventually slowly breaking free and seeking help.

The proc Last Sunday we interviewed Patrick Kennelly, producer and writer of brand-new horror movie, Excess Flesh. We spoke to Patrick about what inspired him, his thought-processes when writing, and how gross it really was to film on a set consisting predominantly of trash and food. Steve has been making award-winning television for over 20 years now, and has helped create over hours of television with partners including Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures, Discovery Cha Clyde is one of those guys you can talk to for hours and hours without getting bored.

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Huston Huddleston is a writer, director, composer, and all-round cinephile extraordinaire. Jayni is a fully qualified hypnotherapist based in Los Angeles. She treats a huge range of ailments, ranging from the more common issues, such as stress or the giving-up of a bad habit, to more intricate work, such as past-life regressions and spiritual imagery.

Her abilities are astounding, and her soothing voice honestly borders on music as We also had the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Walton himself back onto WoTR, which we were obviously thrilled about - his story never fails to astound us. For our full write-up, more info and links, v Rick Strassman — here to open your mind, and probably blow it as well.

Both analyses focus on the question of aliens and potential Government knowledge thereof; and both interviews present us with equally intriguing responses. Ben is incredibl This p Welcome to Player FM What if radio played only the shows you care about, when you want? Take it with you. Guides you to smart, interesting podcasts based on category, channel, or even specific topics. Looking for a high-quality podcasts app on Android? Player FM might just be it.

Brilliantly useful, fantastically intuitive, beautiful UI. Developers constantly update and improve. Easy and intuitive to use. New features frequently added. Just what you need. Not what you don't. Programmer gives this app a lot of love and attention and it shows. Matt Welch, Editor at Large for Reason magazine, explained to me what he sees as the extremely complicated moral narrative that emerges from reporting on foreign conflict:.

And we have written keenly about the constant uses of propaganda on all sides in war zones. So we are considerably less likely to tell straightforward cases of individuals vs. Without diligently parsing the many distinctions on the ground, there is a danger in looking at conflict through the lens of morality and viewing someone who calls out for compassion.

Heywood, "[compassion] now invites the viewer to engage with the suffering of those seen on the screen and even, going further, to take a moral stance about an event. The problem with moral imperatives is that they often look different depending on which team one endorses.

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Are they children or young terrorists; occupiers or defenders, refugees or combatants, police or army? These types of questions present ethical and professional dilemmas for the journalists who play such a large role in shaping our view of the situation. Compounding the difficulty of making moral assessments is the fleeting nature of compassion itself. The amount of compassion we have to give decreases as the number of victims mounts, and the further away the event is in time and space.

As we move further from those with whom we can identify, the media must work harder to gain our support, to reel us back to the story as time passes before we are on to the next news cycle. I do remind them, however, who composed the story…Sometimes you need to talk to a lot of people, to get a full story, the panorama. But you can also sit quietly with one person, and let him or her take you deep, deep, deep.

As long as you construct the material properly, never ever going for sentimentality, as long as you let the subject speak and you really listen, I think it's inevitable that your foster compassion. Reason's Welch offered this. What do you think attracts more attention, the statistic that there are , marijuana-related arrests per year, or an individual story about a grandmother locked up for seeking glaucoma medication?

The LAPD paid out millions annually in police-abuse settlements to mostly nonwhite victims back in the s, but it took the videotape of Rodney King to make people fully aware of the reality. How stories of disaster, war and tragedy reach us is not something most of us think about as we watch the news or read accounts online, but the task of constructing a narrative that will elicit compassion is a thoughtful, often fraught process undertaken by writers, producers, editors and presenters. Each angle is considered.

Compassion has probative worth as a news value but it must be genuine, not manufactured. In times of war, the ability to shift framing to prompt compassion for one side or another can sway public opinion. How are images and videos chosen? Live or B-roll? Are there images of victims, combatants, maps, hospitals, relief workers, politicians, press conferences? It all can affect the desired response, whatever the broadcasters or publishers decide that response should be.

The public can get caught up in condemning the media or government spin doctors. It's easy to become cynical about the abuse of a tragedy for political gain or a scoop for personal aggrandizement. The US media has been criticized for essentially acting as a marketing arm for the military industrial complex during the George W.

Bush administration to garner support for the Iraq invasion. Whether they were duped, used, or were willing participants will be argued for a generation, but that it happened is incontrovertible. In May, , the Guardian reported that the London Evening Standard would be cutting jobs as a cost-saving measure. The article, written by Media Editor, Jim Waterson, included a picture of the Evening Standard's content grid, which essentially guides writers and editors toward which stories the paper wants to run.

Although the Evening Standard is a mainstream publication, the content grid lends a tabloid feel to the process. Exacerbating the problem of what we read is the brevity that constrains much reporting. The average online news post falls between words, per Newship. That count leaves little room for nuance. Analogies to other significant events, which are intended to give a reader perspective, are limited to a top ten that people might recognize; hence all the references to Watergate, Nazis or another bi.

In the age of click-thru counts and engagement stats, what matters is attention, at the expense of depth. There are ways you can activate their senses, too, with big-numbers stories; it's all a blend, and a never-ending set of artistic choices. There's an extra layer of responsibility that too few journalists seem to adhere to, to make sure that the original source is trustworthy, and that you're not just plugging in a dubious anecdote to fit a pre-existing narrative.

Compassion is one of many news values that determine if a story is aired or goes to print, including. Others are timeliness, oddity, proximity, impact, relevance, prominence and whether there is conflict. But each of these qualities helps determine how much compassion will be transmitted to the person reading or viewing the story.

Today, everyone has their own digital printing press and social media amplifies voices in unpredictable ways. While interrogating the methods of newsmakers is essential, it's equally important that instead of being cynical about the process, i.

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For most animals, the structure of their day — and indeed their year — depends on the light-dark cycle. Big Think Edge For You. Big Think Edge For Business. Preview an Edge video. Videos How to boost your career in a ruthless job market.

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Videos Arctic amplification: How the albedo effect speeds up global warming. What was Project MKUltra? Inside the CIA's mind-control program. Sometimes conspiracy theories turn out to be true, like the one about how the CIA tried to use LSD to find a mind-control drug.

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  5. What did the CIA do? How the media stokes compassion. And why it's a double-edged sword. Compassion is one of several news values that determine if a story is published. How the media frame a story can influence who the audience feels compassionate toward. Part of telling a story requires combatting inherent obstacles to sustained compassion.

    Media sausage In , author and journalist Nancy Rommelmann could not tear herself away from the story of the Jesica Santillan, a teenage child of undocumented Mexican immigrants who died after a double organ transplant went wrong at an American hospital. Lunar and solar eclipses make animals do strange things Spiders, fish, birds, and bats all break with their daily routines. Surprising Science For most animals, the structure of their day — and indeed their year — depends on the light-dark cycle. Keep reading Show less.

    Tiny homes and floating apartments: California mayors' reply to the growing homeless problem Ideas are plentiful; execution is another story. As the homeless population soars in California, city mayors are contemplating a variety of initiatives to combat the problem.

    Our Life Beyond MKULTRA: Lies, Corruption And Love, An Interview with Elisa E.

    San Francisco mayor London Breed has published the most extensive list of solutions, including supportive housing, eviction prevention, and rental subsidies. Other mayors are creating tiny home villages and even considering a floating apartment complex in the San Francisco Bay. Most Popular. New research sheds light on a possible cause of autism: processed foods. Surprising Science.