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Kizzie Jones, Author. Art Works Edmonds 2nd Ave. Seven Women. Seven Voices. One Anthology. For seventeen years, these seven women have shared their words and lives so honestly and generously that place becomes not just physical but an emotional landscape they courageously explore together. Their poems and essays range across time, place, and cultures: we revisit second grade, smell sagebrush in Eastern Washington, learn about Kuan Yin, participate in a ground-breaking Bat Mitzvah, experience the pain of a lost son.

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It sponsors week-long trips to such countries as France, Italy, and Cuba, as well as shorter day visits to places closer to home. And its coffeehouse and wine bar, renovated in and dubbed The Den, has a reputation for serving some of the best coffee in Washington.

On October 12, , we look forward to opening a new location at The Wharf, a major new waterfront development in South West Washington. The company started when it was still possible for a bookstore to begin small and grow bigger. It was well on its way before the chains opened, and it has remained able to compete effectively even in the Internet age, seizing opportunities, increasing its visibility, expanding its business, and further deepening its roots in the community.

Under the leadership of Brad and Lissa, the store has continued to imagine, innovate, and adapt while remaining true to the mission first established by Carla and Barbara. The future of the bookstore: A real cliffhanger The Economist. Top Literary Cities in the U. Highbrow Magazine. The best books to read this summer Minnesota Public Radio News. Children's nonfiction is increasing in popularity, say authors - CSMonitor. Part 2 Chronicle Books Blog. Washington, D. What if you want to use a pen name to protect sensitive family, but you feel driven to write a memoir?

Hi, my name is Joseph Perez. I am a white guy with no Hispanic or Latino heritage. Also both names are very common. Also on the back of a book written by a white guy and seeing my picture and the name Perez would seem confusing and maybe even deceitful to the audience. Do you think I should use a psuedonym? My planned pen name would be Midnight O.

Would you recommend using a pen name for this situation or would it be better if I used my actual name? Any suggestions? Natalie, Unfortunately, there are not many publishers that would be willing to publish someone of your age at this point in time. We would suggest working on your writing and wait until you are of an old enough age to handle the business side of writing both in traditional and self-publishing.

I have written a story, a 25 page story on a long piece of paper about 30cm. I want to publish it because all my friends and teachers agreed it was a good story and leaving suspense here and there. I want to publish it, but will a publisher take me seriously? And I really wanna use a pen name, but will they accept me with a Pen Name? And can you list some publishers in Canada? Also, is there anyway you can SELF publish a book by yourself when you are young? Please, help my dreams come true…. I want to use a Pen name, Avaline Spirits.

Or if people like my closer friends now its me and dont like my name. Thanks for pros and cons — they made my decision easier to make! Blythe, absolutely! Upon publication, you can have your name written any way you want for example: J. Would it still be considered my real name if I went by my first name and middle name instead of first name and last name?

Kasha, Whether or not you use a pen name, you should always interact with publishing industry professionals like literary agents and editors using your real name. Having a pen name does hurt or help in terms of getting a publisher to take you seriously. The only thing that can help with that is good writing! Would a publisher take me serousely? Would getting it published so young cause a lot of attention? Collaborative authors often choose to use a single pen name, usually because it simplifies things.

Sometimes a book series starts out with one author but, for one reason or another, the original author is unable or unwilling to contribute to subsequent books. The authors of the rest of the series publish subsequent titles under the name of the original author. It is a common practice. The only sticky areas arise when matters of contracts and royalties and copyright emerge, and those are issues best discussed with an attorney. We do have a written agreement, so have that covered.

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My question was more about the use of pen names for joint author projects. Ask the Lawyer: Writing Together; Writing Sub Rosa Pinpoint issues to resolve before getting involved in a co-authoring situation, and learn how to write under a pseudonym. You will share ownership of copyright, authorship credit, royalties and the right to sell the work. While no contract is required to create joint authorship, if you wish to remain friends with this person, it is wise to create an agreement before getting too involved in the project.

Here are some of the issues to address:.

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Allocation of responsibility. The agreement should spell out the work of each collaborator. Is one person plotting the story line and the other writing dialogue? Are you alternating writing chapters? Is one more creatively inclined and the other a researcher? Revenue may be divided as you choose. If you choose an unequal split, it must be put into writing and signed by all co-authors.

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Expenses are usually shared in the same percentage as advances and royalties. Authorship credit. Whose name goes first if you each do roughly half the work? Copyright law governs much of what happens after a project is completed, but what would happen before completion? You may assume that you will jointly decide all creative, legal and business issues that arise, but what if you are deadlocked?

Some mechanism for decision-making should be included, such as mediation or arbitration.

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I have been writing with 2 other people, so listing a co-authorship or even subbing as 3 people starts to raise red flags. We have chosen a pen name for one group and a different one for another. I am the spokesperson for each group. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Facebook 0.

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Twitter 0. Pinterest 7. LinkedIn 0. Submit To Our Review Board. Thank you David. Hi Dana, We are not lawyers so we cannot answer that question. Lots of interesting commentary and food for thought for here, definitely.

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As for me … …I divide things up this way: I put all my straight nonfiction and journalism stuff under my real name Ralph Heibutzki , and put my various creative pursuits artwork, music, poetry under a pen name well, a variation, really: Chairman Ralph. And yes, please do answer my previous comment as well! What do you recommend? Hi Emily, These are issues that you would discuss with your publisher when the time comes. Hi Jacob, On the manuscript, you would just use your pen name.

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Hi, I am an activist new to writing. Hi Diego, We would recommend contacting a lawyer who specializes in publishing. Hi Misty, Thank you for your comment. I have a question regarding online publication. Thanks for you help and advice.

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Sumedha, Thank you for your inquiry. Joseph, if you feel it is appropriate in your circumstance, then a pen name should be used. Ayla, Yes, a pen name seems appropriate in this situation.