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A Life for a Life — Henry Drummond YOU are to have many speakers tonight, and my words are necessarily exceedingly few, and I desire to devote them however informal they may be, to state principles; because when one gets hold of principles, one can arrange many facts and many ideas and many aspirations around them. And I want to be quite informal -- this is an informal night, it is the last night we shall be together, and we talk to one another with more intimacy perhaps than we would be apt to do on a platform night. I started out some years ago, when I was a student, to find out the meaning of life, to discover what was the ideal-life, and I went for my information to this Book, where I found a sketch of an ideal man, which I want to give you in a very few words, in the language of this book.

The definition of the ideal man I found to be this; "A man after my own heart who shall fulfil all my will. What are we here for?

Archetype of the Ideal Man

What is the object of life? I found this answer to that question: "I come to do thy will, O God. Our Christian experience is very apt to be made of scraps, bits of sermons, stray texts, and isolated sentences instead of being of a piece and of increasing forces directed constantly from the beginning of life until the curtain drops. If we realized that we come into the world to do the will of God and set the helm steady from the beginning, our lives would work out to a great purpose. The real object of life is simply to do the will of God.

When Mr. Moody was in London some years ago, they put up for his meetings, a building which held ten thousand people. After the meetings were over, this building which was put up at a great cost was to be taken down.

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A number of the committee said, "Well, it is rather a shame to take down this great house after only a few months' use; could we not get some of the great preachers to preach to the people? Spurgeon, and asked him to come there for a week. They said, "Here is a chance to reach ten thousand people every night," and they magnified the part Mr.

Spurgeon would have to these vast crowds. But the more the men smothered, the less the women initiated sex. This phase starts about a week after the first day of her period and lasts 7 or 8 days. She may dress alluringly and be more open to sexual signals, says gynecologist Rebecca Booth, M.

Whisper something suggestive, like, "You look gorgeous. I can't wait to be with you later. The Blue-Chip Prospect Many women suspect they'll have to sacrifice their careers to raise children, so they're constantly assessing your ability to provide, says Gary Brase, Ph.

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  7. Be the man: To gauge your willingness to share resources, she'll check out your everyday kindness and generosity. So instead of fussing over who owes what when the dinner check arrives, just put the bill on your credit card and settle up later. Or, at a supermarket checkout, let the person with two items go ahead of you. Unconditional selflessness may be an evolutionary signal of intelligence and resourcefulness, according to a study in the Journal of Research in Personality.

    Showing this quality suggests that you have resources to spare.

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    The Lothario In a Kenyon College study, men thought the ideal number of sexual partners over a man's lifetime should be at least Women wanted just five. She's pickier because she's the one stuck with the kid if you jet.

    Scientists Reveal 11 Qualities of the Ideal Man, and They Are Not What We Expected

    Yvonne K. Fulbright, Ph. Be the man: Ease her inhibitions so she can focus on pleasure. Your move: Cuddle her before sex instead of after.

    What Is An Ideal Man Or Woman?

    You're pregaming for pleasure by spiking her testosterone, according to a study in Hormones and Behavior. This helps her reach orgasm. Massage overlooked spots, such as her collarbone. He prefers jeans, a T-shirt, and David Beckham—favored boxer briefs, and his well-groomed scruff is only the tiniest bit scratchy when you're making out. Occasionally he'll talk about his feelings and his desire to have children one day when the time is right, but in the meantime, he'll help with the chores and walk the dog. And most important—whether he's a hipster or an enlightened bro, an Aquarius or a Taurus—he texts once a day.

    In short, he's a good boyfriend or husband.

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    So, future academics, do not be fooled by the hashtags or d-ck pics or weird headless six-pack selfies the Internet might leave behind. At the end of the day, the modern woman wants something a little more…basic in the best way. Read on, and compare your opinions, here. Fun company. Some of the notable answers: "Possessiveness. We can't both talk about feelings all the time!