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Pottermore reveals witches and wizards used to poo themselves and vanish the evidence

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Vanoss Gaming Animated - Nogla's Poop Story

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The singer, known for her high vocal range, just put a whole new spin on the game. Sharks abandon popular feeding areas when orcas are nearby. To celebrate National Trivia Day and remind us that Harry Potter is getting close to rivaling Star Wars as a franchise so deeply fascinated by gazing into its own canonical navel, the official Pottermore Twitter account decided to jointheconversation and drop this dookie:.

The information itself has actually been known to Potterheads for a while, because of course it has—since , in fact.

Sophie Turner Just Revealed Her Wedding Dress and Wow

By telling us that wizards used to shit themselves. But Twitter has become all aflutter by this magical hygiene tidbit today:.

You could say that we lost our shit, in fact. Thought you outta know. The concept of the toilet has existed for thousands of years—the Palace of Knossos in Crete , built around BC, had a surprisingly intricate sewage system that included latrines with water reservoirs that would be then used to flush waste away via jugs of water.

It's Friday And I'm Mad About This Dumb 'Pottermore' Tweet About Pooping - Digg

Hell, the 19th century was the century for modern toiletry as we know it. So if all these dumb Muggles that wizards had been living among or observing from afar had been developing all these sanitation advancements, are we really meant to believe wizards just Happy National Trivia Day, I guess. James is a News Editor at io9.

He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man! The A.