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A new book about these phenomena would not have been needed. To Heal the World?

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The warped concoction that is Tikkun Olam Judaism has in fact come to replace old-fashioned non-Orthodoxy, such that what was a very weak and diluted vestige of tradition has now become the antithesis of Judaism. For those of us who are blessed to have received an advanced Torah education, the distortion of Tikkun Olam Judaism is obvious. However, the majority of the Jewish public lacks the knowledge to appreciate what has been foisted upon it — and even the more educated Jewish public is largely unaware of the broad schematics and the sweeping agenda that constitute the Tikkun Olam Judaism movement.

Jonathan Neumann has done us all a service by methodically laying forth the facts with a well-organized, rich historical presentation, including the provision of all major source texts upon which Tikkun Olam Judaism is based and demonstrating how these texts have been hijacked to serve a false cause, and documenting how that cause has developed into a Judaism that is a mere front for social liberalism and radicalism that lacks Jewish content and that has basically erased all Jewish vestiges from its manifestation.

As the massive data mustered by Jonathan Neumann substantiates all too well, Tikkun Olam Judaism has become the embodiment of anti-Zionism. Many of worst enemies of the State of Israel and Jewish security and autonomy over the Holy Land are products of the Tikkun Olam movement, who have attempted to embolden support for the Arab position and to arouse self-doubt among Jews regarding their right to their Land. One must read the detailed, factual portrayal of this all in To Heal the World? It is one thing to read a story here and there about heterodox and even fringe Orthodox Jewish support for such enemies; it is something else to be presented with a systematic pattern and sweep of the problem, documented with full sources and context, that bring the issue home in a shocking manner, as Jonathan Neumann has done.

Readers are also advised to go through a great and important clarification of the true nature of Tikkun Olam, as posted by Rabbi Y. Why have the heterodox Jewish movements invented and embraced a pagan Tikkun Olam religion? You may be surprised for me to write this, but I believe that the root is a noble one.

Please allow me to explain:. God endowed His chosen people with a thirst for spirituality and meaning, and to strive for lofty goals. The Jew of tradition, who finds immense inspiration and life purpose in the Torah, quenches this thirst and satisfies this quest by living and studying the dynamic and all-encompassing Word of God.

The sense of meaning and fulfillment that one experiences by following a Torah life, in the real sense, cannot be underestimated. However, for the Jew who has abandoned the Torah, there is a huge existential void that must be filled. Sadly, contemporary heterodox Judaism has created Tikkun Olam to fill that gap. Once heterodox Judaism became diluted to the point of seeming empty and farcical even to many of its own adherents, and once those adherents no longer identified with traditional values and beliefs, the next stage was a natural synthesis and merger of liberal social and political values with highly-diluted Judaism, resulting in Tikkun Olam Judaism.

Perhaps appreciating how we got into this mess is the first step of getting out of it.

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Certainly, To Heal the World? As I recently wrote elsewhere on a very related topic:. As Rabbi Joseph B. Because the highest sacrifice is not when you offer an animal. The highest sacrifice is when man offers himself. We are full with questions, we can point out so many contradictions. Whom did he sacrifice? His own independence, his own pride, his own comfort, his own desires, his own logic, his own reason. He believed. If one believes, it is an act of surrender, sacrifice….

Any attempt to inject contemporary meaning, which should be in agreement with the morality and the value system of the pagan New York Times, in sinful, and a crime on the part of the rabbi.

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Torah is a challenge, but if we choose to defend that which is antithetical to the Torah rather than choosing to follow the Torah, what does that say about us as Jews? January 25, July 4, April 24, As illusions about people and society have spread, feeling good and preening in public have become the popular PC substitutes for doing good.

There is always some beguiling, specious excuse for a spectacular policy failure. Every failure leads to calls for more extreme variations on the same theme. There are even those who have no illusions about the likely outcome, but want to destabilize society, join the enemy, etc.

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What to us is a bug is to them a feature. RGordimer demonstrated very convincingly that the infatuation with the progressive agenda as defined by its adhetents as Tikun olam and its antecedents was a result of the search for an ersatz set of values in place of and instead of Torah Avodah and Gmilus Chasadim. There is a sad joke that one such contemporary adherent asked how to translate Tikun Olam into Hebrew. The Orthodox Forum book mentioned by Mycroft discusses Noachide laws and offers views on some political and social issues. When you separate Tikun Olam from being part of Malchus HAShem the result is the progressive agenda and its ideological antecedents.

The author noted that many Communist apparatchiks were Jewish. It is no secret that Communism and Socialism because of their appeals to social justice and political reform in theory appealed to many Jews.

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No country has ever succeeded in maintaining totalitarian political control such as Communism while simultaneously being welcoming of open trade with the West. Todays progesdive agenda has a strong ideological antipathy to any objections to feminism and tbe LGBT agenda that can be legitimately and strongly based on religious values. Malchus HaShem embraces both Shemittah Vyovel Nidah and Pru vRivu as well as recognizing the need to compensate the injured and the protection of property rights and ownership.

It embraces tzedaka and chesed but by no means entitlements or a free lunch or a blank check with no restrictions or limitations.

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It is wrong to claim that reproductive freedom is a core Jewish value. Mycroft talk to anyone who survived the Holicaust or the Gulag. They can explain why the progesssive avenda is nothing more than a reworking of Communism. That does not mean that those who succeed are privileged. Mycroft ever hear or participate in Tomchei Shabbos or any of the many groups that help the downtrodden in the Orthodox community? Compare the work accomplished by Achiezer after Sandy with little pr np government assistance with the results in NewOrleans or Puerto Rico where decades of entitlements just like socialism uproot any idea that people can revuild on their own.

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It does not refer to any political agenda because at best man is a Melech Evyon. How about Congressman Tom Lantos? How about Elie Wiesel? How about Warsaw ghetto uprising leader Marek Edelman? There are quite a few holocaust survivors who are progressives. Charles Krauthammer ZL was a wonderful example of a conservative public intellectual who had a very strong day school education and traditional upbringing.

FWIW, I found his book as well as a collection of essays by Peggy Noonan of the WSJ a regular columnist every Shabbos always compelling-no other columnists in the media today have warned us so eloquently about the social consequences of a society detached from and unaware of basic religious principles such as Lo Sirtzach. I have seen many fundraising events for Rebbe x or Rebbe Y or to try and spread Torah,I have not seen much activity to raise funds for societies poor.

Does Abraham Foxman believe that? Who benefits yhe most from. Abe Foxman is not representative of most survivors. Your views have been decidedly socialist for years. Soros admitted on 6o minutes that he saved his own nwck at the expense of his fellow Jews. Marek Edelman wad a far leftist. Eglah Arufah is offered solely because of the discovery of a mes. It is not a basis for extapolation to an agenda for social justice today.

Again look at Achiezer and Tomchei Shabbos before you mischaracterize chesed. You like his ideology fine ,acharei mot kedoshim emor but please not for someone who rejected traditional Judaism as you consider important. Those states in the US with srate income taxes aych as Ct California and Illinois are suffering from. The quality of medical care and research in socialized countries pales with that in the US. Outside of the progressive Orthodox synagogues i have belonged to where diversity is welcomed as are political positions spanning the gamut most Orthodox hew a very dogmatic line in terms of their membership.

Obama supporters were sure to be socially isolated and ostracized if tolerated at all. Meanwhile we have Trump supporters in our shul and everyone gets along.

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Tikkun Olam/ Fixing the World- How does Orthodox Judaism approach this concept today?

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