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This is the only way that Greece can ever progress and prosper. Instead, the EU insisted on them staying and imposed yet more loans that Greece will never repay leading to massive poverty and misery for the Greek people. In addition, Brussels has forced them to process a massive number of migrants which Greece can ill afford. The same goes for Italy with their massive debt to GDP and crumbling economy. Since these debts can never be repaid, there are only two alternatives; either a default by the ECB and most European countries or money printing on a scale that the world has never seen.

Gold to Soar on High Stock Volatility and Other Lies They Tell You

The likely outcome is that we will see both options. The Eurocrats in Brussels including the European Commission are only interested in protecting their own position. Their main concern as unelected and unaccountable representatives of million people is to hold their empire together at any cost. The Brussels elite is more concerned about their own massive expense accounts and pensions than the Greek or the Irish people. The European Commission in Brussels, with Junker leading, is now doing all they can do sabotage the Brexit decision by the UK electorate. So the Brussels tradition of sabotage is not a new phenomenon.

The EU is a failed experiment that will eventually collapse. So will the Euro which is an artificial currency that can never work for 19 Countries with different backgrounds such as growth and inflation rates, productivity, industrialisation and cultures. The dollar is likely to fall before the Euro as they both compete in the race to the bottom. Just think about it, here we have the two richest regions in the World, North America and Europe, both on the verge of collapse, economically, financially, politically and morally.

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How can anyone ever believe that all the bubble assets can survive under those circumstances. That is absolutely guaranteed. It is only a question of how soon it starts and how deep it will be. The sad thing is that no one is prepared for it and it will be a devastating shock the whole world. Banks, brokers, asset managers, introducers and investors all loved it and therefore no one suspected foul play.

Madoff was a saint compared to what the world is now being subjected to. So why is no one protesting and why does everyone believe that this will continue. Well, for exactly the same reasons that they believed in Madoff — Greed and Vested Interest. The whole world wants this wonderful Ponzi fraud to go on for ever. Instead it will come to a very abrupt end in the next few years and no one will be prepared. Everyone is making so much money, just like with Madoff, that their greed prevents them from looking at the risk.

Stocks, bonds, property and bitcoin just goes up and up and up.

Whatever investors touch today turns into gold. The winnings today are fake gold in the form of inflated and heavily leveraged paper assets.

1. You Have to Be Wealthy to Invest in Gold

Like all bubbles this can continue further. But whenever it turns, and we are not far from that point, the move in the opposite direction will be so fast that it will be impossible to get out. Also, like for most of the last 30 years, investors will be certain that central banks will save them. But this time it will really be different. Because the next round of trillions or quadrillions of paper money will only have a very short lived effect.

At last the world will understand that printed pieces of paper that governments call money are really worthless.

Gold Plating – There is no such thing most of the times

With Nasdaq up 5x since , investors are oblivious of risk. Wealth preservation investors should of course not go short Nasdaq the bubble can get bigger but if they get out of their stocks and buy silver, they are likely to avoid the most massive wealth destruction in the next few years. This is a massive speculative bubble and like all bubbles, it can get bigger before it bursts. But this has nothing to do with wealth preservation.

The price explosion in Bitcoin has been spectacular. Just in the last two years it is up 25x! Once gold and silver start to move, we are likely to see a similar price explosion. But the big difference is that the precious metals represent real wealth preservation and tangible wealth. To avoid total wealth destruction, buy insurance in the form of physical gold and silver while there is still time. Each liter of water would contain approximately 13 billionths of a gram of gold.

Currently, there's no cost-effective method to remove the gold from seawater and be profitable. However, that didn't stop many eager inventors and investors both legitimate and scammers. The plan was to extract gold from the Long Island Sound using a process involving mercury and electricity treatments. A sketch of the discovery of a commercially profitable process for the extraction of gold and silver from sea water. The company was off and running, building a large gold-extraction operation in Lubec, Maine, far away from the watchful eyes of their investors.

By investors began asking questions and wanting evidence the plant worked. Shortly thereafter Jernegan disappeared with cash in hand and leaving behind a useless contraption.

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Since then a number of individuals and institutions around the world have attempted to separate gold from seawater. Dow Chemicals claiming it will soon be able to extract gold from Atlantic waters.


The list goes on and on, but they all have one thing in common: none were able to economically extract gold from seawater. However, we can be assured that inventors will continue to attempt to extract this massive amount of gold from the ocean. The prize is just too big not to have interest and perhaps one day one inventor or company will have the breakthrough necessary to make extraction profitable.

Until that time, it's a pipe dream for the most creative wealth seeking inventor.