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And at other times i would come home and feel like i needed a shot of whiskey just to face the mess hes made that day. Then about two years later we got our female red named Foxtrot the Rakish Rogue. Foxtrot or Foxy for short. I wanted to get 3 dobes and keep the theme of whiskey tango foxtrot WTF.

Seems appropriate sometimes when owning dobes…. The Rakish comes from her cropped ears. One droops a little giving her a very rakish or debonair look. The Rogue comes from her rebellious, outlaw personality. I love my dobes so much! Cool names all, Chance. Fang, my beautiful, sweet 5 year old black and tan boy is my first Doberman. Then my vet convinced me to try again with a Doberman. Honestly, I have never known a more fascinating or a more frustrating animal. I am completely in love with him but he also drives me insane. Uh Huh. Fang is a truly fabulous doggie, but WTF????

He is certainly a handful. Ive got a 15 month old Serbian Dobberman. Like yourself I take him everywhere I go. What a character, I love him to bits he really makes me laugh. I love him that much I am going to collect a bitch end of the month. Dobermans, who would have 1? Me too! All my previous dogs were German Shepherds, fabulous dogs every one, and I considered myself an experienced large breed tough dog owner.

But honestly, what a nutty, sweet, pain in the ass dog! I am curious as can be—what the heck is a Siberian Doberman? R Ruby for a girl. He looks, walks and acts just like a real Smart, handsome and ferocious. And a real heart breaker. I always like leaning towards German names and paying tribute to their lineage as well. We named our Black male Ziegen. Dobermans are very strong, sometimes hardheaded like a goat dogs, so I found it appropriate. My dad named his black male Zebulon from the same breeder as Ziegen , Zeb for short.

Like the name Zeppelin for a black female or male. Raymond German name for protector of the home. We are on Doberman 8 and only two names appear on your list.. Black and chestnut male Doberman born this past October. Our 2 current rescues are:. I have had Dobermans my whole life as well as my wife who also had Dobermans her whole life. From my experience dogs in general seam to respond better and adapt more quicker to, two syllable names. They stand out more to the Dobermans receptors. My pups would have be flattered to have other Dobermans named after them. I will never reuse any of my dear dobermans name for any future dobermans because to me there will always only be one Hymmie, JuJu etc.

We have had dobies for almost 40 years. Love the breed, wish they were healthier. We are patiently awaiting the birth of our next love. We have really enjoyed all these comments! Hannibal: The great General that challenged Rome circa B. This guy used War Elephants to fight. He was feared by Rome. I am glad you enjoyed the story of how Fang got his name, Jaki. No doubt just a weird and sort of cool coincidence, but it really happened like that. Shiny as a new penny and gorgeous to boot.

He said all 3 were superb dogs and that he was familiar with several puppies from previous litters and that all were healthy, intelligent, good tempered, obedient and really good looking dogs. Both the females were pregnant by the same male and the owner was very picky about to whom he sold his puppies but the vet had called the owner and spoken so highly of me that the owner would grant me first look at the puppies due to be born in a few weeks.

That night I had a dream that I already got the puppy who was able to talk. The two sisters bore their respective litters 3 days apart and had 19 puppies between them. He allowed me to come over to choose my puppy at three weeks and proceeded to place a box containing 10 adorable puppies of each color in my lap.

How could I choose? Then a little black and red guy clawed his way out of the box to my lap and promptly curled up for a nap. Great name, though. My Dobermans name is Dobie. He certainly acts like Scoobi Doo thats for sure.. He rewards us everyday with his love, quirkiness and protection. PS — I love this site. So informative. Thank you.

We just lost our handsome boy Hudson yesterday. The best dog ever. Sweetest soul, loyal, protective most loving dog. I hope this quote helps you. Getting a female and will probably name her Athena following the Lore and goddesses hope it suits her. There are some excellent names in these comments; thank you all for sharing!

I grew up with a succession of Dobermans as trusted companions and comic relief and Freyja is my first female Doberman. My Dobermans name is Moose after her father. Her full name is Molly Moose. I am thinking of naming the second Nova. They sleep with our 10 yr old daughter every night, sweet and loving but mean Buisness if they sense any nonsense around the property. They of course are talking about Mt. Mikinley, tallest mountain in North America. Sadly he is gone. I think a cool name for a black and tan Doberman would be Guinness, the best half of the ingredients in a black and tan drink.

A black and rust female 7 weeks old still trying to find a name. I love the dobis great family members. We adopted about 18 mos ago from a shelter a beautiful but scared little Doberman girl named Mecca. She has learned to trust us and she just melts our hearts with her affection. We recently lost the most incredible beautiful girl at only 7 years old. Her name was Tess, but we often called her Tessie or Tessie-girl. We have a new female and her name is Ember Emmy. I also like Cairo Kairo, or Kyro — shortened to Kai. Love J names like Jade, Jayda and Jayla. The force was definitely with him.

He was awesome but died young of heart disease. My husband likes Hans. He was such a goof ball with the grandkids, we always said we should have named him Scooby doo. But is so smart and love able.

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All registered AKA. Hi, i love this site. Hershey Hashtag Hennessy — Hesssy. I named my new red dobie Gretchen…. I miss those babies so much…. Super smart and loyal, she even learned to smile with her teeth showing by watching me. The first time she did it I thought she was baring teeth at me lol She is just the sweetest thing ever. Our first Dobbie was a blue and we named her Prussia. Our second was Black and she was a rehome who came with the name Keira. I like Gatsby for a boy and layla for a girl.. We still have a red and tan female, Beth, she is sweet and loving and is I always wanted to name one of my dobies Steve because I thought it would be hilarious to yell out Steve at a dog park or dog beach and see how many confused looks I would get.

Bob is a good one too! Hey, I was planing on getting me a dob,I liked the red and tan! I liked quite a few, but here are my fav so far tell me what u think! Had to say I love the name Scully for Female Doby. Sexy Red with loads of brains.. I collect my first Doberman next week and promise to spend as much time with him as he wants.

Brown and rust. Huge paws and baggy skin. Big ears. Mum and dad were like prize horses. I am thinking about getting a Doberman. Make sure you do your research before getting a dobe. Dobermans are very smart, very hard headed dogs and they are not for everyone. I have seen far too many dobermans at rescues and shelters because people thought they were the perfect breed or thought they were awesome, great, cool or tough looking.

I totally agree, and people especially need to remember that this breed needs LOTS of exercise, physical and mental. I had a female Doberman named Reign. She was a great dog, I lost her a week ago and am still upset about it. I will be getting a new Dobe and am trying to think of a great name. We are also on our way to get a red female dobie, which we will probably name Dana, after the fictional character Dana Scully, from The X-Files.

We just adopted a new baby boy-black and tan. He already knew his name was Ozzie-so we had to keep it. But my boyfriend is insisting we spell it Ozzy- after the infamous Ozzy Osbourne- lead singer of Black get it? Sabbath who became more famous after biting the head off of a bat onstage.

Our Ozzy bites anything and everything he can get his sharp little teeth into. We also have another black and tan rescue- the sweetest girl ever. She came with the name Rizzo- but it has evolved to Brizzie as Rizzo was too hard for her sweet nature.

Doberman Names That Aren’t Crappy

She is lovingly mothering Ozzy. In the past he had Dollie and I had Chaz. Thank you for this site- what fun! Diva might have been more appropriate!!! Rosie was a Pound puppy, Bridget was a registered therapy dog. Our male black and tan doberman is being trained as a service dog, and his name is MARS like the: roman god of war, the planet, or candy bar. I have a male Doberman named Ares the greek and roman God of War and female named Isis Egyptian goddess of protection. A protector of saints.

I had a male doberman all German breeding akc birth June need a name with a p could not find anything in any language I liked I mixed panzer tank which he was with zor. My female Dobe was named Panzer. For the dobes service in the military and that they originated in Germany. I have had 4 dobbies in total. Our latest is called Tails as she is the first one who is not docked. We just bought a black and rust female yesterday and we are We like the name Bentley but it sounds like a better male name than a female name. Not to sure yet tho.

I had a beautiful brown boy i called Boris and he was such a sweetheart. I had 3 min dobermans.. Fist was wiskie. Then got brandy a female. And klippies also a male.. She is a tan mim doberman. I have a Male and 2 Females! Their names are Turk, Piper, and Blue. These dogs are wonderful animals! We enjoy them so much! They are a big part of our family! I enjoy reading about everyones babies! It is nice to be able to share things about these amazing dogs! Hi all! I love the stories.. I must say my little girl pinger , is so not like a dog She thinks she is human! She is cute and i love her to bits She has a big persnality!

Lol Enjoy your little ones! My boys name was Gunner short for his registered name Shalimars Top Gun — I lost him in August 3days after his 12th birthday. I miss him more than words can say too. What a gentle soul he was. We just lost our 13 year old doberman, his name was Trouble. He was the best dog who ever owned me. My next males name will be Schmooie. We are getting a new Doberman in 2 weeks, hes a male. I loved Karbon so much I would love to reuse his name. I call my male Doberman Zorba,I know its a little unusual,but he does a little dance when being fed,.

Broke my heart as he was my hanson lad n he was only 7yr old i got my new black n rust male dobie pup yesterday frm ireland. Thinking about calling him, paddy puppy power, when hes older will get paddy power.

I now have Kane he is blk and a red female Ruby. We have a baby named Goliath Boujolais, but call him Gumbo. Also, my husband had a German Sheppard named Hannibal. Most people think Hannibal Lector, but its a Biblical reference, and it sounds tough! Our 5 year old boy..

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  7. Drake,passed away January 3 He was our best friend. He was my 5th. In the spring,we hope to get another. I saw the name Berlin on here and loved it. My other dogs were Mia,Thor,Nikki,Benjamin. I am young dog ownerand i I really want a blue Doberman and if I get one its name will be blue but if not and I get a black one its name will be caesar and I found that name here so thank you. My red 10 year old male is named Kato, and the 8 year old red female which we just lost 2 weeks ago was named Jessie Girl.

    Hoping to add another red female this coming spring.. I had a red female name Taisha, 1st one and became addicted to the breed. Next a red name Sabella Rue Starr. Then black and tan females, Brandi and Dakota and now a new pup, male, blk and tan will be Shaka or Loki. Any name will do, Dobies love their people at whatever name you call them. I am looking for a really special name for her. I am getting a 16 week old dobie on Saturday. Our 10 year old male Dobe was named Duke! I had to put him to sleep yesterday — cancer! He was our best mate! Our previous Dobe was named Earle who also died of lymphoma at 5 years old!

    We miss you boys. We have yet to pick up our pup but we loved the name Rommel. I am a military man and the great honorable German General sounded noble enough for a Dobie to bear his name. Had a black male that passed away this past summer.

    A master list of fantasy character names and places | Barely Hare Books

    Named him Baron after my fathers black male when he was a child. Love that name, afraid I cant use it on my next dog though, I was way to close to that dog to compare him to our new one. My fiancee had a doberman named Windy when she was growing up. I have chosen to name my future doberman Klaus. His grand sire is Fador Del Nasi. While his bros weighs 70lbs his name is annubis, after egyptian mythology.

    Just got my dobe puppy yesterday. Im picking up a dobie pup this weekend and really like the names Kimba and Diesel. My 1st was a red girl named Cherry and her litter-mate also a red girl Ruby. I am getting another red girl in 4 weeks and I am thinking Lucy, Dolly or Scarlett. I have time to decide.

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    We named mine Jamis. Abnormal but it fitted him. Lost my fawn dobie a year ago to cancer. She was almost 9 years old. Her name was Gidget…very fitting for her! I still miss her so much. Yes, Rambo was around in the 80s. But fiercely protective of me as a kid, so it fit. I would even put pink collars and leashes on the females.

    Just so comically opposite of their supposed fierce reputation. Our beautiful black and tan Dobermann male is called Da Vinci. Such a fitting name as Da Vinci is well known to be the singulalry most talented person in history. Plus our Da Vinci is truly a masterpiece. We have a 1yr old rust and black female. She is so sweet and loves to swim in the pond everday.

    Also we have ducks and chickens which she doesnt bother. We named her Fa. Stands for Forever and Always. Getting a new pup in a couple of weeks, so have to come up with a new name!! I got my female Doberman when she was 9 weeks old. As soon as I saw her I instantly named her Bella because I thought she was absolutely beautiful! Is it too late to get her ears done? Gotta luv these big loving lap Dobies! My world to me…. My black n tan girl is Charli. She still has her floppy ears and long tail.

    Baby boy names with positive meanings

    She is now a year old and the sweetest baby. She was so tiny when found everyone thought she was a minpin. Lol but her legs out grew her soon enough. She is beautiful and gentle. There are some really great name ideas on here. Thank you! My first male was Toby, thirty years ago. But we should have called her trouble, and we love her to no end. My first was a red female Sheba; another red female Scarlet. A big red male named Rusty and my last red male Clifford that died last year.

    Our daughter named him when she was 6. Still thinking. May sound strange but hes cute and ferocious both at the same time. Long live dobbies…….. For some people, their car is their second home, a best friend, a pet, and an alter ego all in one. Here are some ideas for some awesome car names, by color, style, personality, and more! Getting behind the wheel of a car, for some, means assuming a whole new personality.

    It's as if the car were some kind of subconscious alter ego. Though it's important to maintain safety on the road, some people cannot help but feel like they are a whole different person while they're driving. They feel invincible. As he edges forward so as not to make eye contact, you see a giant decal on the back of his window indicating the name of his car: Invincible. He would name his car that, wouldn't he? Not only that, but it can also influence the personality of the owner on the road, as if they have some kind of name to live up to themselves.

    Some people choose to name their car after them, while others will look to the maker of the car for some ideas. Other people like to take colors into consideration when finding a nickname. Car type: The type of car you have can really give you a few obvious suggestions for names. Your own personality: Fun and quirky, or easygoing and laidback? Looking deep into your own personality can help generate a few names. This can be your general personality or your personality on the road, if different. Road rage much? Naming your car is a fun time! Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

    Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I needed to purchase a new car after totaling a Prius. Thank for the help! Got a V8, dark gold-ish colored '02 Dodge Dakota, kinda want a funny name for. Mostly because of my dragon GoT sticker I put on it was so beautiful. Need a funny name for our old company car toyota camry still running I just bought a medium gray Ford Fusion and I'm trying to think of a name for her. Does anybody have any ideas? Thank you!! It's not lonely. It's passion and full of life.

    Also a bit territorial. Your car or truck is part of the family. This is your way to show how much you love her. To personalize the car, you have to name it, of course! At the person who has written this article there is a lot of imagination. It seemed to me that cars are named only those who is very lonely. I hope, I am mistaken. Please name my Geely car. Plus I have to wear high heels in it when driving BCZ of my height.

    Have a 70 SS Chevelle that I just put color on. Have the pick narrowed down to a copper head striking snake and I was thinking Copperhead as the name as well but that's obvious so what about Poison? We have a bug that is green. We need a name that'll fit okkn a license plate. Please help. I went on this page just to find a name for my tortoise. Car name's are the best for naming things. Even More Superheroes. Deciding on Your Superhero Name You probably have short-listed a few of the names we listed, and maybe even thought of a few on your own. Review your list and ask yourself the following questions about each name: Does the name sound good when said aloud?

    Does it have a nice flow? Does Titan sounds badass for a 13 year old boy and high school? Captain Marvel is DC? I had no idea Also: Oracle, Orphan, Signal, etc. I need a few names for girls with ice powers and or time powers. Got my name! Anyway diolch. I need a name that shows I am sparkly and bright but also shows I am tough and super!

    I need a super hero with a name that has to do with tellapathetic. Can I have a name for a guy that makes portals and has super speed? Can you add a name for super strength lightning shrink grow to boy superhero names. Plz have something that starts with an letter N and goes with hybrid. Sign In Join. Connect with us. This website uses cookies As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Super Adventure! This is used to identify particular browsers or devices when the access the service, and is used for security reasons.

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