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3 Ways to Heal Yourself INSTANTLY using the Law of Attraction

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There are no products. View Cart Checkout Continue Shopping. Our freedom lies in remaining open continuously, not only to Life's changes but also to the Divine Light within us and others. To know God begins with knowing ourselves, our true selves, whom we uncover as we make choices that help us step beyond the influence of the ego. You know, Max, we angels always have fun!

We each have jobs to help in our own way and we love what we do. My job was to come here to take you on adventures to teach you how to bring little gifts. That is, if you want to learn.

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It might not be exactly what you pictured as adventure, but sometimes really great things come from what you don't expect. Front cover with black border. Little Gifts: Pigeon-angel. Marilyn Joyce and Andreas Moritz plus many more, these heartwarming manifestation stories will reveal to you the secret to health and happiness and provide guidance for your own journey. Do you want the best of self-help and learn the law of attraction that goes beyond your everyday positive thinking and motivational stories?

If yes, then Adventures in Manifesting is the series for you. The journeys shared within this book are from both the masters as well as people just like you who have applied and practiced age old success principles and manifesting secrets. Through authentic examples of how to create a life you love, this book will inspire you to turn your dreams to reality filled with health and happiness.

Adventures in Manifesting: Healing from Within

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