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We would love to hear them, just pop your suggestions in the comments below. Rainy Day Drinks Reception Entertainment If the weather is not on your side, why not set up an area full of boardgames or jigsaws?

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Kids Table If there's a number of children of the same age attending and they're old enough for it , then make it more fun for them by seating them all together and let to have their own fun over dinner. Hire professional entertainment If the budget allows you could consider hiring some professional children's entertainers such as magicians, clowns or balloon modellers. Ole Ole! Get a Pinata! Kids photobooth Stock your photo booth with tons of dress-up items and photo props.

See more in: Wedding Planning. You might also like…. Brass Tacks. Subscribe Sign Up. Kaforey once planned a wedding in which a toddler was pulled down the aisle in a wagon by a little girl. At the ceremony, children can act as ushers, hand out programs, circulate mass books or yarmulkes, distribute exit-toss packets, and more, depending on your specific event. Becker has also seen children well rehearsed, of course perform a group reading and young boys act as "train bearers.

The Best Kids' Wedding Tables and Activities

There's no rule that says you must, but think of the bad feelings you'd engender if you didn't invite them. It's not an easy task—both emotionally and logistically—for parents to dress up kids in fancy clothes, prod them to do their given jobs, then tell them that they have to miss the party.

The thoughtful thing to do is to invite them to the reception. If you're really intent on having a purely-adult reception, though, at the very least allow the flower girl and ring bearer to attend the cocktail hour and offer to find them babysitters for the rest of the night.

When it comes to food, children's meals make kids happier and are often less expensive. Becker suggests a small buffet or individual meals with kid-friendly foods we recommend options that aren't messy!

How to Include Your Children in Your Wedding

Kaforey adds that children 13 and up should be able to eat adult fare, though you may want to ask parents about this ahead of time. If you'd like children to be in the same room as adults, Kaforey suggests designating an area off to the side that both feeds kids and keeps them busy.

If it's in your budget, hire a babysitter. If you suspect that a guest will need a high chair, ask the venue if they can provide one; if they can't, tell the parents so they can plan ahead.

How to Manage Children at Weddings: An Essential Guide

Even better, create a "Kids' Club," says Becker, and hire insured childcare providers to act as counselors who set up themed activities. During a beach wedding, for instance, she suggests painting shells and reading stories about sea creatures. For couples with big budgets, consider hired entertainers such as balloon artists, magicians, and puppeteers.

School Kids Perform Their Own Royal Wedding

Even if you don't have a children's room, you should try to keep kiddos occupied. A lot of parents prefer to leave their child with a familiar caretaker, says Kaforey, so this isn't an unusual scenario.

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If it's in your budget, by all means include caretakers; not only is it a generous gesture, but it'll give the invited parents peace of mind. Also, remember that they'll require escort cards and place cards.

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That said, you're in no way obligated to include them. Your guest list is your guest list, and you shouldn't have to invite someone just because someone wants you to. This is especially true if you're having an intimate affair with only your family and close friends in attendance or if you're on a tight budget. Swipe here for next slide. Photography: John Dolan. Photography: Kate Headley. Share the gallery Pinterest Facebook. Up Next 21 Royal Children at Weddings. Up Next.