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Killer machines vs humanity in a distant future; humans are all over the place galaxy but hold a long, very long war against these alien machines.

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The plots are easy to follow. I love Saberhagen's universe. Here we find a great collection of short stories chronicling man's fight against the dreaded Bezerker machine intelligence. If you are a fan of the Bezerker series you will find this book very entertaining. Some of the stories are a bit hard to follow, but overall I enjoyed the book. Semper Fidelis. Love the irony. A good look at how humanity can cope under some of the.

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Most dire circumstances and still land on its feet. Go to Amazon. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD 4.

Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Overview Michel Geulincx is an eleven year old boy living a quiet life on an earth-like colonial planet with his adoptive parents.

His life direction suddenly changes when he is offered a scholarship to a prestigious art school. Product Details About the Author. About the Author. Fred Saberhagen is widely published in many areas of speculative fiction. He is best known for his Berserker, Swords, and Dracula series. Less known are the myth-based fantasies Books of the Gods. Fred also authored a number of non-series fantasy and science fiction novels and a great number of short stories. For more information on Fred visit his website: www. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches.

Ariadne's Web. In only a few of these stories, however, is a Berserker at the heart of the action. The reason Saberhagen can spin out this series indefinitely is because he is dealing primarily with human beings, and how they treat each other under the constant threat of destruction by these unrelenting machines.

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And when the Berserkers are in the forefront, it is not a story of man versus machine so much as it is a story of man versus the gods, for the Berserkers, whimsical and cruel and remorseless as they are, can be placated, can be worshipped, can be hated, can be outwitted. I won't try to list all the stories, or review them individually. Let me just say that all of them are good reading, and the last one, "Wings out of Shadow," is outstanding. In fact, I think I was wrong: pardon me while I stand up and cheer. Berserker review by 5th Historian The exploration of variations on a theme was just wonderful.

After reading this first book, I was hooked on the Berserkers. Their story was elegant in its simple foundations and its boundless possibilities. Berserker's Planet review by 5th Historian Set on a medieval world called Hunter's Planet, some years after Johann Karlsen led humans to victory against Berserkers there, this novel blends the gripping premise of a barbaric tournament of warriors with the malicious and methodical schemings of a stranded Berserker, not to mention the vacationing spacefarers caught in between.

Theaction and suspense are engrossing, and the ending features several satisfying surprises. Berserker: Blue Death review by 5th Historian An exhilirating thrill ride in an exotic setting. This is a great Berserker book.

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The middle of the book dragged some, but it was worth it with the revelation of one of the Milkpail nebula's big mysteries, and the heartpounding extended climax when the man, Niles Domingo, finally goes head to head with his long sought after arch enemey, the Berserker Leviathan. Not to mention a shell-shocking surprise ending.

What a rush! Oh yeah, there's even a subtle but very meaningful implied connection to another Berserker book discovered toward the end. Exactly the kind of thing I love about the Berserker series. Berserker Prime review by 5th Historian Berserker Prime takes us back to a time when Solarians had just settled themselves among the stars and were ramping up to their old pattern of violence against each other.

The story of Solarians' first encounter with the Berserkers, and subsequent realization that they must unite to survive, is told by focusing on two neighboring civilizations on the brink of war. The story takes place in a time when Solarians were experimenting with anthropomorphic robots and artifical intelligence before all such endeavors became taboo in the face of the Berserkers' example. This plays out in interesting ways. We are also returned to the mesemerizing plight of humans taken prisoner by a Berserker and struggling for survival in its dark and mysterious bowels.

If that weren't enough, there are some very well-written passages that get inside the Berserker's "head," and surprise appearances by two characters from previous Berserker books I won't say which ones! There are a few memorable scenes including some in a ruined city, and the journey of the character Huang Gun is a fascinating one.

Although the book is somewhat slow to get going, it delivers a good, solid adventure with a number of surprises and interesting points that fans of the series will certainly enjoy. It follows the progress of several groups of characters and is somewhat disjointed in that, but this can be seen as echoing the chaos and confusion of the situation.

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Berserker's Star review by 5th Historian Berserker's Star gives us yet another thrilling Berserker adventure. The main character, returning understated hero Harry Silver, is wry and unflappable in the tradition of Han Solo. Saberhagen seems very comfortable writing from Harry's perspective.

The exotic setting is fascinating, boggling the mind with one impossibility after another. Bizarre locales and random encounters carry the story until the Berserkers ever waiting in the wings arrive on the scene with arguably their most sinister plot yet. From there the action mounts steadily as the human characters fight to prevent impossibly catastrophic levels of devastation, culminating in a climax which really delivers.

Though the narrative is choppy and repetitive at times, this is a solid and satisfying Berserker story. Interesting that we now know that story took place in the same universe as the Berserkers. Rogue Berserker review by 5th Historian Sadly, this is the last new Saberhagen Berserker novel we will ever have.