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If I get caught, He'll kill my whole family! She made a sound of frustration, looking like she thought all hope was lost even though he could see that behind those muddy brown eyes her brilliant mind was racing. As he stared at her Draco made a snap decision. He couldn't get her out of there. Not with his psychotic, mentally unhinged Aunt screaming about the idea of them having stolen something from her Gringott's vault, but he could buy them more time.

He could make it not hurt so much that Granger would be forced to give up the truth.

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He could make it so that she wouldn't go insane beneath the evil ministrations of his terrible aunt. Draco snagged up her hand and tugged it hard, holding it in a crushing grip as he hauled her along behind him, breaking into a run as he headed for the nearest staircase. Draco didn't answer as he hauled her up the many staircases and down the many halls until he dragged her into his bedroom, slamming the door and warding it lest anyone see them or follow them, or even simply be listening at the door. He rolled his eyes when she eyed his bed fearfully as though he thought he was going to demand that he be allowed to fuck her if she wanted his help.

What was wrong with the little idiot? She's going to torture you, Granger.

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She thinks you've been in her vault at Gringotts and she's unstable at best. Her cruciatus curse may be the worst thing you ever experience. I can't get you out this, but I can make it hurt less," Draco told her hurriedly, racing across his room and digging his hand into the box on his desk where he kept a store of charmed trinkets that helped suppress the effects of the Unforgiveables. He held the goblin made silver chain and small cluster-rune pendant out to her.

There was an identical one to it hanging around his own throat, though he didn't really take that much notice at the time, as protection against the worst of the Unforgivable's torturous nature.

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He knew it wouldn't help much, but thus far it had helped him enough. That suppress them," Draco told her.

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When she didn't take it immediately, Draco strode towards her and fastened the chain around her neck. There was no time to worry about convincing her, nor even to mention that once it was one it wasn't going to come back off very easily. The hatred between the two of them, all the hostility, all the pain and anguish they'd inflicted upon each other at school.

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None of that mattered in that moment as Draco hooked the clasp closed at the back of her neck, pushing aside her god-awful hair to do so. He didn't even shudder at the feel of her filthy mudblood skin touching his.

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None of that mattered when the only hope at seeing the Dark Lord defeated was sitting in his family's dungeon, relying on the girl in from of Draco not to sell him out under the tortuous infliction of his crazy aunt. When it was all over, they could go back to their hatred but right then, in that moment, the only thing that mattered to Draco was making sure the Golden Trio ha enough time to get themselves out of this time and that he and his parents lived through this stupid war.

When they reached the Drawing Room where his aunt still raged she shrieked at him in her fury. Draco saw the way the mudblood glared her hatred at him in spite of what he'd just risked to help her. The ungrateful bint!

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As his Aunt laughed with maniacal glee before she began torturing the mudblood, Draco felt a twinge of unease. In the torturous times that followed, as she writhed on the floor, spilling her filthy blood all over the stone and tearing her nails from their beds as she dragged them into the unforgiving floor, Draco looked on miserably, trying to shut out the sound of her screaming. I feel the magic all around you It's bringing me to my knees Like a wannabe I've got to be chained to you I feel the magic building around you.

And I think about you all the time And I think about you all the time Yeah I think about it all the time Tell me it's madness I barely know you We were standing all alone you were leaning in to speak to me Ten steps back you're still a mystery Acting live a mover shaker dancing to Madonna then you kissed me I can't take anymore because.

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