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And his mother made good-tasting food, just what his father loved to eat. And she put them on her younger son Jacob. Who are you, my son?

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I have done as you told me. Sit up and eat the meat I brought, so you will pray that good will come to me. So Isaac prayed that good would come to him. And I will pray that good will come to you. He brought him wine also, and he drank. When Isaac smelled his clothes, he prayed that good would come to him. Be the ruler of your brothers. Cursed be those who curse you, and may good come to those who honor you.

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Just then his brother Esau came in from hunting. I ate all of it before you came! And I prayed that good would come to him! Yes, and good will come to him! He has taken away the good that was to come to you. Two times now he has taken what should have been mine. He took away my right as a first-born. And now he has taken away the good that was to come to me. I have given him all his brothers as servants. I have given him grain and new wine to keep him alive and well.

What then can I do for you, my son? Pray that good will come to me also, O my father. But when you break loose, you will throw his load off your back. Then I will kill my brother Jacob. Get ready, and go at once to my brother Laban at Haran. Why should I have sorrow for both of you in one day? If Jacob marries one of the daughters of Heth, like these, from the women of the land, what good will my life be to me?

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Isaac the Elder: Preparing a Cr Grimmer than Grimm? Twentieth Century Yiddish Children's Literature. Kabbalah and Philosophy: Competitive Srategies for the Establishment o Preservation and Documentation of the Archives of the Synagogues in Er New Age Judaism in Israel and the U. Issac the Elder: Critical Edit Who Owns French Jewish History? The Alexandrian Riots of 38 C. Songs in the Wilderness: Musicians in the Holocaust and the Betrayal o The Syntactical. Functional and Lexical Status of Nonsentential Uttera Alignment Mysticism: Exploring the Theology of the "iddrot" Strata of Geonic Literature and the Baraitot in the Talmudim and Tosefta.

The Outskirts of Psychology: A. Roback and the Dilemma of Jewishness. Development of the Hebrew Kindergarten during the Period of the Britis Lithuanian Jewry and the Lithuanian National Movement, A Berlin Paradox: M. Berdyczewski and Jewish Cultural Formulation. Documentation and Vocabulary of the Persian-Kurdistani Dialect of the A Critical Edition of Gersonides' R. Levi Ben Gershon Commentary on Eretz Israel in Russian Culture of the 20th Century, History of Jewish Education in Belorussia, 19thth Centuries.

Historical and Palaeographic Inquiry into the Canonization of the Bibl Jewish Genocide in Ukraine during the Occupation Period, Starred Representatives and Representations: the Juedischer Kulturbund The Kabbalistic Commentary on the Merkabah by R. Jacob Hacohen of Cast Role of German and Jewish Intellectuals in Germany Zionist Policy and the Plight of the Jews in Germany Religious and Haredi Movements in Israel from the Beginning of the 19t Deviance and Punishment in the Western Sephardi Diaspora in the 17thy Yehoshua and Philip Roth.

Le destin de Regine Abram de Draguignan : mariage, finance, Jewish Sepulchral Inscriptions in Poland from the Beginning of the 13t Le sort des enfants juives sous l'Occupation en France et leur devenir Sociological and Political spects of Relations between Jews and Other Maimonides' Philosophy in the Perspectives of Different Generations.

An nnotated Edition of the Glosses of R. Solomon Luri Intercommunity Relations of Turkish Jews in the 19th and 20th Centurie Jews and the Jewish Problem in Soviet Cinematography, Juridical Conceptions and onstructive Methods of the Eastern Jurists. German Social Democrats and Israel. Israeli Socialists and Germany: Fi Sepulchral Monuments of the Jews of msterdam in the 17th and 18th Cent The History of Judaism from the Exile, B.

Renaissance Philosophy of Science and the Kabalah as Presented in the A History of the Jews of Egypt in the 16th to 18th Centuries. Hasidic Master and Disciple: R. Nachman of Bratzlav and R. Nathan of N Manuscript Letters of the Popes Concerning the Jews, Changes in the Yeshiva Curriculum in 13thth Century Germany. The Jewish D. The Development of the Authority of the American Rabbi, , in Cosmopolitan Parochials: Identity, spirations and Practices of Modern Biography of Jaakov Edelstein: the Judenaelteste of Theresienstadt and Bibliography and Index of the History of Dutch Jewry until La polemique et les relations entre Juifs et chretiens en Occident Two Mishna Commentary Texts: R.

History of the Jewish Community of Vilna from its Beginnings until its Affrication, Glottalization, and the Linguistic Traditions of European Geschichte der Frankfurter Juden seit der franzosischen Revolution. Recherches sur la Polemiqu et les Relations entre Juifs et Chretiens e Sources bibliques du Droit, et des systemes juridiques actuels. Collection of Yiddish Folksongs from the Collection at the Library of Sociological Analysis of Anti-Semitism in Yugoslavia fter Supplement to S. Krauss' Griechische und Lateinische Lehrworter in Tal Affrication, Glottalization and the Linguistic Traditions of European Selected Problems in Medicine and its Relationship with Halakha.

Socialism and the Jewish Question in Central Europe, Jewish Bible Translations into Slavic in the th Centuries. Jewish Representation on the Municipal and the Interntional Level on t Translation of Commentary of R. Saadiah Gaon on Selected Books of the Awareness of the Christian Resistance to the Centrality of the Judenfr Doctoral Dissertations in Judaica and Related Subjects: The Life and Work of Moses J. Ezekiel, American Jewish Sculptor. The Heresy of the Judaizers and the Emergence of Muscovite Social Indicators for Israel and the Jewish community in the Diaspora.

History of the Jewish Community in Perpignan in the 14th and Early 15t Activities of the Alliance Israelite Universelle in Palestine, The Yiddish Manuscript Hebr. Jewish Life in Western Islam under the Last of the lmoravides and the The Relationship between Protestants and State in Germany, Steinthal and M. Lazarus as Philosophers of Languages and as Writer Skip to content.

David Lemler France Exegesis as a philosophical praxis. Stephen G. Kirszenbaum: Painter of the Jewish Soul. Avrohom Bernstein Israel Imkei Tzfonos. Chaim Salomon Israel Eretz Chaim. Shlomo Shochat Israel Mila Shelemah. Meir Aschaik Israel Levushey Choshen. Catalina Chervin Argentina Etchings. Heschel's Writings. Daniel Goldschmidt Israel Yeshuas Daniel. Yossi Vassa Israel Searching for Generations. Eliyahu Ariel Israel Shaar Haain. Mordechai Carlebach Israel Chavatzelet Hasharon.

Aharon Ilan Israel Kiryat Sefer. Miriam Libicki Canada Jobnik! A Grphic Novel. Gordon's "The Man and Nature".

Esther Borochovsky Israel The Syntactical. Chaim Schulevitz Israel Sharei Taharah. Motti Zalkin Israel Jews and Lithuanians. Simcha Farbstein Israel Knesset Avraham. Mayer Fisher Israel Ohr Bahir. Elyassaf Kowner Israel Mela Fogelbaum. Moshe Ehrenreich Israel Bemareh Habazak. Anna Molchanova Russia Three Wishes. Elisha Porat Israel Episode.

Lavi Ben-Gal Israel Shavuoth. Zvi Talmon Israel T'ruot Hahechal. Chaim Auerbach Israel Birchot Hanehenin. Frederic Brenner France Chronicle of a People. Marco Carynnyk Canada Furious Angels. Yitzhak Twersky. Israel Bronstein Israel Avnei Gazit. Yaakov Cohen Israel Shinun Hashas. Tzvi Gartner Israel Kefiyah Beget. Ephraim Landau Israel Kerem Ephraim. Hillel Man Israel Ohel Avraham. Israel Najara. Estelle Gilson USA Naomi Gryn England Chasing Shadows.

Moshe Hallamish Israel Minha Hadasha. Tamar Zewi Israel Syntactical Questions. Julie C. Shalom Eilati Israel Beyond the River.

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Moishe Sklarz Israel Chai Moishe. Yale Strom Birobidhzan. Shalom Z. Norman N. Karolina Ely Israel Traces of my Survival. Lahad M. Lazar Israel From Text to Context. Alexander L. Jay E. Jakobus Schoneveld Israel Images of the Other. Yitzchak S. Shachor Israel Beir Meir. Moshe D. Reeva S. Heidi T. Yehoshua Yogel Israel Netivot Yehoshua. Ovadia Yona Israel Divrei Ovadia. Tela C. Zehavah Collin Israel Treasures of the Prophets.

Tzvi Gartner Israel Coercion to Divorce. Petersburg Jewish Religious Community. Meir Saitanov Russia Structure of Psalms. Veronika Szabo Hungary Y. Peretz Reader in Hungarian. Shmuel Galed Israel Responsa of the Rishonim. Ivan Schwebel Israel Since the Expulsion. Shimon Attie Germany Acts of Remembrance. Shimon Frankfurt.


Itamar Cohen Israel Revid Zahav. Shlomo Hofman Israel Music in the Tosefta. Avigdor Tene Israel Birkat Shlomo. Ilana Tsur Israel Altalena. Rachel Angelova Bulgaria Synagogues in Bulgaria. Chaim Goldvicht Israel Asufat Ma'arakhot. Gitel Gubenko Ukraine Sorrow Book. Boaz Huss Israel Sanctification of the Zohar. Alan Rosenthal Israel Waves of Freedom. Shmuel Schneerson Israel Sefer Tashbetz.

Jessica Shamash England Chinese Whispers. Yaakov Spiegel Israel R. Anna Yablonka Israel Eichmann's Judgment. Agnon's Tmol Shilshom. Haviva Pedaya Israel Nachmanides. Norman M. David M. Edward L. Avraham S. Lipschitz Israel Responsa of Maharam Habib. Stephen J. Nava Shan Israel Memoirs of an Actress. Michael E. Marger Vesterman Latvia Holocaust in Latvia, Dorit B. Ezra Basri Israel Shaare Ezra. Michael V. Dominique Jarrasse French Synagogues of the 19th Century.

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Itzhak Kolitz Israel Minhatz Eliyahu. Jonathan W. Mark D. Tikva S. Joseph Rivlin Israel Sefer Shetarot. Shmuel M. Schneerson Israel Sefer Tashbaz. Simon P. Jay A.

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Avraham Y. Zeleznick Israel Ohr Ya'akov. Moshe Zemer Israel Creative Halakha. Simon Duran The RashBash. Avraham Avidan Israel Massa Machaneh. Budziszewski Poland To the Living and the Dead. Shaye J. Helmut N. Menachem M. Yitzhak H.

Esaú e Jacó - Machado de Assis (Peça Teatral)

Chaim I. Mary L. Mayer D. Boruch B. Joseph R. Laszlo Karsai Hungary Indictment against Nazism.