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What is a Tonk? Posted by Tonkinese at Saturday, November 21, You will probably come across a variety of sources on the internet about tonkinese cats, so I'll keep my definitions short and sweet.

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A Tonkinese cat is a cross between a Siamese and Burmese cat. Tonks have trim, muscular bodies and are very talkative. They are extremely playful and throughly enjoy the company of other cats, particular ones with the same energy level as them, such as another Tonk, Burmese, Siamese or Oriental. They are strictly indoor cats, however dedicated breeders and some pet owners have been known to make outdoor cat-pens in their garden to expand their cat's environment. Tonks come in a variety of colours and coat patterns but are famous for their beautiful almond eyes that come in gold, green, blue, or aqua.

This breed of cat is highly intelligent and often like to play fetch just like a dog!

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Tonkinese kittens are born acrobats and as they grow older don't be surprised to see them up high on a cupboard, balancing on doors and on top of shelves. You will also find them snoozing inside your bed under the covers and will gladly snuggle up besides you as you sleep. They are the most charming and affectionate breed of cat, and will win the affections of everyone in your household. Useful sources of information If you are serious about adopting a Tonk or two , please take a look at these online resources to help you on you very special Tonk journey!

These links will also help you find reputable breeders, so its worth a look! Also, nothing beats talking to breeders on the phone and you will find that the very best breeders who are on top of their game, will be more than happy to give you bucket loads of advice.

It just goes to show that you never really choose your cat Whatever breed of cat you choose, your cat will bring you lots of joy and happiness! Click here to read this touching story. Happy researching! Welcome to my blog about Tonkinese Cats. My name is Gillian and I am a big fan of the Tonkinese Breed and hope after reading my blog and doing some more research of your own, you will come to love them too!

Tonks as they are commonly known, are a cross between a Siamese and Burmese cat. They are extremely talkative and will happily meow all day to get your attention. And even when you do give them your attention, they will continue to have cat-conversations with you and will often jump onto your lap as soon as your bum hits the seat!

They are fondly known by many as the puppy-cat or velcro-cat because they literally follow you everywhere! In the kitchen, through to the bathroom and in the bedroom… they will follow you to every nook and cranny. So be warned, you will rarely be left alone! And if you do manage to escape because your Tonk needed to go to the toilet, rest assured, your little bundle of fluff will find you!

They are incredibly adorable and will win their way into your hearts in no time! Please note, Tonks are indoor cats! They should never be allowed out to roam the streets on their own. There are two very good reasons for this. One, Tonks are just far too friendly and trustworthy. Point markings are remarkable because the pigmentation in these places is temperature sensitive.

They are dark because the temperature of the skin is lower, which drives more pigment production. Tonkinese cat coats can either be Point high contrast, where the body color is much lighter than the color of the points , Mink medium contrast between the points and the rest of the coat , or Solid low or no contrast between the color of their points and the rest of their coat. So a Blue Point Tonkinese cat will have Blue points a sultry slate-gray, not actually blue! A Solid Blue Tonkinese will be slate-gray all over.

And a Blue Mink Tonkinese will have slate-gray points, and a medium-gray body. They also have a fun table for predicting Tonkinese kitten colors. Tonkinese cats are a short haired breed, with a neat coat.

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If you were hoping to find a long haired Tonkinese cat, then you might be interested in Balinese cats or Himalayan cats originally a Persian x Siamese hybrid instead. Take a look at some great grooming tools here. A rubber grooming paddle like this one from Pixikko will massage their skin as you as you go, for the ultimate spa-like treatment.

A Guide to the Tonkinese Cat

Fortunately for those of you worried about cleaning up endless amounts of cat hair, the Tonkinese is a low shedding breed. Tonkinese cats are just one of the breeds that have mistakenly described as hypoallergenic. As cats wash themselves they shed hair and dander coated in saliva. This leads to the Fel D 1 protein becoming airborne as the saliva dries.

Some allergy sufferers report that short-haired, low shedding breeds like Tonkinese are easier to tolerate. So, we know that this breed was created by mixing two pre-existing pedigrees. Normally we would tell you that the new hybrid could experience any of the health concerns associated with either of their parent breeds.

To be on the safe side you should hope to find a breeder who rigorously health tests their kittens. Tonkinese cats owe their robust good health to the careful breeding choices of the people who founded the breed — they are lucky cats. Like all breeds of cats, Tonkinese cats do need vaccinating. Make sure they have shots against cat flu, feline infectious enteritis, and feline leukemia virus. This is in addition to regular treatment for worms and fleas. A study at the Royal Veterinary College in found that Tonkinese cats do have an increased prevalence of diabetes compared to crossbred cats.

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However, due to historical breeding policies, the UK Burmese cat population has a much higher rate of diabetes than the American Burmese cat population. It is unclear whether the UK Tonkinese cat population inherited their risk of diabetes through out-breeding with UK Burmese cats when the breed was being founded. The color is striking, but harmless. Tonkinese cats are no more predisposed to eye-problems than any other breed. This is a respectable age for a pedigree cat, and places them firmly in the middle of the range across all pedigree breeds.

When you bring a Tonkinese cat home, they will already be used to the food they were eating at their previous home. Continue feeding them this and if you want to make changes, do so gradually. You might be wondering whether your new Tonkinese should eat wet or dry food. The truth is there are benefits to both.

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For example, wet food has a higher water content. So, you can rest easy that your Tonkinese is staying hydrated. On the other hand, kibble comes with varying ranges of nutritional benefits and you will likely find one that suits your cat best. You will however, have to make sure your cat is getting his fill of water too. Your vet can test for any intolerances your Tonkinese might have. There are no major health concerns that would make a Tonkinese kittens or a Tonkinese adult a bad choice as a family pet.

These cats are friendly, they love company and they love to chat. They should get on well with other pets and might not be as standoffish as other cat breeds! The price of a pedigree Tonkinese varies hugely by the area you live in, as well as whether you have your heart set on a particular color.

One of the most important things you can do when looking for a new pet is to be careful where you get the animal from. We strongly recommend that you avoid pet stores and anything that resembles a kitten mill. Animals from these places are not treated properly. This goes for both the kittens and the parents. Make sure you find a breeder who properly health checks their kittens. Your breeder should be happy to field any questions you might have and must understand the importance of socialization of kittens.

The Tonkinese Breed Association is very well organized, and their website includes lots of contact information for Tonkinese cat breeders. The popularity of the Tonkinese breed means that many Tonkinese kitten litters will have been promised to waiting buyers before they are even born, and never listed publicly for sale. To bring a Tonkinese kitten home, make contact with breeders near you, and ask to placed on their waiting list.

Caring for a vulnerable kitten is a big responsibility. Make sure you check out our guide to litter training, socialization and coping with biting. First generation kittens of Siamese and Burmese kittens will have an unpredictable combination of traits from each of their parents.

Also, they might be calmer than a high-octane Tonkinese kitten. Torn between the charms of a Tonkinese and the lure of another breed? Then you might be interested in Tonkinese cat mix, for example a Persian Tonkinese cat. Tonkinese cat breeders are rightly proud of the Tonkinese cat breed, and passionate about carrying on the legacy of breeding healthy cats, whose temperaments are exactly right.

This means Tonkinese cat mixes are particularly uncommon. Where they are advertised occasionally, it invariably seems to be the result of an accidental mating, and the father might be completely unknown. Tonkinese cats are proof that conscientious breeding programs can create new pedigrees that are beautiful, healthy, and have wonderful personalities.

Unethical breeders chasing quick profits give hybrid breeds a bad name, but none of our domestic cats descended from their wild ancestors by accident. They have all been visualized and coaxed into being by breeders. If you have a lot of love to give back, and time to share in their games, then a Tonkinese might be the perfect cat for you. Written by the founders of this website including the author of the hugely successful Happy Puppy Handbook, it's packed with cat care information and fascinating cat facts.

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Have a 15 year old Tonkinese, named Lizzie.