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Alex and Olivia,two individuals destined to be together, face tragedy in their short relationship. Their hearts are engulfed with love and desire, both wanting nothing more than to be together. Their dreams are a reality, but not for long. Love, loss, fire, and desire take over a relationship like no other, consuming this couple's dreams and future, leaving nothing in its path.

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Write a Review. Related Searches. Today whenever I have to make a major decision or sit in the fire of something really painful, what do I do? On June 21, the summer solstice I want to invite you to join me and nine other men for a day of self-reflection and space away from your everyday life. I am suggesting that even if you commit to 1 hour a week of solitude there will be benefits.

Can you relate to this? My challenge and invitation to you is to not let the real life situation you are in become an excuse as to why you do not honor that voice within you. You deserve time alone and there may be a hidden benefit within that solitude that you are not even aware of. So, what does this look like? Notice what your ideas are about being alone.

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Many people think that they spend plenty of time alone such as the one hour commute to work or while they are jogging, working out, and listening to their ipod. For example, for many Native American tribes solitude meant a vision quest where they sat in one spot for four days and four nights without food or water to pray for a vision for their people.

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Any movement outside their solo spot was considered a distraction and took them away from their meditation and prayer. I have done many solos in my life from meditating alone in a cabin for two weeks nine hours a day to a more traditional vision quest.

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Now, with a new four month-old son, solitude means meditating in my home for minutes per day. Make a commitment to yourself to start listening to that voice inside that craves, and might even need, some space. Report back. What do you believe is the value and benefit of alone time? McConnell takes us through Middle America, into small towns and across wide oppressive landscapes, to detail the murders of gay men or those who were perceived to be gay by men who felt threatened, or were gay themselves, yet had something to prove or nothing to lose.

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Powerful prose paints these scenes with the acute immediacy often only afforded adolescence something gleaned from the criminals covered, maybe? All of whom come across as bewildered, bloodied children , and the best spots are reminiscent of the heady new truths one confronted the first time reading Jean Genet.

After that the author reports on murder as committed by conspiracy theorist right wing Christian brothers, a former gay porn-starring tattoo artist, a group of African American high school football players, and a New York City Craigslist opportunist. Little outside a few sensational paperbacks has been written about crimes committed against gay men, and even less by gay authors. His film, Licensed to Kill , offers chilling interviews with men who have killed men solely because they were gay.


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