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Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. JKC48 Tokyo] [PyCon JP ] PyDataTokyo Organizers iktakahiro madyagi atelierhide kaita Human Computation Dog or Cat? Humans love a good space story. That's why it's so much fun to speculate about unusual objects seen in images of Mars.

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Our imaginations turn rock formations into faces and cosmic rays into alien communications. A recent image from the Mars Curiosity rover generated plenty of online speculation about what looks like a crab-shaped object tucked into a dark cranny. Is it an alien crab monster? Not likely. It's probably just a weird rock formation. What got everyone excited is the face-like formation in the upper center of the picture. If you have a creative mind, it's easy to see it as having two eyes, a nose, a mouth and a weird hairdo. It even looks a bit like a young Elvis Presley.

You can see why some people thought the face was an alien-built monument on Mars. Updates June 21, Adds images including a strange Martian pit, a trippy mesa and an "alien" kissy face. NASA wasn't going to let the face on Mars go without an explanation. The Mars Global Surveyor cleared things up for good in by taking a fresh image of the face.

The newer, sharper, higher-resolution picture shows a much blobbier, less stark formation. In short, it's just a mesa and not an alien-carved religious site. Mark one up for the funny-bone file. NASA's Curiosity rover sent a photo back to Earth in that showed a very odd rock shaped a bit like a femur bone from a human thigh.

Scientists obligingly explained that the unusual shape was most likely the product of erosion by wind or water. If NASA ever did amazingly find human remains on Mars, scientists would want to shout it from the rooftops.

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The dark, raised areas are a series of dunes that look a lot like the dots and dashes of Morse code. Unfortunately, the code spells out gibberish. There's a fish-shaped rock on Mars, but there's no actual fish there. The rock's shape and the lighting at the time of the photo combine to create the fishy look. NASA has something to say about the possibility of fossilized bones and animals on Mars : "Mars likely never had enough oxygen in its atmosphere and elsewhere to support more complex organisms.

Thus, large fossils are not likely. It wasn't there and then it was.

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A jelly-doughnut-shaped object appeared rather suddenly in a set of before-and-after images from NASA's Opportunity rover on Mars. Some people believed it to be an alien fungus , but NASA was having none of that nonsense.

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NASA finally solved the jelly-doughnut mystery by announcing that the rock's sudden appearance was the result of the rover dislodging it by driving over it. There's nothing edible here. These hematite-rich spherules are known by the cute nickname "blueberries. Opportunity got a good look at hematite-rich "blueberries" in , but it also picked up a view of this unusual formation in at an outcrop named Kirkwood. They also differ in concentration, distribution and structure," NASA says. The space agency calls them "puzzling. In actuality, it's a circular crater, but the tail has been carved out by water movement.

It's actually a dust devil, much like we experience here on Earth. Towering dust devils are weather hazards on Mars and they're something future human visitors will need to be prepared to handle.

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In December , A popular blog for UFO enthusiasts posted a close-up look at this spherical object spotted by NASA's Curiosity rover and suggested it was a cannonball left over from a war on the red planet. NASA's rover team responded with a Twitter message pointing out how the concretion is less than a quarter inch 5 mm in size and is actually made up of calcium sulfate, sodium and magnesium. This isn't the sign of a factory on Mars, but instead is "likely the result of an avalanche or fall of mostly carbon-dioxide frost.

The Mars jelly doughnut didn't work out, but NASA wasn't done with food-shaped formations on the red planet just yet. An image from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter from late showed a strange waffle-shaped island on the planet's surface. The 1. It's not evidence of waffle irons on Mars, but it might be the result of lava pushing the formation up from below. The scaly pattern doesn't come from a mythical creature, but rather through ancient landscape processes involving erosion. Everybody likes shiny things.

Bad Astronomy Debunks Mars Face

We like them even more when they pop up seemingly out of context on faraway planets. For perspective, the entire image covers an area just 1. NASA scientists confirmed the tiny bright bit is simply part of the geology of Mars. You might see a long-handled spoon stretching out over the landscape, casting a shadow below. Is this a sign that cooking is a popular hobby on Mars?

Unfortunately, no. Mars doesn't have the same pull of gravity we have on Earth, so fragile formations like this one have a chance of holding up and not just crumbling down to the ground. In , NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter looked down and snapped this image of a bizarre-looking formation in a region known as Noctis Labyrinthus, which translates to "labyrinth of the night. NASA's Curiosity rover sent back a curious photo in showing a blip of light on the horizon of Mars. The image excited UFO fans, who speculated about the light's source, wondering if it might be evidence of alien activity.

How did she come up with those characters? They are all so vivid, so real! I actually did feel like I was on Mars, the book just draws you in. A great read, I couldn't put it down!

Face on Mars Explained - NASA's images

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Mars Illusion Photos: The 'Face on Mars' and Other Martian Tricks | Space

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