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This poem originally appeared in Tin House , Winter We walk through the frigid air toward a reconstructed temple, likely stolen , I say, and she looks at me.

A Sanctuary, A Home, A Safe Oasis.

A rope keeps us from going further. Who are you texting? What question could she ask that wouldn't make me bristle? I once called our fights a kind of dance in a poem I rightly tore up. So I go forward into what it might mean to struggle a few hours with the one who made me, whose dark I once lived inside.

We step into the centuries between us and the vessels behind glass which once held water, grain, and now the silence of a light so gentle as to not damage the precious things. And sometimes I know I am having a feeling but I don't want to have a feeling so I close up like a book or a jacket or a sack which holds a body. Don't mind me, I'll just be dead in here, you can drag me wherever you want, the body seems to say.

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You laugh like a little silver moon. You laugh like the moon on the water ignored by necking lovers. Sometimes I'm inside the sack and then sometimes I am nothing more than the stitching which keeps it from bursting. Sometimes I carry the sack and sometimes the sack carries me. I only know the difference sometimes.

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Do you ever feel like it's difficult to figure out what you're feeling? I have that all the time, especially when I look out a window or at your open face across from me in bed, or your closed face when I see the quiet pain you contain, or which contains you.

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I know you're more than that frown which makes your face resemble a fist with gorgeous black hair. I know you contain more than the reaction to my words or my body. Some of us have to learn to love with hands interlocked, but each with our own hand. Materials for Teachers Materials for Teachers Home. Blockchain storage is a way of saving data in a decentralized network which utilizes the unused hard disk space of users across Everything is an object. We'll be looking at how you 1 make objects, and 2 write verbs that allow you to do Interesting Things with those objects.

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