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I decided to go back and read This Present Darkness again before reading this one, for comparison's sake. This story revolves around another small town named Bacon's Corner that is being overtaken by evil. A woman named Sally Beth Roe stars along with a man named Tom Harris, but they follow parallel storylines, tied together but unknown to one another--at least at first. Our heroes, Marshall Hogan and Ber I just finished reading this book. Our heroes, Marshall Hogan and Bernice Krueger, make their way back onto the scene, with Marshall's wife Kate playing a more active role than in Ashton.

I love how Peretti starts the story out with tons of action and confusion but then slowly brings some order out of it without telling all. Although we, as readers, are able to see from many different characters' perspectives, including the angels and demons, Peretti ably conceals the tortuous route that the story takes us through.

And even though we can guess the end--good prevails over evil--we are driven to find out HOW good will prevail over evil. At so many points in the story, impossible situations occur, things get bleaker by the second, evil's grip become a chokehold. Peretti does not fail his readers. I am a Frank E. Peretti fan for life! Oct 18, Jasmine rated it it was amazing Shelves: audio-books , really-enjoyed-these-books. Enjoyed this book which I listened to via audio which was fantastic.

It felt like I was watching a movie without the screen. I liked it a bit more than the first. Beautiful story. Like I said with the first, there is more truth in this book than you realize. Got me praying. Oct 03, Anne Hawn Smith rated it it was amazing Shelves: comfort-read. This sequel was just as exciting as the first book and deals with a subject that is becoming an increasing problem and that is the encroachment of anti Christian bias in our schools. The quasi-religious activities such as using a mantra or acquiring a spirit guide are being practiced in our public schools and are not benign exercises in values clarification.

In areas where there are no Christian schools, or other alternatives, people are turning more and more to homeschooling. The small church sc This sequel was just as exciting as the first book and deals with a subject that is becoming an increasing problem and that is the encroachment of anti Christian bias in our schools.

The small church school in this story is being attacked by an ACLU type organization.

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The lawyers seize the opportunity to involve themselves in the school because the mother one of children in the school is receiving Federal day-care funds. The organization wants to set a precedent for interfering with religious schools. This could easily be tomorrow's headlines. The plot has several threads and the author weaves them in and out to keep the action moving, but they all dovetail at the end. One of the most interesting ideas is that the angelic host cannot fight unless there is enough "prayer cover" and that demonic activity can thwart the angels by spreading gossip and strive within the Christian community.

Jun 04, Joseph Rudin rated it really liked it. This book is classic Peretti. He creates a situation in which the angels of heaven do actual battle with the demons of hell in a bid to help a group of people in a small town overcome the biggest personal and legal battles of their lives. Peretti is masterful at creating a story in which he has asked the question, "What if spiritual warfare looked like real warfare?

This Present Darkness Unabridged Part I

Piercing the Darkness follows the same heavenly warriors from the book This Prese This book is classic Peretti. Piercing the Darkness follows the same heavenly warriors from the book This Present Darkness as they now battle demons for the life of Sally after a failed murder attempt on her life.

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They also battle for the emotional, spiritual, and personal well being of a small Christian school principal who suddenly finds himself battling a lawsuit against his school, while at the same time trying to regain his children from CPS, who have taken them from him, for seemingly no reason at all. Stranger yet, is that the lives of the woman and the principal intertwine, even though they have never met.

A page turner for sure. Jan 27, C. Darlington rated it it was amazing Shelves: christian-suspense , character-driven-suspense , supernatural. This book is the one that first made me want to be a writer. One of my all time faves. I have read it multiple times, and that says something for me.

A classic! Jan 24, Matthew rated it it was ok. This book only gets two stars for its ability to create effective suspense, and the inventive narrative structure which combines the drama of the human world with the drama of the conflict between angels and demons. Otherwise, this narrative is full of stereotyping from an evangelical conservative perspective, which in retrospect makes many of its claims laughable.

This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness by Frank E. Peretti

For this reason, it has not stood up well under the test of time. Some of the outrageous evangelical stereotypes espoused by the aut This book only gets two stars for its ability to create effective suspense, and the inventive narrative structure which combines the drama of the human world with the drama of the conflict between angels and demons. Some of the outrageous evangelical stereotypes espoused by the author are: 1. That the ACLU discriminates against Christians, and is directly involved in a satanic plot to undermine Christianity; 2 that those who practice relaxation practices, like meditation and transcendental meditation, are directed by satanic spirit guides; 3 that people who report pastors, and Christian schools, to Child Protection Services for whacking children with paddles and wooden spoons are also involved in a satanic conspiracy against the church.

I'm sure there are more ridiculous claims, but for the moment these are the top three that surface to my memory. The first claim, that the ACLU discriminates against Christians, and is in cahoots with Satan, is absurd, because one only has to perform a simple Google search to discover that there have been many legal cases where the ACLU represented the rights of Christians to express their beliefs. In fact, there is a whole website called aclufightsforchristians. The second claim, which compares meditation to satanism, is equally ludicrous. When I was a college student, I took some stress management psychology courses, and during those courses we practiced various types of meditation.

Not once, were we asked to contact any type of spirit guide, or any demonic entities. Meditation is actually more in line with science than vague spirituality. By practicing meditation, an individual acknowledges that their brain actually is able to more of the involuntary functions of the body than perviously was thought to be possible. By focusing their thoughts, a person can lower their heart beat and blood pressure at will, reduce or increase their body temperature, and naturally enter altered states of consciousness.

This is a scientific fact, and has nothing to do with the worship of demons, or lucifer. As for the third claim, if I knew of any church, Christian school, or parent that was smacking children's backsides with wooden paddles, spoons, belts etc I would certainly consider reporting them to Child Protection Services. Study after study has shown the harm that can be caused to children through corporal punishment; and the theology that some Christians cling to to support the continuance of such a twisted tradition is so laughably thin that one has to wonder if anyone who holds to such convictions has actually spent the time to think about how unbiblical they really are.

I'm sure that the buttocks has nothing to do with our ability to walk upright, instead of on all fours. But, since I am attacking the theology, and practice of spanking, with logic, I must be in league with the devil. I enjoyed this novel when I was in 8th grade and was not knowledgable to recognize how stereotypical, and absurd its claims were.

When I re-read it as an adult, I still enjoyed some of the suspense, but realized it was completely illogical and out-of-date. Jan 03, Ellen Maze rated it it was amazing Shelves: want-to-read-again. This one centers around the real problem we have in the USA which is demonic practice sneaking into our schools.

Very well-done as usual and I want to read it again! Aug 10, Memz Turaga rated it it was amazing Shelves: i-own-a-copy. Beautiful book written by Frank Peretti. Jan 26, Atalia rated it it was amazing Shelves: prayer-centered-novel , frank-peretti. This book made me realize the really importance of the prayer. I recommend this book for eveyone, is very good. Loved i! Jun 10, Joshua rated it liked it Shelves: religious. Loved reading this book back in high school. Very cool. Feb 11, Jacob Aitken rated it it was amazing Shelves: alternative-research , aint-dutch-aint-much , demonic-strongholds.

Major blog review coming later. I'm going to tie it in with Texe Marrs' book on cults. Jul 06, Randy Tramp rated it it was amazing. My Thoughts: I read this book several years ago and wanted to revisit it. This time I chose the audio version, read by Frank Peretti.

The music, the reading - incredible. My heart beat faster as tension rose. I loved the story then, I like it even more now. There is a kingdom we can't see. Peretti revealed that hidden realm in a way that made it alive. My faith increased, my love for the Bible deepened. I'll probably listen to this book again and again. It's that good. Mar 25, Nike Chillemi rated it really liked it Shelves: thriller-supernatural. If you believe that angels are literally in the hen house and demons are lurking behind every sagging fence, this book is for you.

The book is entertaining as the battle in the heavens reaches fever pitch, but it also has a sobering message about legal maneuvering that can take place on the earth. Even though this book is listed under Fiction I believe that it definitely has some truth to it If you have a relationship with Christ and you want to know something about the spiritual realm this book will definitely enlighten you!

May 11, Sharon rated it it was amazing. Changed my perception of the world and life in general, way back in the 90's. Aug 15, Becky rated it it was amazing Shelves: goodrule-old , reviews , shareatea First sentence: It could have begun in any town. Bacon's Corner was nothing special, just one of those little farming towns far from the interstate, nothing more than small hollow dot on the AAA road map, with exit signs that offered gas, no lodging, maybe a little food if the place was open, and little more.

But it began in Bacon's Corner. Some of the characters of This Present Darkness--including some of the angel First sentence: It could have begun in any town. Some of the characters of This Present Darkness--including some of the angels--make an appearance in this one. Sally Roe is fighting for her life. Escaping from one assassination attempt, she is on the run from both humans and demons that want to silence her permanently. She is a woman with a past--a past that they don't want their opposition to know about. Tom Harris is a Christian educator.

Principal and schoolteacher? His two children are taken away from him the day before a lawsuit is filed against him. The accusation is child abuse. The small town's Christian population is torn. Is he guilty of doing something to his own kids or to their kids--or both?! How could they not know? The woman bringing the lawsuit is Lucy Brandon, who works at the post office.

Her daughter, Amber, briefly attended the Christian school. Lucy removed her from the public school system because of behavior issues.

Piercing the darkness : a novel

The case centers around a spanking and a failed attempt to cast out a demon. As Harris and his friends try to figure out the hows and whys of the case, they learn of a dangerous curriculum the public school is using; a curriculum that encourages children to meet and befriend spirit guides as they relax and meditate. I found it thought-provoking as well. Would it be an exaggeration to say that most Christians don't think in battle terms--the Christian life as a spiritual battle to be fought day in and day out because the threat is real.

Prayer or lack of prayer is a major topic in the book. Ideas matter.

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Ideas have consequences. Few--if any--are completely harmless and divorced from a world view. Quotes: In a case like this, public opinion is important. It's the public mind that eventually creates the laws we all have to live by. You see, we fight our battles at two levels: in the courts and in the public arena. A lot of the cases we win today came about because of public opinion that was molded years ago. What we do now to mold public opinion will have a positive effect on legal cases that arise in the future.

It's a process. As usual, most of his spirit underlings were occupied with that task. They were the best, and he reveled in the fact that for the past several years, ever since the laws had been changed, their job had been so much easier. Oh, how quickly men could accept the most outrageous lies once the Truth was removed from consideration! Jun 27, Jerry rated it it was amazing. The Darkness series, of which this is the second and final volume, revolutionized Christian literature as we know it.

Without it, there would be no Beverly Lewis Amish novels, no "end times" fiction, nor pretty much popular Christian literature as it is today. I hadn't read any parts of this series in a while, but I devoured it in one sitting, despite its length. I'm not sure that spiritual warfare is exactly as this book describes, but it still made for an entertaining read. Nov 29, Andrew rated it really liked it. Peretti's early works are classics.

Read them as fiction, not as sources of spiritual truth or theology. The truth that is in them is that prayer is a vital matter.

Aside from that, there's a lot to be desired. But if you read them as stories, as works of fiction rather than theology books, they are quite enjoyable. Solid plot, believable and relatable characters, and the suspense builds to an explosive conclusion. Nov 18, Mistie rated it it was amazing. I think I enjoyed this book even more than This Present Darkness. It made me give more thought to what is going on in the spiritual realm. I would read it again in a heartbeat. Aug 04, Kim rated it it was amazing. Great read Haven't read it in about 15 years Aug 17, Liza rated it it was ok.

Read when I was very young, naive and hopeful Piercing the Darkness. By: Frank E. Wishlist Wishlist. Piercing the Darkness By: Frank E. Advanced Search Links. Product Close-up. Add To Cart. Trade Paperback Book. Mass Market Book. Mass Market Book - Slightly Imperfect. Abridged Audio CD. Abridged MP3. Add To Cart 0. Sleepy little Bacon's Corner seems like a picture-perfect farming community. But appearances can be deceiving.

An attempted murder, a case of mistaken identity, and a ruthless lawsuit against a Christian school are tearing the town apart as angels and demons battle for victoryand the soul of young loner Sally Beth Roe. Related Products. Peretti Three-Pack Frank E.