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As a young, thoughtful, political- and global-minded youth, there are causes, people, ideas, or problems that you are invested in. I challenge you to work on these causes, whatever you are passionate about, and to employ a global frame of mind when doing so.

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What does conservation look like in countries where people are starving? What does the burqa mean to Muslim women, and how is that different from what a dress code means to an American middle-schooler?

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Is it wrong for corporations to move factories overseas if it gives millions of workers stable employment? These are not easy questions, not easy problems, and they do not have easy solutions. While the global citizen may face many challenges today, I do not doubt that if you begin the kind of critical thinking and passionate advocacy that is required in global citizenship, change is not only possible; it is inevitable. AMP Global Youth is a youth-powered network that amplifies the story, voice and power of ….

Related Articles. Americans for Informed Democracy AIDemocracy is a c 3 organization that relies on public donations to help our organization and keep our student-led programming focused on pressing global issues with timely events and activities.

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Keep updated on what they're doing to change the world. Find out more about Global Citizen.

As one of the richest countries, America has the power and obligation to help end extreme poverty. Read More. By Daniele Selby July 8, Read more. By Jackie Marchildon July 8, Food insecurity affects over 4 million people living in Canada. July 8, Thomson Reuters Foundation. More than 1 million children in drought-affected areas are coming to school hungry.

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Girls and women are essential to building healthier, better-educated and sustainable communities. Women and girls are too often afflicted with Healthy people are able to live fuller, happier lives. They are able to pull themselves out of extreme poverty. The world has cut the number of children without an education in half. This progress must extend to the over Ending extreme poverty needs innovative ideas, good governance and sustainable financing.

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Funding global development needs inspiration from every part of But what does it mean to be a global citizen? Throughout human history, we have always organized ourselves into groups and communities that share similar values, ideas, culture, and an overall identity. This, in turn, helped and still helps shape our needs economically, politically, religiously and socially. In the classroom, students can start to face issues of global independence through an economics course, diversity of identities and cultures in a history course, sustainable development in an environmental science course and more.

Classes that allow for varied learning methods such as debate and role-playing are becoming an increasing necessity for your basic school curriculum.

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As a result, students learn to become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens, and effective contributors. All in all, this will allow students to explore, develop and express their own values and opinions. They will increase their listening and respecting skills of others and their opinions and be able to make informed choices that not only affect them but others as well.

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Thus, the future of the world lies in the hands of the youth. A global citizen is aware that we live in an interconnected web where many of our actions and choices affect those locally, nationally and many times even internationally. They are able to respect themselves as well as others, regardless of where they live. Some of these matters could include human rights, religious pluralism, gender equity, the rule of law, environmental protection, sustainable economic growth, and poverty alleviation. Generally, a global citizen tries to have an understanding of how the world works and tries to stay well-informed.