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Editors' Choice. Etermax Trivia. Add to Wishlist. Step up your quiz game answering fun general trivia questions! Love games with friends? Challenge friends and family to fun trivia questions! Prove you are the smartest not only by answering trivial questions, but by suggesting multiple-choice questions in this quiz app.

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Be the star of the best game for quizzes! Test your knowledge in six different categories led by exciting characters. Spin Willy the Wheel and let fate decide where to start your quiz question games. Tito will share his world-class Geography knowledge for all your road trip trivia needs.

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Can you guess which country has a city called Batman? If you love good trivia questions, he can quiz you on math, chemistry, physics and even technology! Make your mark in History by overthrowing your opponents in a duel. Bonzo can keep you in shape for the upcoming seasons with Sports trivia! Let Tina test your knowledge of Art. Pop will keep you up to date with fun trivia questions on anything Entertainment related.

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Prove your knowledge of the latest pop trivia across TV shows, videogames, movies and music. Know any interesting facts? Speak multiple languages? Prove your linguistic skills and make the content in your language even richer by translating. Want fewer easy trivia questions and more challenging questions? Decide and improve what makes it into the game by rating questions made by other users.

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New to the game? Answer correctly so you don't miss your turn! Fill the Crown gauge: Get a character by landing the wheel on the Crown section, or answer three questions correctly. Collect the characters: Win them by answering three questions correctly or challenging your opponent to a duel to snatch one of theirs! Get all six characters to win the match!

Other features! To play, each person rolls the dice and is asked a question from one of the trivia cards. If you get the answer correct, you get to keep the card; otherwise, it goes to the bottom of the deck.

30 Fun Family Reunion Trivia Questions

The object of the game is to collect the most cards and be crowned the winner. Parents report that they like that Professor Noggin's Card Games have both easy and hard questions because this allows children of various ages to play on a level field. Many even write that they learn new facts as they play along with their kids. Interested in reading more reviews?

There are also special cards that let you pick a new question, skip a turn and silence your trash-talking competitors. According to reviews, die-hard movie and TV lovers will get hours of entertainment out of this board game. Many say it can even be played as a multi-generational game because younger players will know certain answers that older players may not, and vice versa. A lot of times, one know-it-all will dominate at trivia thanks to his wide breadth of knowledge. To play iKNOW, everyone will have to answer the same trivia question with the help of three clues.

The first person to get to 20 points wins. Reviewers say this game will bring out the competitive side of trivia buffs because it includes lots of challenging questions about pop culture, fashion, sports and history.

The Fun Begins

Gameplay is a little complicated at first, but adults will quickly get the hang of wagering. This board game can be played with two to six people — however, if you want to play with teams, you can accommodate up to 18 players. Most reviewers agree the trivia game is best for older teens and adults because of the tough nature of the questions. If you want to challenge your brain while playing a fun, engaging board game, this tops the list. The question-and-answer format of most trivia games can get a little mundane, which is why games like Linkee by Bananagrams switch things up a little bit.


Instead of simply answering questions in this trivia challenge, players race to figure out the connection between questions, shouting out the answer as soon as they have it. Reviewers say this trivia game is a fun change of pace and enjoyable for groups of all sizes. Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here.

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