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The recipes you will find on this site are a mixture of family favorites, creative twists and classics that we all know and love. I am born in raised in a small town in Minnesota.

I am an only child who learned to cook from my mother. I took a liking to baking, but branched out into all sorts of cooking from there. I am married, I have four kids three boys and a girl and we have two cats and one spoiled little pup.

Tornado Allie

I am a self taught photographer and videographer. Everything I have learned about blogging and running a business was completely by myself and watching any videos and reading many articles. They also featured one of my recipes from my cookbook and created a video which you can also view HERE!

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Some other features from the cookbook include Parade , as well as Minnesota Parents Magazine! I take tremendous pride in being able to share all these recipes with my readers and try to keep everyone coming back for more!

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Every recipe on Tornadough Alli is tested endlessly to make sure that it is perfect for when you make it. There are many of times that I had created something in hopes that it would work and it has failed endlessly.

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Unfortunately, a path of destruction follows wherever this twister goes. As their worlds collide, neither will be the same.

Tornado Allie (Dating Daisies, #1)

Can they navigate their way through a vortex of compromise and find love? Or will Tornado Allie strike again and send them blowing in two different directions? What I want is more of this series!

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Elegant and graceful have never been words to describe me. Tripping over one of my three dogs is a regular occurrence, or being used as a piece of furniture by my cat. Thankfully, being blessed with a good sense of humor, I manage!