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In addition he wants to study a systematic methodology to consistently build DSLs. His research interests currently focus on the life-cycle cost of hardware and software for the end user. As corresponding editor, Ralf would be pleased to hear from you to get your criticisms, suggestions, and other remarks. He graduated with a B.

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His research centers on the analysis of object-oriented languages, with a strong interest in the formal underpinnings of software technology. Primary areas of application include software visualization, program comprehension and reverse engineering. He obtained his Ph. His current research focuses on using graphics processing units to implement cryptography.

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By Dr. Shaligram Prajapat and Sanjay Misra.

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The excellent skills of our teaching staff and the success obtained by our graduates have turned the University into a leader in the creation and attraction of talent. I invite you to join your talent to ours and let us contribute to your future success. Adelaida de la Calle President of the University of Malaga. After content title.

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