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Grifter also convinced Jeremy that his plan to heal Voodoo from her Daemonite-side might not be welcomed at all by Voodoo. While she was treated in the hospital, she amazed the medical staff by quickly recovering from her throat injuries. She quickly grew annoyed by the medical staff until she noticed a Daemonite among them.

Soon afterwards, the Daemonite confronted her. He told her that he was not an enemy, but a rare conscientious objector among the Daemonite military and that she should see him as her grandfather. He instructed her in the proper use of her Daemonite powers of time manipulation and regeneration and within several hours, Voodoo had regrown her legs. Before leaving, he also convinced Priscilla to start a relationship with Jeremy. This relationship has ended recently; an aspect of her telepathic powers is that they increase with physical intimacy, and Voodoo's willingness to be intimate with other men to use them was, despite his protests, not something with which Jeremy could cope.

The break-up fight was ended when Priscilla intentionally angered him to the point that he grew in size. With the resulting loss of intellect that comes with his size growth, he forgot they were fighting, and she took the opportunity to leave. S were sent to capture him. Voodoo displayed magnetic abilities that allowed her to control the metal of his uniform, and even disrupt the flow of iron in his bloodstream. However, when she attempted to use her telepathy to probe his mind, he connected her brain to all of the information in the world, which overloaded her mind and rendered her unconscious.

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No longer a superhero, Priscilla Kitaen is, at the start of this series, once again a stripper - now dancing for oil sheiks and billionaires. However, despite her telling Hadrian that it had been "years since [they] were superheroes together," it was clear that their former passion was not dimmed, and they ended up in bed together.

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She now appears to be an employee of the Halo Corporation once more, with Hadrian offering to triple her current wages. Following the events of Flashpoint , Voodoo is one of the many Wildstorm characters who were brought over into the mainstream DC Universe , with her entire history now rewritten. In her DC Universe iteration, Priscilla Kitaen is a Human-Daemonite hybrid who works as a Daemonite spy, using her shapeshifting abilities and limited telepathy to blend in with humans and learn intelligence about metahumans and other possible threats to the Daemonites.

Priscilla works undercover as a stripper under the alias Voodoo. Voodoo is a telepathic human-Kherubim hybrid with Daemonite ancestry and possesses "the Sight," the ability to see Daemonites who have possessed humans.

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Along with this, she can use her powers to separate Daemonites from their hosts and has shown the ability to do this to other organisms that have been bonded. She can read and manipulate the thoughts and emotions of others, and even shut off people's minds. Her powers increase proportionate to physical intimacy, enabling her greater ability to psychically manipulate and read others. Early on, she was able to shapeshift into a humanoid wolf-like state, complete with fur and claws, and in this state her personality became savage and feral.

Later this power was changed so that she shifted into a Daemonite form. An elderly Daemonite appeared to her and taught her the use of her hidden powers of regeneration and time-manipulation. Zealot has trained her in the martial arts of The Coda. She was also mentored in the use of Voodoo magic by a High Voodoo Priestess.

Voodoo has displayed the power to control magnetic fields, and can move and manipulate ferrous metals with her mind. She can control the trace amounts of iron in a person's bloodstream. But she has shape shifting and telepathy powers; and the productions of projectile quills and the secretion of poison. Her shape shifting powers allow her to copy humans or animals that she touched; and the creation of wings and weapons like a spear. Also her shape shifting has been used to provide a limited form of camouflage, as she can take on the colors of other objects which she might be standing in front of.

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Voodoo now has limited mind-reading capabilities; however she is unable to control her own mind when she uses these abilities, thus leaving herself vulnerable to counter telepathy. Also she has the abilities to survive in harsh environment, as seen when she functions in the environment of Europa the moon of Jupiter , without any form of protection. The first series has been collected in a number of trade paperbacks :. The second series has been collected into two trade paperbacks :. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

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Voodoo Vol. 1: What Lies Beneath (The New 52)

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