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This past Passover, my French mother insisted that we celebrate together. Written with the perfect poise and lyricism of the greatest eighteenth-century literature, the novel follows Midhat Kamal, a romantic turn-of-the-century aesthete from the town of Nablus, in Ottoman Palestine. Hammad is a master of the small social detail: the way a sleeve might be rolled up just a bit too far or a man might run his tie between his fingers as he speaks or a woman might lift a single strand of hair from her forehead with one finger.

Before the backdrop of perfectly observed conversational slights and lustful glances, the drama of the Middle East unfolds. My mother and I each retreated to our bedrooms that night, and I could hear her through the thin floorboards in the room above me, turning the pages.

A Toast to My Mother : An Autobiography by Alec Meleger (2011, Paperback)

Anne Carson. Photo: Peter Smith. Sometimes it feels like those roles reverse; at others, she is my best friend; and more often than I like, we are strangers to each other, both incomprehensible, both uncomprehending. Image Gallery View gallery.

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I remember all the tests she would undergo just to make sure her platelets remained in a normal state. I could remember after her first chemotherapy session, the way she would throw up the contents of her stomach, however minimal they were; the way she would try to get up from her bed but was too weak to do so.

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I remember the horrible things. But I will also never forget the good things. It changes family dynamics. You are forced to learn new ways of living to accommodate the change.

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But this is reality: my mother has lost her right breast. Soon she will begin losing some hair, too, because of the treatment. It is because of this very reason that I began to realize how these things actually serve purely aesthetic purposes when it comes down to it. Oftentimes, we define beauty by external features.

But this should not be what makes us beautiful.

Beauty goes beyond the physical. Beauty is strength.

The Autobiography of My Mother

Beauty is compassion. Beauty is attitude.

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Beauty is looking your worst fear right in the face and being able to see the silver lining.