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The better you can do this, the more you can accomplish. When you feel the feeling of love in your body directed at what you place in your imagination and an idea, then you activate the subconscious mind which takes action and expresses. One of the most powerful quotes, the essence of these ideas and which never fails to motivate me is this, from Neville Goddard:.

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What thoughts can you choose right now that will make you feel better? I know that I can choose to feel better at any moment, even if harder to do at some times than others. Doing this might not come naturally, and it may take time to learn how to get into this state, as it has for me.

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Both involve not attaching to outcomes. I recently heard Oprah Winfrey talking about finding balance between making and letting things happen. She suggests:. Do the work. Let go of all attachment to outcomes. Then if it is supposed to be, it will be yours. So again, it is not about wanting things but focusing on a feeling state which will make those things a kind of bonus if they materialise. Because if you are truly happy right now in this moment, what more could you want or need?

Or you can create your own practice. This post was so great! It seemed to clash with what I was learning about mindfulness and accepting things as they are.

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Hard to explain in a comment but if you read this book it would make more sense. Lovely, meaningful, insightful post, Bron.

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Like this: Like Loading Thanks for the lovely comment, Plants! Pingback: How to heal your body and mind with tapping — One black tree. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Comment Name Email Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email. We have witnessed them perform miraculous changes and truly become supernatural. There have been so many powerful transformations and healings in these previous workshops but as Sunday rolls around with their energy levels so elevated, then they have to go home that night or the next day.

What if they had a few more days to be challenged to the next level of their abilities, once they have moved beyond their past personality? Is it possible they can perform more of the uncommon and make it a skill? In these new week-long retreats, Dr. Joe will introduce new teachings and new meditations. There will be fun group activities, entertaining evening gatherings, and mysterious adventures into the unknown that will facilitate the group in building stronger community, while encouraging each participant to become their highest ideal.

Take a leap into the unknown and join us on a journey that will spark your creativity, elevate your belief in possibility, challenge you to become the most inspiring version of yourself, and give you the freedom to truly love yourself in a fun and healthy environment. In these workshops we focus on integrating the work that you have learned in the Advanced Workshops or the Week Long Advanced Retreats and taking it even further. Be prepared to create and sustain a new state of being, to become your future self, to strengthen your coherence, and open your heart. This will either be included at no charge with your Progressive Workshop registration OR will be available for a small fee for some international workshops.

It should be stated on the registration page, however if you are unsure, please email us at events drjoedispenza. Joe's book: Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself and be practicing the accompanying meditations. The Progressive Workshops are an opportunity for people to retreat from their lives for just a few days, to remove the constant stimulation from their external environment that reminds them of who they think they are as a personality.

To separate themselves from the people they know, the places they go, and the things they do at the exact same time, in order to learn some vital information about the new Science of possibility. When you blend quantum physics with neuroscience, and the concepts of neuroplasticity and neuroendocrinology, with a little understanding of psychoneuroimmunology and epigenetics, you get possibility. These words sound intimidating but our students are able to put it all together to produce positive changes in their lives.

This is a time in history where we have to begin to apply it, to begin to experience the truth of our efforts, to take that philosophy and begin to initiate it, to do something with it. Resolve to discover it by looking inward and regularly set time aside to do it -- be it through meditation, prayer or contemplation.

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Once you glimpse or begin to feel this inner dimension, essence, source or spirit, ask what desires it would have you fulfill. Consistently and in full faith, take the loftiest of these desires back to your "source," which dwells in your heart, and listen to what it tells you. Stay open so that it can lead you to the fulfillment of those desires. These seven steps allow the wisdom and goodness that is your heart to show you what and who you really are. It enables your heart to guide you to fulfill these aspirations that have been in it re: you all along.

Make these steps your life's practice. In time, you will be rewarded and experience fulfillment in every aspect of life and you will discover that for every step you have taken toward fulfilling your dreams, your dreams have taken a step toward you. With the new year approaching, my upcoming posts will examine the science of how destiny unfolds and the keys to shaping the future of which your heart truly longs.

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