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And yet, when both are gone, Love will still remain.

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With great dignity, Raoul turns and exits. Christine sees him leave, and breaks off, wanting to reach out to him, unable to do so. She turns back to the audience--an audience that has no idea of what has just transpired.

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With great difficutly, Christine gathers herself and continues. Love never dies, Love never alters, Hearts may get broken, Love endures Hearts may get broken. Then, finding courage in the decision she has made, she gathers her all and sings with every fiber of her body. Love never dies!

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  • Broadway in Chicago’s ‘Love Never Dies’ sequel is a conundrum for ‘Phantom’ fans.

Love will continue! Love keeps on beating when you're gone! Love never dies once it is in you!

Could ‘Love Never Dies’ Live Again on Broadway?

Life may be fleeting, Love lives on Life may be fleeting, Love lives on. What does this song mean to you? You gotta check out.

Ramin Karimloo - The Beauty Underneath/The Phantom Confronts Christine

Accept it as canon and contend with a whole lotta drastically different characters and reams of left-field developments; treat it as a standalone piece and get thrown off by the great many references to the original. Raoul, the dashing Rock of Gibraltar, is now a displaced souse given to self-pity. Svengali himself?

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The Phantom has also changed, not entirely for the better. Once as fearful as he was pathetic — an unparalleled genius who contented himself with a niche in the Opera cellars — is now a powerful impresario with a bevy of agents and a line of people around the block seeking his favor.

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Because give Love Never Dies this much credit: it sounds great. Meghan Picerno is, vocally speaking, perfect for the role of Christine 10 years on, retaining the shimmer of her youth while properly maturing.

Gardar Thor Cortes boasts power and ardency of expression as the Phantom.