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In , Darkness to Daylight will take place on May.

Participants can run the full km individually or take on the challenge as a team. Alternatively, there is a 10km and 3km run in the morning, giving everyone an opportunity to take part. In , we saw over 2, people take part in the challenge, with most people getting involved through their workplace. But I suggest leaning more towards those who can dance in their own darkness as well, who have the courage to admit their own frailties and fears, who exude humility or grounded humaneness, and who have the kindness, patience and skill to sensitize to your own.

Remember, like a tree, you rise into the light only as far as your roots will take you, as far as you are willing to immerse yourself into the medicine of the dark, tear-soaked soil beneath your feet.

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Therefore seek those who have the capacity to honor your tears, to hold you in them, to deepen your immersion into cold chambers of yesterday, and to help you rise anew, fed from the light of truth found only in darkness. Thank you for writing this important piece! You are welcome Crystal, and congratulations on embarking on your healing path with SE, which I have heard fabulous things about! This is a wonderful article and it illuminates the fact that there are no quick fixes.

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Vince, I wanted to take moment to acknowledge you and say Thank You for your article on Darkness. I have never read anything that has so eloquently described this process in the way you have done. It should be a book, and required reading. It was such a powerful article that I also shared it with my coaching clients, and it deeply touched them as well. Your authenticity is touching lives and shedding light where light is much needed. In addition, I am fortunate enough to be experiencing the depths of my own darkness and it has really put into words what I had not.

While I am sure you know that others feel such gratitude for your wisdom, I wanted to write because when something really moves me i feel called to never miss a moment to let someone know. Hi Vanessa, thank you for your heartfelt words! Am so glad this resonated with you and perhaps inspires you in some way. Thank you for forwarding it to your peers. And good on you for traveling into the darkness. It takes so much courage to do so!

This article resonated on such a profoundly deep level and mirrors my own beliefs and experiences. Thank you. I am sharing widely with clients, family and friends. What a beautiful article. I am glad I found it. It is funny how much darkness seems to need turning over. The compost keeps on composting!

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Even when you think you are fine and have done all the work needed… Another layer tends to pop up. I enjoy it now, whether it is through massage, plant medicine or just bumping into someone in the street. Embracing those triggers and weird twisted emotions is incredibly important.

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Perhaps never ending. Thank you for such clear sight and affirmation into this subject of healing and wholeness. I am all for embracing the darkness, giving it a hug and telling it everything is okay! Thanks Matt, beautifully said. All the best to you on your journey into the dark and light. Thank you Vince. For me and for the previous me who always ignored those intuitions. I am watching your changed stance with interest and pleasure.

And I offer a little, friendly piece of feedback: for me there are so many posts on Social Media that I have found myself glossing over them rather than sitting with one and deepening.

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Thank you so much for what you are doing in your own heart and therefore also in our world. Such gratitude. Emma, thank you for your kind words and I appreciate your ongoing reflection on self and life. Words like yours inspire me to continue writing. Thank you Vince for keeping it real and for your inspiration. This blog articulates the journey so beautifully and authentically and is a wonderful orientation for what we are doing here.

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The training is two hours, contains a mix of survivor stories, expert advice, and practical guidance for prevention of child sexual abuse. Child sexual abuse is a tough topic. Some of the survivor stories may affect you in a personal way.