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In 10 minutes of television, she projected a set of complicated, even conflicting images—forthright but defensive, feisty but dutiful—triggering the mix of skeptical, antagonistic feelings that have defined her with a share of the American public ever since. In retrospect, though, there was one chance to help her make a first impression, they said. And they blew it. Because of the dire circumstances under which she was forced to enter the national glare, the enduring paradox of Hillary Clinton was cemented before the Super Bowl champion Washington Redskins had flown home.

The appearance on 60 Minutes amounted to a mandate to come off strong enough to help him but not so strong as to hurt him, an almost impossible balancing act. Even as she was putting up an effective unified front, she was presenting to an estimated 50 million viewers a tangle of contradictions. She wanted to show her independence—a quality that ended up alienating a whole set of traditionalist voters—but she was standing by her man—a decision that still today alienates younger people who see it as a kind of surrender. And the choice was forged from an essential compromise: A whip-smart, aggressive, Yale-prepared attorney, she had left behind opportunities in East Coast power cities and moved to rural, out-of-the-way Arkansas to marry one of the most promising political talents of her generation.

She took off her glasses and put in contact lenses. She changed her hair. She changed her clothes. She changed her name. For her own career, she wanted to be Hillary Rodham. It was a huge sacrifice. The sacrifices continued. The fall before the 60 Minutes interview, in a trip to Chicago shortly after her husband had announced his presidential candidacy, she spent a night with Piercy, another college friend. It took a vulnerable incumbent in George H. It took, in the end, a win in November that made him the 42nd president of the United States.

Call Me Home

This was survival. She was going to fight. She was fighting for her husband, for herself, for their political careers. This is not an arrangement or an understanding. This is a marriage. Still, at the time, what came across on the screen, at least to her friends all over the country, was … authentically her. She called Doyle the night it aired.

She said what she had to say. I love this guy. I respect this guy. Very matter of fact. And in many corners of the press, she was praised. Not a presidential image. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, appeared impressively impervious, suggesting perhaps that the wrong Clinton is running for office.

Said Tom Rath, then a George H. I can assure you, in spite of your education, you will find me to be just as bright. She seemed to vacillate between apologetic and apoplectic. By March, a new narrative had emerged. The next day, the day before the Illinois and Michigan primaries, with stress mounting, reporters approached Hillary Clinton at the Busy Bee. This is just another small reason eating an Epi-paleo Template makes a lot more sense in our modern world. One thing that Epi paleo and paleo have in common is having a good total body iron store. The answer is simple.

Dehydration is favored when you eat lots of protein and starchy carbs. A large amount of protein and starchy carbs draws water and even will make your temperature rise. If you add back water that is fluoridated you will not improve. I do not.

See a Problem?

A lack of DHA and iodine are biggies but dehydration again is the big issue. Paleo provides one big improvement to the SAD template. It increase protein and Vitamin C to increase the collagen semiconductor in the human body, but there are three main legs to the stool for Optimal:.

They love their technology and because they do this increased their artificial light risks while increasing their pulsed EMF risks. This is how they communicate on social media too. When the BBB is permeable all types of toxins can enter it. Fluoride in water is the biggest risk because of its effect on semi conduction in the human nervous system.

I would strongly suggest you go back and carefully re-read Brain Gut This increases our vascular water part and allows the person using it to burn more calories while eating less food. It works in concert with progesterone in pregnancy to increase energy production for two lives by increasing circulating plasma.

It does this by blocking ADH in the brain stem. This is how it works. You saw this from this post. When HCG and progesterone are maximally used water is placed back into the collagen nanotubes for maximum energy production. This is why HCG works so well for weight loss. When progesterone is low or HCG not present there is sub-optimal water levels in plasma due to dehydration at the cellular level.

This affects quantum tunneling in the inner mitochondrial membrane where oxidative phosphorylation occurs. People with metabolic syndrome have poor protein folding of cytochrome 1 and they get more ROS leakiness there and they get neolithic disease because they are losing electrons and photons at their mitochondria so they need to eat more to gain the electrons back.

Since cytochrome 1 becomes more defective as time goes on the more the eat the more they leak and they faster they die. This is the life of T1D or T2D. When we are dehydrated we can not enter the PPP and we sustain more leakiness at cytochrome 1 to cause more inflammation and leptin resistance. When we are hydrated well the reverse happens. HCG and Progesterone rehydrated us quickly but neither can sustain itself unless the water is brought back up to par. This is true whether they are paleo or not.

Guess what causes this? Acute dehydration that leads to a chronic pregnenolone steal syndrome? Guess that two effects are in play here? Fluoride also blocks T3 and T4 production and conversion and dehydration blocks LDL conversion via T3 to pregnenolone. The major reason why this brand of hypothyroidism has exploded is our modern world with our unrelenting pulsed EMF exposure.

More Support: Webinars by Dr. Kruse

Here is an excerpt from that blog:. Venturi reported in that iodine was the first inorganic antioxidant to be described in any living system on this planet.

Tom Cruise Forces James Corden to Skydive

He showed that iodine is is collected in cells by proteins in its iodide form and is bound to amino acids to form iodoproteins. It was later discovered that in all vertebrate cells iodide acts as electron donors in the presence of hydrogen peroxide and thyroid peroxidase enzyme. Iodine is blocked by the action of fluorine, bromine and chlorine. They are all in the same group in the periodic table with iodine and act as its analogue but do not share the same atomic abilities.

They are called dielectric blockers and cause us to loose energy and increase inflammation in our body. I would suggest you going back and reading Brain gut 12 pretty close. Brain gut 11 also has some major truth bombs in it as well. You also found that answer in Brain Gut Here is an excerpt:. Iodine is the major antioxidant in the brain signaling system. The brain makes us a special species. You do not and can not make a brain via evolution eating meat alone. Anyone who says they can knows nothing about human brain evolution. When a person is iodine deficient, a person loses the ability to handle ROS oxidation optimally, and other organ systems have to offset those losses to protect the cell from more oxidation.

When this happens we see a failure in their adrenal stress index because the cell is placed in a chronic survival mode. That is the uric acid system, Vitamin E and C systems, and glutathione systems in humans. This often leads to a slow progressive decline in physiologic function of many organ systems in the body over time.

The thyroid and the brain, especially the HPA axis in the brain. This loss is potentiated by the dehydration effect on water by fluoride. Loss of iodine degrades sleep and synaptic function as the first step in disease generation. Iodine is found in high concentrations in the synapse of neurons to optimize signaling. With more time for further iodine loss, it affects more epithelial tissues like the breast, ovaries, and testes to cause fibrocystic disease, cancer and infertility.

It even can cause thyroid cancers. Once iodine goes, Magnesium is not far behind. This affects our cells ability to make energy from ATP. Our bodies ATPase is magnesium dependent. This is why diabetics and fat folks are so magnesium deficient; because they are energy inefficient because they live in the chronic oxidative pathway their entire life.

EMF ruins calcium signaling in the brain and it destroys melanopsin in the retina and pineal gland. This ruins melatonin signaling at night because of blue light exposure. Eventually this degrades their sleep and their ability to think clearly. There is a multitude of links in the Quilt to EMF exposures. This blog pinpoints where those major linkages have all happened as we have progressed on. I want to shift gears from the health aspects of EMF to a pure focus on crafting an exceptional life in spite of what this EMF series is revealing you.

I understand it is an inconvenient truth. Ultimately, life goes by in a blink and it is time we set fire to the rain and focus on what really matters to us. In my view, too many people live the same year times over and over because they let the past dictate their tomorrows. It is time to stop allowing your biography live the rest of your life.

There are seasons in our life and we can either take the seasons and maximize them or we can waste them. We have no control over yesterday or over tomorrow but we can control today. If you maximize today, you will age well. Far better than most will no matter where you find yourself today. Aging is maturing like a good bottle of wine; it grows in value as time elapses. Aging is evidence of time passed and experience gained.

Hopefully, with enough lessons learned and wisdom gleaned we improve our former selves. Ideation with out execution, just leads to deletion of any good idea we might have. Age well and age right and you will be a beacon to those who are younger and coming after you. With age you lead the way and leave a trail.

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Make sure it is one that leads others up. Enjoy your today because you are not getting older and approaching death. You are becoming more shrewd everyday that sun rises. Leave a Comment. Hi Dr. Kruse, I am busy trying to read through ALL of the information on your site. I have already asked some questions which you have graciously answered…. I am currently reading your book , have ordered a quantlet…..

I have two questions…. Firstly, regarding pulsed EMF…. Less electrons means less light assimilation. Light only interacts with electrons photoelectrically. It does not interact with protons of neutrons. I tell my patients to avoid all PEMF and that you would not use them even for bone growth. It was a podcast with Rudy Mueller around the middle of november but I could not find it without listening to all of them with no interviewer name or date mentioned. Could you provide me with the link to this one.

The 3 Secrets To Leaving The Office By 5 O'Clock - Guilt Free

Thanks so much for sharing so freely! I am learning so much and have so very much more to go but am loving the journey! I dont think that podcast was released yet. I dont like any PEMF devices because they affect electric and magnetic fields of cells. There is money to be made in zoo animals. All things that tied to a low quantum yield.

When you know better you begin to do ridiculously well. Make like the Sphinx connect to earth look too the sun and eat like a great white shark. I you live in a low quantum yield environment embrace more CT and become a polar bear. That is the optimal Rx. These unintentional collateral damages are part of the etiology of of what is wrong with our health today. It is time we consider this to explain why zip code is linked to health. Thank you so much! I am blessed to live in the country in Georgia…. It was irritating to me until I started reading your blogs and realized that it was a blessing and not a curse!

I am already seeing a difference! I have spent years trying to recover from a downward health spiral that came after a TBI…. I started exercising again and became certified in kettlebells and primal movement.

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  6. Tore my shoulder several years ago doing weighted pullups…. I declined surgery and used PRP, optimized my diet and supplements and allowed my body time to heal. All is well now and all that I am left with is the severe tinnitus and circadian rhythm disturbances. I tell you all this to say that I have always been a thinker, always looked outside of the box, and am so happy to have finally found someone who ties all of the little tidbits that I have learned through the years together and then adds so much more to them in a way that I can take them, hack myself and use them. Unaccounted for hours include being indoors in natural but shaded light with doors and windows open.

    Use an amber LED after sundown and fall asleep early and easily 8 or 9 pm. Wake up 5 or 6 am. In addition wifi and electrical fields in the home are minimized. Live in rural-suburban Arizona neighborhood on first floor. Still exposed to smart meters, neighbhors wifi, neighbhorhood power lines etc.

    Big cell towers a few miles away. It hasn't changed in 3. It is still To be expected in that time frame or do I need to up my EMF mitigation game even further? I have chronic fatigue syndrome. Eat high fat, lowish carb paleo, and since I have become apparently fructose intolerant no fruit, but still some peas, beans, sweet potato, jicama etc. I also have chronic ringworm on my hand.

    What is the next step in the evolution of the Leptin Rx?

    I know UV is supposed to be bad for fungus, but its not working for me. And I must get a lot of it because everywhere I go ppl exclaim "How'd you get so tan!! Vitamin D is probably now?