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It's been scientifically proven that our bodies are more influenced by our vibrational energy and thoughts than by DNA. So examine your beliefs - you can send a faulty vibration out to the universe through faulty subconscious thinking. Challenge your thinking by getting to know yourself better.

By choosing to think new thoughts you can change your reality.

I AM Creating My Own Experience: The Creation Vibration - Whitcoulls

In the quantum worldview the observer is calling the shots - so make sure you are consciously creating what you want. Learn to harness the energetic power of your subconscious. Your life is reflected back to you by your vibrational thinking. The subconscious merely reflects your beliefs.

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Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality. Modern culture teaches us that life is difficult and stressful, but the ultimate demonstration of quantum law is that we can create a positive future that we have lived in our mind because vibrational thoughts matter and they become matter.

So clear your resistance. Ask the Universe to help you - and listen to what comes into your mind - usually best just before you fall asleep. Speak the language the Universe speaks - energetic vibration. The energy of your thoughts creates your reality. So become conscious of your thoughts. Everything you say, think or feel becomes your reality. So if you have a negative thought just tell it to go away. It's that easy.

I AM Creating My Own Experience: The Creation Vibration

The lower your vibration, the more likely you are to attract circumstances to you that mirror this and the higher your vibration the more good you attract and doors just open to all the positive stuff! If you work too hard you make yourself stressed and unhappy which attracts the wrong vibration and understanding of the universe. Become the person who attracts what they want and connect to that energy field. Using motion tracking and a heartrate monitor people use their body as input for the installation.

Inside a big dome people can move objects around in the degrees projection.

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By arranging small spheres they make a audiovisual composition, of which the speed and intensity is driven by their heartbeat and the amount of movemement. I was responsible for the conceptual and visual design, software development and hardware integration.

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You can read more about the technology used below the photos. Spherical mirror creating the degrees projection.

Dream a Bigger Dream: How We Truly Create Our Reality

For Immersion I used many different kinds of technology. Rather than inventing the wheel again, I integrate many existing technologies into a new cocktail. Below you can read about the software and communication protocols that were used. Processing is a very well documented and widely used creative coding software for artists and programmers. It provides an extensive pool of libraries to get an idea working very quickly. Our Processing software is responsible for generating the visuals according to all the input data heart rate and body movement.

Proof: Your Thoughts Affect The Energy Around You!

We wrote a custom audio sequencer that triggers sounds and keeps overview of all the user interactions. It is like the control room of our installation. I would never had guessed what massive, beautiful growth awaited me. Since doing Season 1 of the Vibrate Light Mentorship I have opened a new business, quit a part-time job that was no longer serving me, started the process of buying a home and manifested huge financial abundance! It was about so much more than my business — it was about moving closer into alignment with my truth and about living life with more clarity, more joy, and feeling as powerful and fierce as ever.

Chloe is an incredible mentor — I love this woman. She has a way of being firm but gentle, of calling me on my bullshit but doing it in a way that makes it feel like it comes from a place of pure love. Vibrate Light : Mastery. When Chloe first created Vibrate Light, she had no idea how magical or meaningful this program would be. All she knew, was the powerful desire that came through her in the end of when it was created, while she was living in Bali.

The desire was simple, to support and guide other women onto their spiritual path, so that they too could experience the joy, love and passion that purpose lends when it is embraced. To teach about spiritual topics like abundance, manifesting and the universal laws, through the lens of conscious business and self discovery.

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