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In the first part of this study-unit we will highlight the starting point of the modern novel, with particular reference to the studies of Ian Watt and Franco Moretti and, at the same time, we will reflect on the Italian cultural and social contests during the XIX century, with a particular focus on the comparison between Italy and England, as well as France and Spain.

The following part of the study unit will both be theoretical and analytical.

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At the same time, different Italian and European masterpieces will be read and discussed in class. Starting from Cervantes and Sterne, the students will follow the development of the modern novel. We will reflect on the Bildungsroman and on the Historical novel; we will study literary realism and we will evaluate the evolution of the novel in the Twentieth-century Italian literature. A final section will be focused on the influence of psychoanalysis on the Twentieth-century novel, in particular to the works of Gadda, Buzzati and Calvino.

Study-unit Aims: The objective of this study-unit is to reflect on the most successful and influential Italian and European literary genre: the novel, giving the students an overview of the main critical traditions that have analized it.

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Learning Outcomes: 1. Skills: By the end of the study-unit the student will be able to: - Explain the main characteristics of the modern novel and highlt the main differences with the other genres of the Italian literary tradition i. Dedicated to your stories and ideas. It is a late, lazy afternoon. Be part of The Conversation. Imagine the five Olympic rings -- so you're doing Venn diagrams. I can't read them.

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