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Plant and services. Acetylene is most notably used to weld materials at very high temperatures—too high for most industrial gases to achieve. Like hydrogen, acetylene is highly flammable and explosive. Acetylene can also form explosive compounds when combined with metals like brass and silver.

Industrial Gases

A portable gas leak detector can tell you if there is too much acetylene in your work environment. Oxygen is manufactured in compressed, liquid, and mixed forms. Thus, oxygen tanks help people with many medical conditions that interfere with breathing.

Other uses of industrial oxygen include launching rockets, laser cutting, oxidizing chemicals, cleaner combustion, fermentation, food preservation, and wastewater treatment. Oxygen itself is not flammable.

However, an overabundance of oxygen can help other materials catch fire, even materials that are flame-retardant in normal air. People on oxygen support must stay away from heat sources and never smoke near their oxygen tank. Major gases classified under industrial gases include atmospheric gases nitrogen, oxygen and argon , elemental gases hydrogen, chlorine and fluorine , noble gases helium, neon, xenon and krypton and other gases acetylene and ammonia.

Acetylene (C2H2)

Such industry is experiencing a strong growth in both developing and developed regions and is turning to be more and more strategic. Some of these gases can only be commercially found in the subsurface.

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However, historically, those gases were never properly explored and systematically discovered unintentionally, most of the time associated with hydrocarbons.