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The competition is open to illustrators from all over the world. You may submit only one illustration.

  • All Politics Is Global: Explaining International Regulatory Regimes.
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  • Entangled (Portraits Book #1).

The Caterpillar Story for Children Prize The prize is for a story written by an adult for children aged 7— The stories can be on any subject and in any style, as long as they are age appropriate. The winner will receive a grant of 20, euros to complete their project. The competition is free to enter. Also, apps can require again, reasonably realistic new legislation, regulations, or infrastructures as prerequisites for their deployment.

The site is Ginza, Tokyo. However, please consider this as more of a hint than a hard requirement. Thus, ideas do not necessarily need to be closely tied to the specific historical, cultural, and geographical context of Ginza, Tokyo, or Japan. The following are several of the types of ideas we hope to see. These are merely examples, and submissions do not need to neatly fall into any of these three categories; they can occupy space between multiple categories, or lie entirely outside any of the categories.

Examples include public furniture or small parks that can be built spontaneously by members of the local community, and digital signboards whose contents can be controlled by the public. Examples include a web-based system that facilitates use of underutilized spaces as stores, stages, etc. Examples include deregulation proposals that facilitate citizen participation in DIY urbanism projects, spontaneously held workshops, and new procedures by which public space streets, plazas, etc.

Winners will be announced on this website, by mid November at the latest. The exhibition will be open from 9am to 9pm on the 26th and 27th, and from 9am to 5pm on the 28th. Also, in the evening of November 26, a public event will be held at the same venue featuring talks by winners, jury members, and guest speaker Dan Hill of Arup Digital Studio.

Santa Cecília International Competition

Attendance is free for both the exhibition and the public event. As a general rule, all entries submitted to this competition will be published on this website. Click here to see the list of winners, and a gallery showcasing all submitted entries. Submission to the Phase 1 Competition is not a prerequisite to participate in the Phase 2 Competition. However, for the Phase 2 Competition we will introduce the following two conditions:.

International Astronomy and Astrophysics Competition

First, in the Phase 2 Competition, we solicit ideas that either build on, or combine entries to the Phase 1 Competition any of the entries showcased here. In software engineering, it is routine to incrementally improve existing applications, or to develop new applications by combining components of existing software. Through the format of the Phase 2 Competition, we wish to test whether such software engineering practices can be applied to DIY-style urbanism. Please also refer to the FAQ at the bottom of this page regarding this requirement.

2018 Mister International Competition

Also, in the Phase 2 Competition the site is more narrowly defined; this time, we solicit ideas targeting Ginza Sony Park , or areas in its immediate vicinity. For plan drawings of Ginza Sony Park, please submit a request from this page. Several of the Phase 2 Competition entries may be considered for actual deployment on site in or beyond.

As with the Phase 1 Competition, we expect ideas from a multitude of perspectives and disciplinary backgrounds. First, the jury will select a group of Qualified Entries around 30 entries; Winner, Finalists, and Wikitopia Prize Winner will all be selected from these entries , which will be announced on this website in early