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To say that Santoro is relaxed would be misleading; Zen-like is more apt. And his disposition is reflected in the house. The rooms are dimly lit but inviting, lamps placed like beacons throughout the first floor—illuminating a chair and end table in the living room, his sprawling work surface in the dining room. Jazz instrumentals fill the air, as does the aroma of coffee. Sequential black-and-white sketches sit in a pile at one end of his desk, while stacks of comic book boxes populate the space beneath.

Schulz, to name only a few. As Santoro talks about the place where he grew up, where his school years were spent head down in a sketchbook, his affection for the neighborhood is evident—not only in the tone of his voice, but in the intensity of his blue-eyed gaze. After all, his familial ties to Swissvale, and Pittsburgh in general, are lovingly reflected in much of his work.

A bittersweet love letter to Pittsburgh, and Swissvale in particular, the hand-drawn landscapes, row houses, and steel mills in each panel are dreamlike, as if the entire comic was extracted from the utopic mists of childhood memory.

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They also succeed in telling a story where the place is as much a character as its people. Not only do his comics pay homage to a city and its people, but offer a visual record of a particular moment in time. I only realized this year that the Homestead Strike took place just across the river from the Swissvale side of the Monongahela.

His left arm resting on the emerald-green table in his kitchen, Santoro leans against a wall dotted with sketches, paintings, and comic panels—some his own, others from friends and comics creators he admires. Storytelling is so different than anything else. Communication is built into the DNA of comics.

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Mastering that alchemy is the trick. In Pompeii , he examines the relationship between a painter and his assistant in the days before the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius. The illustrative style of the book, which employs spare monochromatic sketches, is as much an exercise in storytelling as it is a meditation on craft. His books are well-received and have a built-in audience of smart, culturally savvy readers. But making money in underground comics, let alone a living, remains a challenge. Fortunately Angus was not wearing pyjamas on the night of the Women's World Cup final but it was still a challenge for us to survive the broadcast.

From Twitter. The Senate sends our congratulations for your grit, teamwork, and talent. Twitter AM. Donald J. Congratulations to the U. Great and exciting play. America is proud of you all! Frequently asked questions. How many goals did Megan Rapinoe scored against Thailand? Americans Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe are in the race for the Golden Boot, given to the tournament's top goal scorer. Morgan enters the final with six goals, five of which came in the opening match against Thailand, while Rapinoe has scored five times.

Will rapinoe play in the World Cup final? Rapinoe has scored five goals at France and will be playing in her third World Cup final. When is the Womens World Cup final?

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When: Sunday, July 7 at 8 a. How long is a women's World Cup soccer game? The United States has scored at least once in the first 12 minutes of every match in this World Cup.

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All coverage. Earlier this year, members of the US squad were named as plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the national soccer federation alleging gender discrimination. Yesterday International. Nottinghamshire Live. Reds legend Kenny Burns on his big plus point of the tournament in France.

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BBC Sport. After unprecedented interest in England's World Cup campaign, what plans are in place to capitalise in the upsurge in interest? The Indian Express. Macron and Infantino, the head of soccer's world governing body, were booed by the crowd at the women's World Cup final as the United States fans demanded Inside World Football. July 5 — FIFA has gone on the attack following stinging criticism of its alleged lack of action to deal with the scourge of sexual abuse pervading the women's The Telegraph.

The unprecedented interest in women's sport will create some unforeseen challenges. The Times. At the women's FA Cup final last year, I cried.

I had walked down Wembley Way among the touts and scarf sellers, marvelling at the tide of fans rushing into the The U. The Boston Globe. The New York Times.

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Embarrassingly, there were tears running down my face when I stepped into the roaring stands for England's first match of the Women's World Cup in Nice. Soccer America. The Associated Press. A TV triple of championships for some is yet another slight for others. Sandusky Register. Megan Rapinoe considers Sunday to be the final insult.