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Notwithstanding the non-availability of widely accepted definition of spirituality, I am of the opinion that spiritual awareness, spiritual awakening and spiritual enlightenment are the building blocks of lasting inner peace and bliss. Spiritual awareness helps you to attain spiritual awakening. Spiritual awakening helps you to transcend within and attain spiritual enlightenment.

Spiritual enlightenment helps you to let go and paves the way for lasting peace and bliss. Turn to GOD if you are feeling helpless and hopeless. How to Manage Stress — Helpful Quotes.

The Science Of Spirituality: A Psychologist And A Neuroscientist Explain Being 'In The Flow'

Are there situations where you…. If we remain focused, we become free; if we forget our purpose, we […]. If we ask anyone about the purpose of eating or why do we eat, everyone will say nutrition is […]. The typical everyday modern life There can be no two opinions that most of the working populations is living in a fast lane. It would be not out of the place to include non working professionals also such as college […].

More open space in your home can benefit you immensely. Wise men have always emphasized on the concept of keep the space clean. Advantages of […]. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The following two tabs change content below. Bio Latest Posts.

The Dalai Lama on Science and Spirituality – Brain Pickings

Sundeep Katarria is an avid practitioner of meditation, spirituality, self development for over 15 years. Latest posts by Sundeep Kataria see all. Are there situations where you… Next Article. You may also enjoy reading And on the other side, spirituality can continue serving people's spiritual needs as they go through their individual insights, crises and awakenings.

However, unless the two views join forces, we won't be using our full human capability to solve problems. Such a comprehensive human effort is precisely what global solutions require.

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Donald Trump. These two should not be fragmented or separated. Dismissing that unmanifest intuition or inspiration, as some materialist scientists do, is a grave folly. We cannot see the wind, we cannot touch it, or measure it, but we can feel it. As trees are moved by wind, humans are moved by spirit.

Our Future Depends on Spirituality and Science Working Together

Breath or wind is the invisible and subtle force that makes life possible. The visible is sustained by the invisible. The outer and material reality is held together through the power of the inner and spiritual reality. Acknowledging one and denying the other is like wanting a bird to fly with only one wing. The reality of wholeness is composed of two interrelated aspects. The Chinese called it the harmony of yin and yang.

Uniting science and spirituality has a very practical purpose. Science without spirituality can easily lose the ethical, moral and values-based perspective. Scientists without the guidance of spirituality can engage in the invention of nuclear bombs and other weapons of war, genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, factory farming where animals are reared in cruel conditions, and technologies that create waste, pollution and the destruction of Nature.

Science without the guidance of spiritual values has created many of the problems the world faces today.

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  • Science by itself is not benign, value-free or neutral. Therefore, science needs the helping hand of spiritual wisdom in order to maintain its integrity and modify its power.