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I loved the Hellequin Chronicles. I was excited when this book came out! I got it as a Kindle First book. A great book set in the Hellequin Chronicles world. There are some continuing characters from that series but this book stands very well on its own. Layla and Chloe are wonderful!

But, this book was just not my cuppa. I didn't enjoy the writing style, the characters seemed immature, predictable, and the lead characters lacked chemistry. I wish I could have loved this book. I wish I could have gotten to the end of it, but I couldn't make myself finish it - not without risking a book slump. Feb 20, Scott Roberts rated it it was amazing. The book cover has a gothic fantasy art look to the book. It shows the night sky, the full moon and crows in the sky. I give this book 5 stars.

THE WAY OF SHADOWS - By Brent Weeks (Book 1 in the Night Angel Trilogy)

So right away I was like 'yep this is going to be good'. Dark Hope begins with Hope Carmichael's our main character abduction at a very young age. We see this a couple of times, which can be a bit confusing. We know that it's Mona speaking but than it would seem like we are reading what another character is thinking without it saying its them speaking or thinking it, like if it was Mona guessing what the other character was the thinking. Any way I guess that was the only big thing that got me confused, or I just didn't understand.

Her dad blamed himself and started getting very protective and very paranoid. It affected her parents relationship leading to a separation. Hope grew up with her dad in Alabama. He basically watched everything she did, he kept an eye on her at all times. She wanted a change, so she wanted to live with her mom in Georgia. Hopes parents separation really plays a big part in this book. The thing is, her mom works all the time, it gives Hope freedom that she never had, and it also scared her a bit.

She goes to school and tries to be a regular girl. No one knows of her past This is how she meets Michael. We start meeting other characters and also getting to know Hope more as we read. Let's start with Hope , she is very self conscious with her Mark. She has a Mark on the back of her neck that she got during her abduction. It's a reminder of what happened and what could've happened. She's kind of shy, she lets other pick on her, which is not cool.

Along the way she meets new friends that she feels like she can help and trust. She sees that human trafficking is a huge important issue happening right in front of her and she can relate a bit with what's happening. She wants to help and is determined to do so. Even getting herself into scary situations. Hope can be brave but also very stubborn. At first I thought that she wouldn't be so open with people but she is with Michael. We meet Michael and he becomes Hopes best friend right away. She feels like she can relax and chill with him. He opens up to her but we start seeing a change in him.

You know, in the end I don't know what I feel about these two. They were good friends but then Michael seems distant and Hope doesn't know if she can trust him. They have a strange relationship, they know it'll be wrong to be together, but they try and I don't know. If feels like they don't have a real connection, they express how they feel but at the moment it seems like they are better off just as friends, but who am I kidding, I would love them together.

He helps Hope through a lot. He's a big part of this book: Tabitha becomes Hopes girl friend, she's Emo I think. She lets Hope into her home, and meets her family. Tabitha seems like a intimidating person but in reality she's caring and studious, she actually cares about her grades and what's really going on in the world. Maria is a 14 year old that has already gone through hell and back in her short life. She a victim of human trafficking and so is her sister.

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I think that's scary and sad in the same time. Trafficking is a real thing that is happening. I just can't believe people can do that to others just for money, these are human beings treated like objects that are used and sold like nothing. Hope befriends her and wants to do what ever she can to help even if it open up old wounds. Hope's mom Mona , is gone most of the time. She's working and leaves Hope alone a lot. I don't think she's realized that maybe that isn't a good idea. I know Hopes a teenager but going from basically being supervised all day to total freedom its a big change.

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And when something happens she a mediately blames Don Hopes dad. I kind of feel bad for the guy, but he also will seem crazy to any one if he starts talking about Voices. Lucas , let's just say he's an ass. Every book needs a bad guy and that's him and lets not forget the traffickers. Lucas just messes with Hope a lot. I dislike him right away. Enoch is some one we meet later on, he seems cool.

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He tells Hope what to do and lets her know about things only he would know. She seems to like him. I really enjoyed reading Dark Hope. I love reading angel books. Angel books are really what got me into YA. Every time I see one I most read it: Dark Hope touches bigger problems. Real situations in this world, it could be dark and scary but its there, and its real. Not everything is bright and fluffy. This book has two topics or two themes, one being human trafficking and one being Fallen angels coming after Hope.

A very interesting combination. Never seen that before. I enjoyed reading this book. Hope the next one is also as great as this one: I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. BLURB For years, Hope Carmichael, survivor of a shocking child abduction, has lived a sheltered existence under the protection of her fanatically religious father. I liked the intrigue in her past and her personality of which we learn a little from her mother. She seemed mature and levelheaded. But as the story progressed, I couldn't help but feel she had transformed into a whiny, annoying and bratty teenager.

While I wasn't a fan of Michael, it annoyed me how one moment she was all moony eyed about Michael and the next moment, one word from Henri makes her all cold toward Michael. I picked up this book for one sole reason.

Heart of Shadows

As an obsessed Supernatural fan, I couldn't not read the book. I went in with high expectations for Michael that were destroyed utterly and completely a little while into the book. At first I felt he was quite charming and then out of the blue he turns abusive toward Hope in the name of 'keeping her safe'.

After a point I felt someone should keep her safe from him. He hardly comes across as an Archangel who is like a billion years old. Henri was this utterly freaking annoying Angel I wanted to drag out of the book and cut his head off. PLOT The story had a really interesting premise. I actually loved the start of the book.

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There was mystery, family problems, kidnapping and stuff that set such a suspenseful setting for the story. Also the story had a human trafficking story-line and I applaud the author for drawing attention to an important social issue. But my liking for the plot ends here. Let's count the number of tropes in this story. I don't have it in me to go on. The fact that irritated me the most was Michael falling in love with Hope. Now had Michael come to Earth for the first time and fallen in love with Hope I might have looked past it BUT here's an archangel who has roamed Earth for millions of years and for the first time in forever, falls in love.

With the main character. Also the unhealthy relationship between Hope and Michael had me fuming at most points. It was fast paced and the imagery was pretty good. The writing was simple but descriptive and did not dawdle at any point.

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If you can look past the things that I didn't like about the book, you might like it. I'm extremely conflicted as I write this review. The story is about a sixteen year old girl who suffered an abduction in the past and has grown up with her extremely paranoid father. So far, at this point the story is interesting. The mystery surrounding Hope draws you in. I kept expecting to find out just who abducted her in the first place. While the author does add memories that tie part of the story together, we never get the full story.

Then I'm extremely conflicted as I write this review.

The Sight Seer | Melissa Giorgio

Then there is Lucas. He's obviously not a good guy. I'm still left with a few questions about the unrealistic nature of his role. He was already at the high school when Hope came, so she wasn't the reason he was there. Add to it the fact that he was a part of the deeper issues and I just couldn't picture him being involved in the things he was. He just didn't fit. Finally, let's talk about Michael. I couldn't connect with his character. He didn't seem to have what it took to be the love interest.

While the author dances around their attraction for each other, she made it feel really one-sided. Michael was hot and cold all the time and it drove me nuts. He was like a moody girl. Once the truth finally comes out, I think the guy will be a little more intriguing. I wanted the romance the author promised when she claimed the book was written like Twilight. Then their feelings go from tepid to sudden insta-love. There was no build up to this, so it seemed forced. Then, once it happens, there is such a severe consequence, that it ruined any romance the story finally showed.

The end, left you hanging. However, are their motives purely diplomatic, or do they have something else up their sleeves? He never expects to find something worse than corpses: something that will unleash a much greater struggle for him and his people. The title of this inventive series refers to a catastrophic climate change that wreaks havoc on the world every few centuries. Cassie Palmer can see the future and speak to the spirits of the past. Join Cassie on seven nail-biting adventures to elude and defeat her foes, prudently trading her wits and skills for help from the most unlikely of sources.

When grad student Merit is transformed into a vampire, she has to seriously retool her five-year plan into, well, an immortality plan. Another classic fantasy series of yore, the Chronicles of Prydain is a bildungsroman for young Taran, who goes from assistant pig-keeper to heroic fighter over the course of five books. He and his friends must band together to defeat various evils, most notably the Death Lord Arawn, who wishes to conquer Prydain with his bloodthirsty army of the undead.

This debut trilogy from Staveley involves three royal children, separated at birth, who grow up to become a monk, a soldier, and a politician respectively. From the author of the acclaimed Dresden Files 30 on this list comes Codex Alera , another coming-of-age series about a young man called Tavi. As in, everybody else in Alera has powers except for him. But that only makes his fight to protect his family from danger all the more a thrilling and courageous risk. The Coldfire trilogy takes place on the planet Erna, where sorcery is conducted through a magical energy source called the Fae.

The Fae is also extremely dangerous, however; it destroyed the first waves of colonists on Erna and still poses a constant threat. Priest Damien Vryce wants peace between humans and the Fae more than anything — but how can one man control such a potent force? Special Ops soldier Sasha Trudeau is a werewolf attack survivor, serving on an elite team with other survivors to keep paranormal activity out of the public eye.

Lycanthropy, vampirism, and other supernatural forces abound in the Crimson Moon series, as Sasha comes to terms with who she is and what she can do to help protect others. Novaria is a Westeros-esque alternative Europe, in which tension persists from a long-ago rift between elf-like creatures and humans.

Nations clash, factions struggle, and individuals strive in this mesmerizing tale of power and control. This series brings together countless age-old sources, from Arthurian legends to Celtic and Norse mythology to English folklore. This dark fantasy series from the indisputable king of horror follows Roland Deschain, the last member of an Arthur-descending knightly order called the gunslingers. King really plays with the boundaries of reality and disbelief throughout the series so that both Roland and the reader must interpret and deconstruct the setting for themselves. When Paksenarrion, aka Paks, finds herself locked into an undesirable arranged marriage, she has no choice but to flee — and what better way to protect herself than by joining a company of mercenaries?

Paks soon realizes that she herself is a gifted paladin, and uses her skills to help her comrades and instate the rightful heir to the throne: her friend and commander Kieri. The cycle has raged on for centuries: every night, supernatural demons called corelings arrive to attack and destroy humans, who shrink from them in fear. But humans once fought valiantly against the corelings, and so they will again. In this series, three young survivors of demon assaults stand to take back the realm of the living.

Wizard Harry Dresden works with the Chicago P. From magically mutilated bodies to vampire and werewolf witnesses, this series is a unique whirlwind of hardboiled detective fiction and dark fantasy. From one of the most renowned fantasy and science fiction writers of all time comes the Earthsea series, a classic yet visionary tale.

It tracks the journey of Ged, who grows from a young, immature boy to the greatest magician of his generation, and who must use his powers to save his home of Earthsea from imminent decline. Gin Blanco may be a professional assassin, but her skills are by no means limited to stabbing and shooting. No, Gin is an elemental assassin; she can control the elements of Ice and Stone, using them to kill when needed. And after a betrayal from one of her associates sets her down a road of vengeance, others would be wise to stay out of her way.

The Empire trilogy takes place in a fascinating amalgam setting of medieval Europe and Asia, and stars Mara of the Acoma, the newest Ruling Lady of her empire. Not everyone is happy for her, however; many of those close to the throne want her dead. Namely, he is an assassin in the land of the the Six Duchies, adjacent to a war being waged by his royal uncle.

Shadow Seer (The Scroll Of Shadows, #2)

But who is truly in the right, and with whom will Fitz side in the conflict? The Farseer books answers these questions with wit, intrigue, and a touch of magic. If you fast-forward through all the sex and dialogue in GoT to get to the battle scenes, First Law is definitely the series for you. Think Chronicles of Narnia, but older, and in Canada. Now Jude has just as much power as faerie royalty, but she has to figure out how to use it… with Cardan looming over her shoulder all the while. Harper Blaine is a Seattle P. Gabi spends a week in agony waiting for her sister to cash in on her favor. But what Chloe wants is even worse than Gabi imagined:.

Inspired by my trip to Texas, I had such a blast writing this one. In the meantime, add it to your to-read list on Goodreads! Purchase the ebook on Amazon! Print coming soon! You can read this one on its own, but I strongly suggest reading the story in the order they were released:. Yes, this is the penultimate book in the Smoke and Mirrors series.

The Miis are back! Gabi and Rafe are madly in love and have nine children. Phil and Kain are married but only mildly like one another and have never had any kids. The children grew up and had children and I honestly cannot keep track of everyone despite making myself a chart. We all know how much Rafe loves baseball. Almost as much as he loves Gabi! Sure it does. Also, love your caveman outfit.

It goes great with your baseball cap. XD Also, is anyone surprised that they had another baby? Me neither! Evan wants to save the world while wearing a skeleton mask. The family went to the cafe. And she brought Matthew! What a lucky kid! He did a lot during his five days as a baby! Oh, WordPress…. For those of you doing some holiday shopping this weekend, you might be interested to know that all six of my ebooks are only 99 cents each!

Well, this is it. The final chapter in the Silver Moon Saga is out today, and you find it here on Amazon! I would like to thank everyone who has joined me on this wonderful, scary, and exciting journey as I published my first book, then my first novella, and now my first series!