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Milton was a young gun in the board game industry inventing such games as monopoly, hungry hungry hippo and strip poker for dummies, but was hit hard by the boardgame ression of 69' or as he refers to it "that year that kid brian adams sang a song about[my idea of course]" after a failed attemp in the early 90's to re coop his losses milton released his best of album. It recieved grim reviews and sold only 15 copies [strangely enough the amount of friends and family he has!!!!

It shook the foundations of the british entertainment business and he lost all his fame and forntune over 'one night of slap and tickle'. He is spoken of heavlily in the Helen Mirren tell all book, "Me, me tits and my integrity" milton retired soon after claiming emotional stress.

Elton John: The Four-Eyed Bitch Is Back

There was an error. Flag 3d1mandakng on July 13, Next time, lay off the heroin, or whatever the hell it was that made you type this Coming from an American Literature teacher, this is way too cocky for Myrtle. I'm thinking more along the lines of "Roses" by Outkast. Flag hulxter on January 08, General Comment uncyclopedia is full, this is the overspill car park. No Replies Log in to reply.

General Comment What I love about this song is it's so full of attitude. From the first chord, it's so triumphant! Strutting, thumbing its nose, giving the finger to the entire world. Too bad I need my job Rate These Lyrics. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! We do not have any tags for The Bitch Is Back lyrics. Why not add your own? Log in to add a tag. More Elton John Lyrics. SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. As unappetizing as that just was to read, be glad you saw only one such passage—I must have read a hundred.

As they sit wanly on the tables in their paper gowns, they arduously count out their irregular periods—from 35 days to 44 days to 57, going heavy to light, light to heavy, sometimes with spotting, sometimes with flooding, sometimes flood-spotting, sometimes spot-flooding. Why this variation? So easy to understand, really. The simple science: ovarian production of the estrogens and progesterone becomes erratic during perimenopause, with unpredictable fluctuations in levels, which in turn can result in many different symptoms, including major mood swings.

But sometimes not. You may never feel any of this! If one must tinker with hormone-replacement therapy, one may—briefly, in moderation. But from this point on, The Change is about healthy lifestyle. Menopause Reset! But alas, after reading much dietary advice for menopausal women, I concluded that, in the horrible new metrics of midlife, each of the following constitutes a meal :.

Just staying awake all day to eat the food—while of course getting in those 15 reps an hour of sex with your something husband—seems a challenge. No wine, though: best to pair vaginal dryness with buckwheat tempeh. Where is the plate-glass window to hurl phone through? Why is life worth living? Ouch, my corns! Dry as the riverbeds can seem, though, one menopause book does rise like Mount Etna above the rest. Now celebrating its 10th anniversary, it is the bible of middle-aged womanhood: The Wisdom of Menopause , by Christiane Northrup, M.

Having recently spent 20? Weighing in at two pounds and pages, it is an astonishingly complete, mind-bogglingly detailed orrery of the achingly complex, wheels-and-dials-filled Ptolemaic universe that is Womanhood. Northrup presents both a celebration of Western medical practice and a revolt against it. Let me now gloriously unbutton my too-tight mom jeans, wave my Hadassah arms even more hideous term heard recently— bat wings , and wax on. Are you grasping, yet, the scope of this thing? Wisdom is a Homeric poem of modern femalehood.

Tina Turner - The Bitch is back (1991) HD lyrics

No stone from Western or Eastern or Southern or Northern medicine is left unturned, from folic acid to breast exams to personal dancing to selenium to feng shui to cosmetic surgery Northrup allows it, while counseling discretion as a protection against judgmental friends. Woo-woo passages on Motherpeace Tarot cards and the chakra work of the astrologer Barbara Hand Clow alternate with biological analyses of an almost kidney-squeezing complexity.

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This totally hit home. Even Suze Orman makes a guest appearance, in a TV green room the place where all modern witches gather :. Wisdom is of such a multitasking, infinitely varied scope that I think few men could tolerate it, or even maintain consciousness through it.

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But they remain ignorant at their peril! Today women between the ages of 44 and 65 are the largest demographic group. Without going into the sometimes arduous detail other feminist texts do the rising or falling number of women in government, the social architecture of food-sharing collectives , Northrup suggests this gigantic demographic transition will change society—somehow—for the better. All well and good, no arguments there, but now here comes the juicy core of Wisdom :. Opines the doctor:. During this huge biological shift, our brain, temperament, and behaviors will begin to change—as then must, alarmingly, our relationships.

A sudden influx of hormones is not what causes year-old Aunt Carol to throw the leg of lamb out the window. Improperly balanced hormones were probably the culprit. No normal person would do that—look at the rest of the family: they are reading the paper and lazing about like rational, sensible people. Paging Aunt Carol!

"The Bitch Is Back" - Elton John

The old Aunt Carol! One could further argue that all of these menopausal women, in fact, represent a major evolutionary shift. Fertility is The Change. It is during fertility that a female loses herself, and enters that cloud overly rich in estrogen. And of course, simply chronologically speaking, over the whole span of her life, the self-abnegation that fertility induces is not the norm—the more standard state of selfishness is.

W hich is to say, if it comes at the right time, menopause is wisdom. For Northrup—whose own passage through menopause included a traumatic divorce, a narrative she relates with regret, but little apology—this seemed to be so. Putting our careers and our Selves first, we adventured and traveled in our 20s, settled down and got married in our 30s, got pregnant or tried to—fertility problems being the first surprising biological wall we hit in our late 30s or even early 40s … and now what scenario will we face when we hit menopause?

In my case, when it arrived at 49, perimenopause was terrifying, and like nothing I had ever before physically experienced.

How Elton John’s “The Bitch Is Back” said a lot without specifying anything

It was not just the hot flashes, it was the mood swings, although the phrase mood swings sounds far too cartoon-like and teen-girlish. I would describe it as the sudden onset of a crippling, unreasoning gloom. And note that I had already divorced my husband of several decades and had run off with my demon gypsy lover … Now I felt repulsion upon hearing the squeaky wheels of the recycling bin he was dutifully rolling out to the curb. Your chemistry has changed— and that is no small thing. The other night, I was awake at a. As I lay in the darkness, all at once, the name Brian Hong surfaced in my consciousness and I experienced not a passing wave of despair, but despair simply moving in as a cold, straight tide.