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A wide class of materials is considered, including rocks, soils, cement based materials and concrete, natural materials as wood or hemp, polymer or glass based materials, as well as their combination leading to various ranges of composites materials; model materials without direct application might also be considered in view of the detailed understanding of specific physical processes involved in more complex microstructures. Questions regarding the optimal use of traditional or more innovative materials in constructions are also of interest, as well as surface treatments for their functionalization.

Labex MMCD gathers three laboratories of comparable size, as well as two smaller research groups, building up a community of about researchers covering a rather wide set of scientific expertises. Roughly speaking, they refer to the typical scales of the phenomena under consideration, ranging from nanometric scales considered in Axis 1, to metric scales of macroscopic structures considered in Axis 4; Axes 2 and 3 refer primarily to intermediate microscopic scales, at which matter might be described as a continuum, Axis 2 being focused on solid type behaviours, while Axis 3 considers fluid-type behaviours, in a large strain regime.

Advanced fundamental scientific challenges are addressed within these Axes, through funded projects involving at least two different teams of the Labex, with complementary skills. In addition, since , a few larger transverse projects have been funded and address more generic questions requiring wider ranges of skills to be addressed.

By: Isa Van Acker. Readings of Gary, Kristof, Kundera and Semprun. By: Tijana Miletic. By: Hannah Westley. Women, race and origins in the writings of Albert Camus. By: Christine Margerrison. By: Peter James Turberfield. Essays on Pedagogy and Literature in 17th-Century France. Editor s : Anne L. Editor s : John E. By: Sylvain Santi. Experimentation with Signs. By: Nina Parish.

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By: Sjef Houppermans. By: Eric Gatefin. The Fiction of Octave Mirbeau. By: Maria de Jesus Cabral. The Lyric Subject in Verlaine and Rimbaud. By: Seth Whidden. Samuel Beckett and Philosophy after Deleuze and Guattari. By: Garin Dowd. By: Chiara Montini. By: Jean-Yves Laurichesse. Women, Literature and the Left in s France.

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The Making of an Intellectual. By: Edward Welch. Editor s : Paul Gifford and Marion Schmid. By: Michelle Emanuel. By: Paul Stewart. Le voyage entre texte et image. Editor s : Jean-Loup Korzilius. Editor s : Michael Brophy and Mary Gallagher. By: Christophe Halsberghe. By: Oliver Davis. Georges Bataille and the Art of Transgression. Editor s : Andrew Hussey. Essays in Honour of Keith Cameron. Editor s : David Cowling.

By: Mawy Bouchard. By: Hugh Roberts. By: Emma Wagstaff. By: Alexandre Duquaire. Education, Creation, Reception. By: Christophe Reig. By: Sophie Bastien. Text, Context, Intertext. By: Christine Dupouy. Revisioning the Classical in Marguerite Yourcenar. By: Margaret Elizabeth Colvin. Editor s : Edward Nye. Editor s : Michael Bishop and Christopher Elson. By: Achmy Halley. By: Caroline De Mulder. Naturalism and Decadence. By: Katherine Ashley. By: Susan Bainbrigge. By: Alan English. Mobility, Modernity and French Naturalist Fiction.

By: Larry Duffy. Essays in Honor of Rupert T. Le Duc de Wirtemberg. By: Johann Christoph Schwab. Editor s : Freeman G. Henry and Denis Robelot. By: Jan Baetens. By: Dervila Cooke. By: David Evans. By: Adrian P. Balzac et le romanesque contemporain. By: Aline Mura-Brunel. By: Robert W.

By: Ciaran Ross. Editor s : Nathalie Roelens and Yves Jeanneret.


By: Esther Rowlands. Translation in the Works of Charles Baudelaire. By: Emily Salines. Editor s : Alan English and Rosalind Silvester. By: Kathleen Hart. Les arts et les lettres. Editor s : Nicholas Cronk and Kris Peeters. By: Geraldine F. By: Martin Hurcombe. The Poetry of a Novelist. By: Paul Cooke. By: Maaike Koffeman. Balzac et Sand. Editor s : Lucienne Frappier-Mazur. By: Marc Smeets. By: Alexandra K. By: Martin Calder. By: Matthew MacNamara. Memory and Memorials in Ovid and Marie de France. By: SunHee Kim Gertz. Editor s : Nathalie Morello.

By: Franz Hahn. Editor s : Vittorio Frigerio and Corine Renevey. A Festschrift for Peter Rickard on the occasion of his eightieth birthday. By: Catherine Poisson. Birberick and Russell Ganim. By: Keith Busby. By: Peter Consenstein. Editor s : Stella Harvey and Kate Ince. By: Kai Mikkonen. The Ludic body in Querelle. By: Loren Ringer. Lieu et espace dans les cultures francophones du Canada. Place and Space in the Francophone Cultures of Canada. By: Leo H. By: Kimberly Philpot van Noort. Teaching, Research, Performance. Editor s : Philip Tomlinson. A Creative Dynamic.

By: Mary Neiland. By: Marshall C. Edited from Paris BNF fr. Editor s : Barbara N. Editor s : Naomi Segal. Editor s : Geoffrey T. Politics and Aesthetics in Nineteenth-Century France.

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Editor s : Kathryn M. Grossman , Michael E. Editor s : John Campbell and Nadia Margolis. By: Michael Freeman. The Last Moments of Writers and Philosophers. Editor s : Martin Crowley. Les Liaisons dangereuses. By: Brigitte E. By: Roger W. Dix etudes sur le fait divers dans le roman contemporain. Editor s : Paul Pelckmans and Bruno Tritsmans. Editor s : Elzbieta Grodek. The Mysticism of Georges Bataille. By: Andrew Hussey. By: Evert van der Starre. Editor s : Sjef Houppermans , Paul J. Smith and Madeleine van Strien-Chardonneau. Patterns and Images in the Old French Fabliaux.

By: Brian J. By: Barbara N. Subject and Self in French Literature from Descartes to the present. Editor s : Paul Gifford and Johnnie Gration. Essays in Honor of Norris J. Editor s : Keith Busby and Catherine M. Double bind et transculturation. By: Linzy Erika Dickinson. Candide , Random House. Candide; ou, L'optimisme: avec une biographie chronologique de l'auteur Candide: or, Optimism. Ellis for the members of the Limited Editions Club. Candide October , Van Nostrand Reinhold.

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