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Distance, absence, memory are a prerequisite of such polar tension, as they were for Dante and Petrarch. In Clizia's case distance is geographic, while in la Mosca's case it is metaphysical, being provided by death. Singh, for example, observed "Montale's use of Dante's vocabulary, style, and imagery," but also noted that "if while deliberately using a distinctly Dantesque word or phrase, Montale succeeds in making it do something quite different, it is because his thought and sensibility, his mode of analyzing and assessing his own experience, and the nature of his explorations into reality are as profoundly different from Dante's as they are characteristically modern.

To Pipa, who sees Montale's relationship to Dante as the central issue in understanding this aspect of Montale's achievement in renewing Italian literature, 'he has continued tradition in poetry by recreating it, and this he has done by going back to its origin, where he has established contact with one who may well be called the father of the nation.

The white cuttlefish bones lie helpless among the sand and weeds; a wave every now and then disturbs and displaces them, giving them a semblance of motion and life. Other critics, such as Singh and Wallace Craft, see more differences between the two poets than similarities. In a Books Abroad essay on Montale published shortly after the poet won the Nobel Prize, Craft recognized that with similar intent Montale and Eliot both described nature as a series of fragmented images. The critic then went on to examine the dissimilarities between the two writers.

It must be pointed out, however, that Eliot emerges from his existential wilderness or wasteland to find resolution in the framework of Christianity. Montale's quest, on the other hand, never leads to final answers. The fundamental questions regarding life, death and human fate posed in the early poetry are deepened, repeated but not resolved in later verse.

Even though in the last three decades of his life Montale came to be regarded—mainly due to his position as literary editor for Milan's Corriere della Sera —"as the Grand Old Man of Italian criticism," according to a London Times writer, this book of essays was one of the first collections of the Italian's critical prose to appear in English. Galassi saw theses essays as both "selections from an unwritten intellectual autobiography" of Montale and "the rudiments of a context in which to view Montale's greatest work, his poetry.

Poems by Eugenio Montale. Related Content. Collections World War I Poets. Articles Paper Cuts. More About this Poet.

“ BI SOGNI” Poesie e racconti Italian Edition

Region: Italy. Appeared in Poetry Magazine. Ex Abrupto. The Hitler Spring.

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The Magnolia's Shadow. The Prisoner's Dream Tr. Show More. The Face behind the Poem. World War I Poets. From Apollinaire to Rilke, and from Brooke to Sassoon: a sampling of war poets. Read More. Paper Cuts. By Alexandra Pechman. Norton, Le occasioni includes poems originally published in La casa dei doganieri e altri versi; also see below , Einaudi Turin , , reprinted, Mondadori, , translation by William Arrowsmith published as The Occasions, Norton, Finisterre also see below , Collana di Lugano Lugano , Accordi e pastelli, Strenna per gli Amici, Satura collection of five poems , [Verona], , translation by Donald Sheehan and David Keller published as Satura: Five Poems, Francesco, , revised Italian edition published with "Xenia" sequence of poems; also see below as Satura: also see below , Mondadori, Il colpevole, V.

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Jahier, Piero.

Eugenio Montale

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