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The Lake Lure Inn was hosting a wedding anniversary reception, when the events and catering manager decided to snap a photo of the ice sculpture. A paranormal group also studied the untouched photo and could not come up with a logical explanation for it.

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    Changes in entertainment, advances in civil rights, the growth of the suburbs, and the onset of the jet age all changed a powerful local industry into an archipelago of ruin, as much a victim of financial mismanagement and lack of foresight as other relics of of bygone eras, like the drive-in movie theater and the VHS. While the project originated with my interest in regional history and engages personal memories, it also reveals the growth, flowering, and exhaustion of things and their subsequent regeneration. As each image began to reveal its layers, the project became reminiscent of the life cycle itself: old structures evolving into something new, odd, and often intriguing.

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    I am fascinated with what my hometown once was and now has become. Leftover Borscht is an investigation of what the region was and reflects upon the processes and transformations of time on the built environment. Time is a persistent catalyst; an essential ingredient revealing the now entropic and ghost-like remains of the Borscht Belt.

    They find the hotel site razed, largely overgrown with vegetation. An abandoned car attracts the twins' attention, a rusted out Hudson Hornet sedan. Seeing some vines extending from the trunk, they pull on them and are shocked to find a human hand attached.

    Max calls the police and when they arrive to investigate, they immediately suspect Max of some knowledge of the victim, a young woman.