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It's hard to imagine what would have become of the man had he not made the great trek to Paris and fallen in with the Anglophone milieu that circled Stein and her editorial skills. Jump to. Sections of this page.

How Little We Know

Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Sign Up. For the Republic, Part 2 , you will be asked to get some information regarding the Omertas by Colonel Moore. She will then tell the Courier to talk to Liza O'Malley to start this quest. Once the quest starts, you can talk to the receptionist in the main entrance of Gomorrah. If she has a Speech option for you to ask her information about "the outstanding balance", then she can point you to Cachino , a low level lieutenant. They will be unfriendly to this and not answer, but Cachino will still turn up after this.

Your inquiries will prompt Cachino to approach you when you enter the Brimstone club. Once you meet him, you need to find proof of Cachino's work that he's been pulling on the side. The Family doesn't know about this because it goes against Omerta rules, putting his life at risk if it ever gets out.

There is a journal in his desk directly to the left as you enter the bedroom of his suite and another on his person that can be pickpocketed, this is the evidence needed. You can get the key to his suite from the receptionist either by paying caps , passing a 8 Strength check making it free of charge, or passing a 55 Barter check which lowers the bribe to caps. You can pay her the caps, then pickpocket her to get it back. Alternatively, you can just pickpocket Cachino since he is carrying a copy of the journal.

Once you confront Cachino with his journal, he will give you caps to get the journal back; a 60 Barter check makes him give you an additional caps. He tells you about two people in the club who were hired by the bosses as part of their plans and says to talk to Clanden and Troike about specifics. Take the elevator to the suites level to find Clanden. He will not give you any clues or talk with you about what he does at all, even if you mention that Cachino sent you.

If you go back and speak to Cachino, he'll mention he did some asking around and the bosses' plans would be screwed if Clanden wasn't around, so he asks you to kill Clanden discreetly. Alternatively, you can steal Clanden's key off him, which opens a safe behind the dresser next to his bed, or you can just pick the safe's lock if you have at least 75 Lockpick skill. Inside the safe are the Snuff tapes. You can take the evidence back to Cachino, who will give you the option to confront Clanden with the tapes, or you can just confront Clanden with them.

Telling Clanden that you have the tapes gives you the option of telling him to leave and never come back. A 50 Barter check makes him leave after giving you caps. Alternatively, you can can choose to keep the tapes, at which point he will become hostile and attack you.

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His room key that unlocks the safe also unlocks the door to the Lockpick maintenance room on the same suite level to the west. Inside is a dead hooker, which you can inspect with 35 Medicine. Troike is found in the lower brimstone level. When talking to him, you can choose a 30 Medicine check, saying that the story he tells you about blacking out doesn't make sense.

How Little We Know

You can find evidence of foul play by looking for the blackmail note in a safe in Big Sal's office that proves the bosses set Troike up. This makes it impossible to legitimately obtain the Pimp-Boy 3 Billion. Alternatively, you can talk to Big Sal and convince him to free Troike from his contract with a high enough Speech 53 or Barter 45 skill. This frees Troike without having to investigate the dead hooker incident or find any evidence. If you have a Speech skill of 80, you can lie to Troike giving you bad Karma and mention to him you'll tell the NCR of his dealing, bypassing the hooker investigation and talking to Big Sal.

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Once Troike has been freed of his contract, he will cooperate and tell you about his involvement with the Omertas. He'll tell you he was smuggling guns in NCR supply shipments and you can discuss destroying the guns. He'll give you a key and some thermite to destroy the guns the Omertas have been gathering for their secret plans; with 70 Speech , you can tell him to plant the thermite himself. The guns are behind a unique door in the hotel, with two footlockers containing a random assortment of flamers , sniper rifles , and assault carbines these might help later in the next part of the quest.

Place the thermite on the 4 crates of weapons and set off the detonator via the now active panel in the hallway near the closest door to the room. If Troike plants the thermite himself, he'll get caught and rat you out before the Omertas kill him, but this won't ruin any of your objectives. After you speak to Cachino upon completion of both objectives, he'll tell you Big Sal and Nero need to be killed now. Luckily, they just put him in charge of finding out who's responsible for ruining their plans, and he'll lead you to a small room where the two bosses are.

It is possible to convince Cachino to wait for your initiation signal with a Speech of 80 before the assassination. If you didn't get the guns from the room before you used the thermite, you can use the sawed-off shotgun Cachino gives you to kill the bosses, or you could use the holdout weapons you might have smuggled into the casino. Upon entering the room, the bosses will ask you to have a seat, and a conversation will begin.

They talk about how they know you've been ruining their plans and how they want to kill you. At any point in the conversation you can start combat through a dialogue option, but it is possible with a 80 Speech check to have Big Sal explain the whole plan to you, then you can lie and convince him that Nero wanted him dead. If you want to avoid combat, you can quickly loot the office key from Big Sal and run outside.

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The various Omerta thugs in the casino will kindly assist you with killing Nero. The quest is complete when the bosses are dead. Cachino takes over the casino, earning you Strip Fame. If you speak to him after the fight, he'll give you 50 Gomorrah chips. If you inform the guard at the door to the Gomorrah Club that you have proof that one of their guys is dealing on the side, he will let you in to see the bosses. Note: You can only do this after you have informed Cachino you have his journal and have decided to keep it. You can talk to Big Sal and offer him Cachino's journal for or caps if you succeed in a Barter check After that, everyone is brought into Big Sal's office for a meeting where Button man will kill Cachino after he begs for his life.

Talk to Big Sal afterward, he'll ask you to take over for Cachino then offer you a job aiding Clanden and Troike in their plans. To open it you need [ Lockpick 25 ]. Take the Container of chlorine 2 and return to Clanden.

"How Little We Know"

You can also visit [ Mick and Ralph's ] M6B:2 and buy chlorine there [ Science 60 ] or you can convince the trader [ Barter 50 ] to sell it for a half price. Return to Clanden. If you haven't complete the task, the Omertas will attack you during the final battle at Hoover Dam, however they won't use the bomb. If you have sided with the bosses, the Omertas will attack you during the final battle at Hoover Dam and they will use the bomb. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners.

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