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One of the most socially liberal Tories and a champion of civil liberties is branded "far right" or a "fascist". The mental gymnastics required to sustain this illusion are quite remarkable. Even on Brexit, Boris is far from a headbanger. Those self-same Conservatives like David Gauke who were quite happy to take their ministerial cars and salaries under a Prime Minister whose official policy for well over two years was "no deal is better than a bad deal" and that Brexit would be delivered — no ifs, no buts — by March 29th, are now ramping up the outrage at Boris adopting the very same policy for the delayed date of October 31st.

The Brexit dichotomy that Boris will likely shortly find himself in is of their own making: the Remainers who claimed to be respecting Brexit while systematically undermining it within Government and in Parliament at every stage. Their machinations have led their own party to the verge of collapse. Regardless of who wins, the next Tory leader has no choice — clear leadership on Brexit is the only thing that can bring the party back from the brink. R ather than taking responsibility for their own roles in creating the current situation — from the May Government ministers who failed to deliver Brexit, to the MPs who failed to respect the decision of the people despite voting overwhelmingly to give the choice to them, and the columnists and commentators whose arrogant aloofness for years alienated vast swathes of the country — Boris's detractors simply take the easy route of falling back on the lazy creation of Boris the Bogeyman.

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T he simple truth is they don't like a winner, and particularly not a winner who showed them up so badly on the biggest political issue of all. The Left fear him as someone who is able to take the fight directly to Corbyn and his cabal on the economy, while the Remain wing of the Tory Party resent the way he effortlessly shows up their bland managerialism while espousing popular policies on tax, civil liberties and Brexit.

Rather than taking on the real Boris — a liberal Conservative with a proven track record of building a broad political consensus — they only dare to fight a straw man version of him instead. With only two weeks of the Tory leadership contest left, it is not long before they will very likely have to wake up and face the real thing. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. Visit our adblocking instructions page. Telegraph News Politics. Not to work is considered a state of affairs more satisfactory than working.

Leisure is, other things being equal, preferred to travail work. People work only when they value the return of labor higher than the decrease in satisfaction brought about by the curtailment of leisure. To work involves disutility. Laziness in American literature is figured as a fundamental problem with social and spiritual consequences.

In John Smith in his "Map to Virginia" is seen using a jeremiad to address idleness. In the s this sort of advocating reached at its apex in literature's.

David Bertelson in "The Lazy South" expressed this as a substitution of "spiritual industry" over "patriotic industry". Writers like William Byrd went to a great extent and censured North Carolina as land of lubbers. Thomas Jefferson in his "Notes on the State of Virginia" acknowledges a small portion of the people have only seen labor and identifies the cause of this indolence to the rise of "slave-holding" society.

Lazy reporting and the Russell Group | Letters | Education | The Guardian

Jefferson raised his concerns what this deleterious system will bring to the economic system. Later by the s the rise of Romanticism changed attitudes of the society, values of work were re-written; stigmatization of idleness was overthrown with glamorous notions. John Pendleton Kennedy was a prominent writer in romanticizing sloth and slavery, In Swallow Barn he equated idleness and its flow as living in oneness with nature.

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Mark Twain in "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" contrasts realist and romantic perspective of "laziness" and calls attention to the essential convention of aimlessness and transcendence that connects the character. In 20th century the poor whites were portrayed in the grotesque caricatures of early southern laziness. Lacking in any social function which was termed equally with luxurious lifestyle was closely portrayed through lives of displaced aristocrats and their indolence.

The lack of meaningful work was defined as a void which aristocrats needed to fill with pompous culture, Walker Percy is a writer who have thoroughly mined on the subject. Percy's characters often exposes to the emptiness spiritual sloth of contemporary life and come to rectify it with renewed resources of spiritual resources. Sloth is discouraged in Hebrews , 2 Thessalonians , and associated with wickedness in one of the parables of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew Matthew In the Wisdom books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes , it is stated that laziness can lead to poverty Proverbs , Ecclesiastes From to , the Rockefeller Sanitary Commission for the Eradication of Hookworm Disease sought to eradicate hookworm infestation from 11 southern U.

Hookworms were popularly known as "the germ of laziness" because they produced listlessness and weakness in the people they infested.

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Hookworms infested 40 percent of southerners and were identified in the North as the cause of the South's alleged backwardness. It was alleged [ by whom? But a counter-argument is that the Indonesians, living very precariously, sought to play it safe by not risking a failed crop, given that not all experiments introduced by outsiders had been successful. It is common for animals even those like hummingbirds that have high energy needs to forage for food until satiated, and then spend most of their time doing nothing, or at least nothing in particular.

They seek to " satisfice " their needs rather than obtaining an optimal diet or habitat. Even diurnal animals, which have a limited amount of daylight in which to accomplish their tasks, follow this pattern. Social activity comes in a distant third to eating and resting for foraging animals. When more time must be spent foraging, animals are more likely to sacrifice time spent on aggressive behavior than time spent resting.

Lazy reporting and the Russell Group

Extremely efficient predators have more free time and thus often appear more lazy than relatively inept predators that have little free time. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: Sloth deadly sin and Lethargy. For the computer science concept, see Lazy evaluation. Acedia , a state of listlessness.

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Avolition Athymhormia Aboulia , neurological, with anatomical damage. Amotivational syndrome , normally in the context of heavy cannabis use. Procrastination , the delaying of fulfilling tasks.